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Universal design learning


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Published in: Education, Design
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Universal design learning

  1. 1. Universal DesignLearning { Russell Marzullo
  2. 2.  Bruner.  2012 Tangient LLCLike ConstructivismUniversally DesignedLearning tries to fitdifferrent learners in 1 class
  3. 3. Image: David Rose, OSEP Dirrectors ConferenceKeynote, 7/2011, copyright National Ctr. On UDL “There is no one way that we can represent { information that’s successful for everyone to learn it” David Rose, YouTube, time: 3:12, copyright 2012 CAST
  4. 4. David Rose ,in his youtube broadcast, speaks on three criteriafor reaching all the students in a classroom1) How does the learner pick up on information?Image: 2010 ,
  5. 5. How does the learner act on information? 2010.
  6. 6. How are they engaged by the situation?By multiple means of representation, action, expression, and engagementClassrooms move from the traditional. Here in a collaboration with students,teachers, and administrators all students have the chance to be reached.