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669 action plan


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Linus-The problem puppy. Housebreaking a new puppy.

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669 action plan

  1. 1. Housebreaking the newest addition to the family. Justin Welch-Action plan EDL 669
  2. 2.  Linus will have no “accidents” in the house while I am away. He will give a signal that he needs to go outside.
  3. 3. Housetraining Rule Number One: If you dont catch your puppy doing it - then dont punish him for it!Housetraining Rule Number Two: Praise your puppy when things go right. Dont let this be a situation where your only action is saying "No" when he is caught in the midst of using the wrong area. If he does it right – let him know!
  4. 4.  Placing Linus in a crate while I am away from the house will provide him a safe place of his own. The crate should be the correct size for his body to prevent soiling. Dogs do not like to “messy” sleeping environment. Crate training encourages puppies to control their bladder and bowels.
  5. 5.  While I am home, Linus will ring his “Poochie- Bell” to signal he needs to go outside. This sound can be heard from anywhere in the house and allows me a chance to let him out before an accident occurs.
  6. 6.  Linus will be placed in a crate anytime I am not at home. As soon as I return, regardless of the amount of time gone, Linus goes outside to relieve himself. Before exiting however, the “poochie bell” will be rung to signal the door being opened.
  7. 7.  How many accidents occurred in the first week of implementation? Was Linus able to control hold himself while in the crate? How long will it take Linus to learn to ring the bell?
  8. 8.  After the first week of crate training, a new crate was purchased because Linus continued to have “accidents” in the crate.  The vet recommended a smaller crate and the accidents have now stopped.  The Poochie Bell is working out very well. Linus has learned that ringing the bell means he gets to go outside!  If he is “successful,” he gets a treat when he comes back to the door.
  9. 9.  Successful implementation of the action plan resulted in a happier puppy and owner. Linus has his own space during the day, and I have clean carpets.