Agile Case Studies and Lessons Learned


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Presentation on agile delivered at Agile Tokyo focussing on success stories with agile on big projects, and lessons learned including the importance of building quality and innovation into your process at all levels.

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Agile Case Studies and Lessons Learned

  1. 1. Agile: Case Studies and Lessons Learned Jez Humble, ThoughtWorks Studios @jezhumble #continuousdelivery Agile Tokyo, 20 July 2011
  2. 2. what’s the problem?Time-to-market is too longCompetitors are moving ever fasterIT environment is ever more complexIT costs are being squeezed
  3. 3. what could get valuablesoftware released faster, withhigher quality, and reducedrisk?
  4. 4. agile manifestoOur highest priority is to satisfythe customer through early andcontinuous delivery ofvaluable software
  5. 5. web 2.0
  6. 6. UK’s most popular newspaper website - 700pages per second, 30% growth per yearMulti-year program to replace legacy contentmanagement systemsPrevious attempt to create a new platform hadfailedInteractive site with dynamic, multimediacontent and social networking
  7. 7. Started with 2-week inception phase focusingon travel sectionTravel section went live after 8 months - 10xincrease in pages viewed per visitorLessons from first section applied to nextphasesEach of subsequent 22 releases completed ontime and with minimal disruption
  8. 8. customer feedback“at 70% of the way through theproject we were able to start addingto the project outside of plannedactivities. A multi-million poundproject running on time andabsorbing growth in scope -remarkable.” Tom Turcan - General Manager, Digital
  9. 9. UK’s leading independent online train ticketretailer. 100k transactions per day. 8.4m users.Multi-year program to replace huge legacyplatform across multiple channelsScaling team from 50 to 200 people, distributedacross UK and 2 sites in IndiaRoll-out had to be incremental, keeping keycustomers and partners happy
  10. 10. Started with rapid prototype to createroadmapUsed ThoughtWorks Studios agile ALM solution- Mingle, Go, TwistIterative delivery: 6 week release cyclesExtensive use of build, test and deploymentautomation and virtualization
  11. 11. customer feedback“We undertook a complex,technically challenging and businesscritical program of work withThoughtWorks. We trusted themwith the success of our futurebusiness and they delivered.” David Jack – CIO
  12. 12. ThoughtWorks clients
  13. 13. agile is mainstream“In this year’s Forrester/Dr. Dobb’sGlobal Developer Technographics®Survey, 37% of developers tell usthat they use Agile developmentas their primary developmentprocess, up six points from lastyear’s survey” Jeffrey Hammond, “Five Ways To Streamline Release Management”, Forrester
  14. 14. internal barriers stall change“The main obstacles to improvedbusiness responsiveness are slowdecision-making, conflictingdepartmental goals and priorities,risk-averse cultures and silo-based information.” Economist Intelligence Unit: “Organisational agility: How business can survive and thrive in turbulent times”
  15. 15. agile triangle Jim Highsmith: Agile Project Management
  16. 16. do lessFar more than 50% offunctionality in software is rarelyor never used. These aren’t justmarginally valued features; manyare no-value features. The Standish Group, reported in the IEEE conference 2002
  17. 17. innovate You cant just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, theyll wantSteve Jobs something new.
  18. 18. scientific methodcreate hypothesis Customerdeliver minimum developentviable product Agile product developmentget feedback Eric Ries, “The Lean Startup”
  19. 19. continuous delivery Customer Delivery team Constant flow of new features into productionsoftware always production readyreleases tied to business needs, not operationalconstraints
  20. 20. continuous deliveryAutomation: build, deployment, testing, release,infrastructure, databasesPatterns and practices: continuous integration,config management, deployment pipelineCollaboration: developers, testers, operations(devops) work together throughout
  21. 21. build quality in “Cease dependence on mass inspection to achieve quality. Improve the process and build quality into the product in the first place” W. Edwards Deming
  22. 22. different kinds of testing Business facing AUTOMATED MANUAL ShowcasesSupport programming Functional acceptance Usability testing tests Critique project Exploratory testing Unit tests Non-functional Integration tests acceptance tests System tests (performance, scaling, ...) AUTOMATED MANUAL / AUTOMATED Technology facing Diagram invented by Brian Marick
  23. 23. value your people“Human beings have an innateinner drive to be autonomous,self-determined, and connected toone another. And when that driveis liberated, people achieve moreand live richer lives” Dan Pink, Drive
  24. 24. enabling agileCreate autonomous, cross-functionalproduct teamsCreate feedback loopsContinuous Improvement: theretrospective is the key agile process
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