What is Vitamin D?There are numerous nutrients as well as different nutrients benefits the human body in variousways. Sunl...
Low level vitamin D deficiency problemThe main reasons for low level of vitamin D are:       Lack of Vitamin D in the die...
Muscle weakness, bone pain and fractures, are the most common Symptoms of low vitamin D inwomen. Aside from these other vi...
calcium from the stomach through the intestines and decreases the amount of calcium lost in theurine. Besides bones, Vitam...
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What is vitamin d


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Everything you need to know about Vitamin D. Low Vitamin D symptoms and Vitamin D deficiency. How it is important for human body, its benefits and foods which are rich in Vitamin D.

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What is vitamin d

  1. 1. What is Vitamin D?There are numerous nutrients as well as different nutrients benefits the human body in variousways. Sunlight is a significant source of Vitamin D. The ultraviolet rays from the sunshineactivate supplement D synthesis our very own epidermis. The vitamin is a fat soluble supplementthat is found in food. It can furthermore be earned in the human body soon after exposure to sunfrom its ultraviolet or perhaps UV light. Yet still there are many individuals whom don’t knowwhat is vitamin d.This vitamin prevents rickets in children. Vitamin D sufficiency prevents osteopathic in adults.These are both forms of skeletal ailments that deteriorate bones.Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that has several important functions in the body, one of itsmain responsibilities being to develop and calcify the bones. Although most people get enoughof the vitamin from exposure to sunlight and consuming fortified dairy products, Vitamin Ddeficiency is a problem in some populations.What is vitamin D good for?As stated above. Vitamin D is extremely useful for the bones. It helps to absorb dietary calciumand phosphorus from the intestines, as well as suppress the release of parathyroid hormone, ahormone that causes bone re absorption. Vitamin D may provide protection from osteoporosis,high blood pressure, and cancer. Research has suggested that it can also help to prevent severalautoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis.Natural and Dietary Sources of Vitamin DThe main and most natural source of vitamin D is, in fact, sunlight. Sunlight triggers the body tosynthesize the vitamin. However, because of the risks of skin cancer, only 10 minutes of sunexposure a day is recommended for vitamin D production. Individual who do not get adequatesunlight, including those who live in the north, may need to supplement to provide their bodieswith enough of it. The most popular dietary source of vitamin D is fortified milk. Certain breadproducts and cereals may also be fortified with vitamin D. The best way to know how much iscontained in a product in a product is by checking the food label. Other dietary source of vitaminD include: Cod liver oil, salmon, mackerel, tuna fish, and sardines.
  2. 2. Low level vitamin D deficiency problemThe main reasons for low level of vitamin D are:  Lack of Vitamin D in the diet, often in conjunction with inadequate sun exposure  Inability to absorb Vitamin D from the intestines.  Inability to process vitamin D due to kidney or liver diseases.Symptoms of deficiency include: bone pain or tenderness, dental deformities, impaired growth,increased bone fractures, muscle cramps, short stature, and skeletal deformities.Infants, children, and elderly individual are at increased risk for vitamin D deficiency, otherwiseknown as Rickets. Those who are deficient usually treat it by talking supplements. Therecommended dose of vitamin D is determined on an individual basis.Low Vitamin D Deficiency – Causes & SуmрtоmѕBasically, vitamin D is produced by the body through sun exposure. Then the experts have theconclusion that vitamin D would help to prevent of having rickets. Aside from that, researchers foundout that, it can also treat and protect the body different maladies. Hence, having a vitamin d deficiencyis an unpleasant condition. The vitamin D daily recommended requirement is 400 IU per day for anadult. And those who are going above 50 years old, increases its requirement to 600 IU per day. Anindividual who doesn’t meet this requirement is said to be deficient. This article will tackle about thesymptoms of low vitamin D in women and how we prevent it.What are the causes of vitamin D deficiencyin women?What are the causes of having vitamin D deficiency and who are at risk to this? Those vegetarianare at risk of having vitamin D since most of the foods that enrich with vitamin D are animalproducts like salmon and egg yolks. Insufficient vitamin D in women will also cause low vitaminD levels in blood, hence this causes overall vitamin D deficiency in the body. Dark skinnedwomen are also prone of having deficiency since their melanin content is high thus preventingthe absorption of vitamin D in the skin. Therefore women are at risk of vitamin D deficiencysince they are very conscious in protecting their selves from the hest of the sun. Now, let us learnwhat symptoms of vitamin d in women are.Sуmрtоmѕ оf lоw Vіtаmіn D in Women
