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Hardwork bears ecstacy


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Hardwork bears ecstacy

  1. 1. One early morning,Lewis woke up and preparedhimself on going to schoolfor a very important eventthat was going to happen ontheir school. At the sametime, there were four girlswho were also at theirpreparation for the event onthis day at their school.Rose, a classmate of Lewisprepared all the neededthings before going toschool, that day was a bigday for Rose because sheand her groupmates wereparticipants on the dancebattle showcase in the event
  2. 2. On the other hand, Calja,also a classmate of Lewisand Rose, had an importantassignment for the programof their school. She wouldbe handling one of thebooths of their Student’sCouncil, so, as the MathClub President, she wasresponsible for all the workassigned to their club.Another classmate of Lewis,Rose, and Calja were alsoin a preparation on thatearly morning, her namewas May, she woke up earlyand got up ready, preparedherself, and started going to
  3. 3. They were allexcited because this daywas the assigned day fortheir last acquaintance partyfor their high school life onthe Institution of Holy ChildAcademy. Lewis arrived at theschool facing a very fineweather of the day saying“Oh God, this gonna be mylast acquaintance party onthis school. I hope it wouldgoing to be unforgettableand the best of all myacquaintance experiences”.He entered at theirclassroom, put down hisbag and look for someduties that should beneeded to be accomplishbefore the program willgoing to begin.
  4. 4.  A few minutes later, Dannyarrived bringing the two additionalmicrophones to be use during the program. Danny called up Lewis, “Hey! Lewis, I brought these two microphones, let’sbring it to Sir Joves so that he caninstall these before the program will going to start. Lewis replied,“Okay, that’s what I think too”. Lewis and Danny were two of the four hosts of the program.
  5. 5. Lewis saw Sir Joveswalking at the corridor, so he quicklyapproach to Sir Joves, “Sir Joves, here arethe two microphones I was telling you yesterday, Lewis explained. “Oh! , so it is, okay, I’m gonna work for that after our rosary prayer”, Sir Joves replied.
  6. 6. After making herself to be in school on time, Calja hurriedlysought for her clubmates to brief them for the assigned task to them.Calja, whispered to herself, “It’s gonna be a busy day for all of us, Ihope no disturbances may occur during the program”. May arrived at the school with the very same weather as what had Lewis and the other student’s had faced. Chriss was already at their classroom before Lewis, Calja, and May arrived. Chriss must be early on that day because she is one of the officer of the T.L.E club that was assigned for a task as what math club had.
  7. 7. After having their rosary prayer, the students prepared all thethings for the program. May helped her other classmates on doing theirdifferent jobs. And she felt that this will going to be a successful one.Rose arrived late in the school and hurriedly went to her classroom butfortunately she can still able to be present before the program will goingto start,Rose exclaimed to herself,thank God,I am still able to be herebefore the program. Trickoy and Jung,classmates of Lewis,called him up and told him andDanny to get ready,because they were the fourstudents who were going to host for theprogram.The different dance groups at that time were preparing for their dancepresentation.Rose and her groupmates felt so nervousbut they put unto their minds and hearts thatthey can do it and they will do their best.Calja andher clubmates prepared all the things that theyneeded. May was on her job in assisting
  8. 8. her classmates for whatever help they needed,Chriss was also on her assignedbooth with her clubmates at that time.All the things for the program were doinggood as they had expected.But not on the part of the hosts,they had sometechnical problems presently facing at that time.But with the help of Sir Jovesthey had solved the technical problems particularly on the audio signal of themicrophones.Sir Joves manipulated the audio system while the four studentsmade their best to provide enough battery source for their microphones. HolyChild Academy Students were on their seats when Lewis look upon the sky andsaid “I think there’s gonna be a big trouble coming and all of a sudden it poureddown”.
  9. 9. All the students evacuated from the school grounds, all weredismayed and the four hosts upto the very single student felt that theunexpected rain devastated their program. All students had just said totheirselves that this is not their day because the weather is not with them.But less than an hour the rain slowly got lighter until it stopped. Thestudents went back to the grounds and a prayer was immediately led byMerie, one of the students of the fourth year St.Catherine’s class. As thefour hosts greeted the crowd, the excitement can be obviously noticedupon the faces of every student. The highlight of the program immediately followed and the group of Rose was called upand the crowd were cheering for them. As theyfinished their mouth –watering performance,Rose felt amazed that they made it, and all they need to do is to wait for the result because they were still a lot of dance groups that were going to groove on the grounds.
  10. 10. As the program continues, the sun rose up again and smiled untothe students. The program was made funny because of the games thatfollowed after the dance showcase. Calja and her clubmates were doinggood on their job, as well with the other clubs like, Chriss with her co-TLEclub members, and May who were assisting her classmates, all weredoing good and fine. The most awaited part of the program followed afterthe game. The proclamation of the grand champion for the danceshowcase was announced. The group of Rose was not able to win thechampionsip but still wore their confidence to keep on dancing.
  11. 11. All the students went backto their classroom as theytook their lunch andcontinued their programinside their classroom. Allthe students of fourth yearSt. Catherine were so tiredthat they cannot even walkbecause a lot of energyand effort that wereexerted to make theprogram a successful onewere drained.
  12. 12. But in theafternoon, a veryunbelievable thinghappened, studentsof fourth year St.Catherine livelyplayed dance ball asthey continued theirclassroom program.
  13. 13. Lewis, Rose, Calja, May, and Chriss were thinking of thesame thing on their mind and said to themselves that “I am a partof this job well done, even though it was tiring and we were notable to enjoy the program, the great feeling that you’ve felt thatyou were part of the program and it will not be successfully madewithout your help. This is our last and the best of all ouracquaintance experiences.