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Information Management: Setting the Stage for Knowledge Management


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Where do you begin with Knowledge Management? First, you have to get your house in order, by managing your Information. Here's part of our story.

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Information Management: Setting the Stage for Knowledge Management

  1. 1. Information Management: SettingThe Stage For Knowledge Management Jezmynne Dene Arroway, MLIS, CIP Information Manager Idaho Transportation Department
  2. 2. WhereWe Began • No adherence to retention and disposition • 85% of our SharePoint is ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, Trivial)
  3. 3. WhereWe Began • Majority of information is inaccessible • File shares • Email
  4. 4. WhereWe Began • 20% of time spent searching for something
  5. 5. WhereWe Began • Official systems are not used
  6. 6. FirstThings First • We had to reach out • We had to educate • Explain the “why”
  7. 7. Building Community • Information Management Governance Board • Records Coordinators • Data Stewards
  8. 8. Building the Foundation • Information Management Strategic Plan • Policies • Standards (CVN_76)_position_a_frame_of_a_wall_while_helping_the_non-profit_group_Habitat_for_Humanity_build_homes.jpg
  9. 9. Where is Knowledge Management? • Users know where to go • Systems of Record • Efficient search and find • “Key the truth; trust the system”
  10. 10. Future State • Leverage Artificial Intelligence • Taxonomy • Search and find • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Knowledge Management Process