  3. 3. Muscle weakness, bone pain and fractures, are the most common Symptoms of low vitamin D inwomen. Aside from these other vitamin d deficiency symptoms are unexplained depression,constant fatigue, weakness, mood swing and lack of concentration. Furthermore, other serioussymptoms of vitamin deficiency includes sleep irregularities and sleep disorders. If all of thesehappens, the immune system of a woman is weak also. Older woman with serious condition ofvitamin d deficiency have the possibility to fall a lot of times and the level of energy is very low.Vitamin D3 is essential in sustaining the bone health of a woman. The other symptoms of thelow vitamin D in women include neurological problems and back pain and brittle bones.In pregnant women, the common symptoms of vitamin deficiency include depressive behavior,mood swing and chronic pain. It is very essential that the pregnant woman have the sufficientamount of vitamin every day, since this will help in the fetal development. Therefore, it is veryimportant that pregnant women will take vitamin D supplements in order to prevent deficiency.Vitamin D and Calcium Benefits to Human bodyWith all the dietary supplements available in the market, the body needs those that act together tomake it stronger and healthier. A dietary supplements available needs to act with any other medicationsthat are begin taken and have something to offer to various other parts and functions of the body. Ahealth care professional is needed to evaluate your body’s condition and the current medications youare currently taking, to assure that an additional supplement will not cause a negative reaction andcause more harm than good. Two supplements that work well together to make the body healthier areVitamin D and calcium. Together Vitamin D and calcium provide many benefits to the body’s functionsand are needed for healthy bones and teeth.Failure to have adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D in the body can lead to osteoporosis(a common bone disorder), a disease that affects approximately 10 million adults in the UnitedStates. These disorders can be prevented or treated by a calcium rich diet and vitamin D .Without vitamin D, the body will not absorb calcium and the bones may become thin. brittle ormisshapen. Together, with Vitamin D and calcium are used to prevent a calcium deficiency inthe body. An estimated 1.3 million bone fractures occur in the United states each year in areas ofthe spine,hips and forearms. These fractures might have been prevented through a calcium richdiet and vitamin D that will aid in the breakdown and absorption of calcium through the body.Too little vitamin D in the body can result in thin,soft or brittle bones.What is vitamin D good forVitamin D is a Fat soluble vitamin that is produced by some foods and the ultraviolet rays(UVA) from the sun. Vitamin D helps with bone health and may reduce the risk of cancer, heartdisease, stroke, diabetes and many other ailments of the body. Vitamin D prevents rickets inchildren, osteomalacia in adults and osteoporosis in seniors. It is important for the absorption of
  4. 4. calcium from the stomach through the intestines and decreases the amount of calcium lost in theurine. Besides bones, Vitamin D is needed to make muscles move and allow nerves tocommunicated with the brain and other parts of the body. Vitamin D is important in thefacilitating of the absorption of calcium throughout the body.Benefits of CalciumCalcium is a mineral that is naturally produced in the body and found in many foods. Calcium isthe most abundant mineral in the body and is needed to make and repair bones. It is necessary formany of the body’s functions, especially bone formation and maintenance. Approximately 99%of the calcium in the body is used to make bones and teeth. Bones have a type of lining cellknown as osteoclasts that breaks down old bone material and another type known as osteoblaststhat forms new cells. Calcium must combine with phosphate and hydroxide to createhydroxyapatite crystals that are sent to the bone matrix to combine with collagen fibers. Thesefibers give bones strength and calcium gives them compression strength. Without calcium thebones will become weak and will fracture easily. Without vitamin D, calcium cannot accomplishits required tasks within the body.Vitamin D3 BenefitsVitamin D3 Tablets provide all the health benefits this vitamin has proven to offer. Vitamin D isknown as “The sunshine vitamin” for its ability to be helpful with many health benefitsnormally obtained through sun. It has shown positive results in dealing with bone health, cancerand various skin conditions among its other accomplishment. Supplementing your daily diet withthese tablets is an easy way to get the vitamin D you require for a healthy body and strong bones.Rеmеmbеr that all you need to do is get еnоugh amount of sun-light in case you are curiousto know what is the straight-forward option to get good amount of Vitamin-D.