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Jewellarenaedited public version 20 yearpersonalmarketingplan


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Published in: Spiritual, Business
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Jewellarenaedited public version 20 yearpersonalmarketingplan

  1. 1. NAVIGATING TO REACH THE TREASURE ISLAND 20 year Marketing Plan for TREASURED JEWELL Jewell A. Arena June 2010
  2. 2. Navigating to the Treasure Island … A. Daily Rounds  Vision/ Mission  Roles  Navigates B. Here and Now C. End in Mind D. Conclusion
  3. 3. I align daily… VISION/ MISSION  To be the best navigator leading to treasure of my family, company and countrymen. By using my multi-talented skills and experiences to help them and be a part of their success. “Their success is my TREASURE.”
  4. 4. Navigating means doing 6 roles well daily …  A multi-tasked mother  A good wife  Model Daughter  Sweet Sister  Best Manager  A Good Citizen
  5. 5. A multi-tasked mother… Driver Nanny/Caregiver Tutor Cook Playmate
  6. 6. A good wife…
  7. 7. Nothing I Model Daughter Can ask for …
  8. 8. She observes and acts Sweet Sister … like a Lifeguard … And gives first aid like a Lifeguard. She stops the fire in our family. Coz she serves like
  9. 9. The Target Best Manager … Motivator Organizer A Great Performer Mediator Challenger Planner A Good Leader Trainor
  10. 10. A good citizen … Direct weak to right path God-fearing person A good follower Participate in Community Help the Needy Share Blessings Service
  11. 11. Navigating with the following gadgets… To do List Continuing education and Investment Innovation Explore & Setting Budget Take the and check challenge actual expense
  12. 12. This is My Brand Today TREASURED
  13. 13. Free for All: 10 Brand Commandments Eric Karjaluoto I found the Treasure!!!
  14. 14. One: You shall be yourself. Values Motivation = Align Spirit of Organization Unmasked Yourself
  15. 15. Two: You shall not imitate a smorgasbord. Brand shall not be > number of products, variations or features
  16. 16. Three: You shall not take your true value in vain. Lowest Price = or Highest Price
  17. 17. Four: Remember your purpose, to make it holy. Purpose =
  18. 18. Fifth: Honor your brand.
  19. 19. Sixth: You shall be honest.
  20. 20. Seven: You shall not confuse a logo to your brand.
  21. 21. Difference of Logo and Brand “Your Partner in giving Quality Service at a Best and Reasonalbe Symbol, Mark, Price.” Emblem to promote Identity of the instant public organization that recognition make them different from the others.
  22. 22. Eight: You shall not overuse for superlatives. Positions are hard to shake. Say "vacation" and I think Hawaii. Safe car? I'll think you're talking about a Volvo. the loudest, heaviest, coolest heavy metal band" or "the warmest, nicest, fr Superlatives are hard to iendliest, tropical remember. islands."
  23. 23. Nine: You shall not make it unnecessarily complicated. Quickly explained Less Complex Brand Less Verbiage Less Defense
  24. 24. SAMPLE BRAND AND LOGO  HSBC: The World’s Local Bank  Microsoft: Your Potential, Our Passion  Cebu Pacific Air: Now, Every Juan Can Fly
  25. 25. Ten: You shall not covet neighbor’s brand, nor his ox nor his donkey. No to Imitation Be an Original !!!
  26. 26. The 20 year journey is worth it… End in Mind Here and Now Me Here ! Wealthy More Properties Still Searching Planning Almost there Pretty & Healthy MBA Student Strengthening Physically & emotionally Owner of Business
  27. 27. My Conclusion: My Ten Commandments 1. I shall be myself. 2. I shall save 10% for every income I have. 3. I shall not take my true value in vain. 4. I shall remember my purpose in life. 5. I shall honor myself.
  28. 28. My Ten Commandments 6. I shall be honest. 7. I shall pray everyday . 8. I shall exert effort to have higher income but lesser expenses. 9. I shall continue learning and innovation. 10. I shall be original.
  29. 29. NAVIGATING TO REACH THE TREASURE ISLAND 20 year Marketing Plan for TREASURED JEWELL Jewell A. Arena June 2010