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  1. 1. A Tale of Terror
  2. 2. One cold, rainy evening, a boy named Kent waswatching on the window,listening to the resonance of thunder and rain.
  3. 3. As he fell asleep, a loud knock woke him up fromhis deep rest.He stood up, stretched his arms and rubbed hiseyes.He opened the door, unsure.Nobody was there , as he was about to close hisdoor, loud scratches and noisy sounds downstairscaught his attention.
  4. 4. He tiptoed on the stairs passing throughthe kitchen. He checked the basement.With a great shock, he saw a track ofblood on the doorstep.
  5. 5. He checked the room thoroughly and he saw a manmoaning in a corner.He lunged to the man cautiously and realized it was hisfather.“What are you doing in the basement Dad?” he saidconfusedly.His father bowed his head and cried.Kent surveyed the shadowy room and was so shockedwhen he saw his mother lying with blood on her chest. “What happened Dad? What happened to Mom?” he asked,his tears rolling down his cheeks.
  6. 6. Suddenly, the door cracked open and they sawthe killer pointing the gun at them.They both leaped with fright.“RUN SON! RUN! GET AWAY FROM HERE”his father cried.
  7. 7. He ran unto his bedroom and rapidly heard a loud shotgun. “BANG!”He was very scared and rattled .He locked the doorand blocked it using his cabinet and hid under hisbed.The killer tried to get inside his room by kickingand smashing his door.
  8. 8. “Open this door! Open it!”the killer said in a deep voice.Kent panicked and his hands shivered when the killer broke through the door.He didn’t know what to do. He was thinking only of escape…and the only way out I s to jump out of his second floor window.
  9. 9. With no hesitations, Kent leaped landing onthe fence that caused lacerations on his foot.
  10. 10. He stood up with pain and ran into a dark and silent road. He screamed“HELP!HELP! SOMEBODY HELP US!”Only dead silence surrounded him, nobody wasthere to help as he continuously ran for his life.
  11. 11. Then he saw an open store. He went inside to seek for help.“Hello? Is anybody here? Hello?! I need your help!”A man showed up, hesmiled and said“How can I help youkid?”Kent was gasping forbreath.“I need to call a police.There’s a killer in ourhouse!”
  12. 12. “I’m sorry son we don’t have any phone in here.” The man noticed the wounds in Kent’s right foot. “What happened to you? Let me get some bandages.”The salesman went inside a room.Something was not right. Kent sneaked closer andhe heard the man talking on a radio. “The boy is here, should I dispose of him?” He already knew what the salesman meant. Finding a way out of the store without using the entrance door, Kent started crawling through the fire exit.
  13. 13. He found a ladder leading up to the roof.He climbed as fast as he could.Unluckily, the man caught up with him and stabbed him inthe back.Then, suddenly out of nowhere, somebody hit the salesmanin the head using a wooden plank.The salesman was knocked unconscious face down on thefloor.
  14. 14. “You’re bleeding son.”His father covered the bleeding part of Kent’s back.“Dad, you’re here! You saved my life.”Kent hugged his father and they both escaped,searching for help.
  15. 15. As they ran under the rain,they were blinded by the glowing headlights of acar moving swiftly towards them.The road was so foggy, it was hard to see the way.Kent immediately pushed his father away from theroaring car.“KENT!”his father screamed with terror.
  16. 16. BOOM! Kent was hit by the car. His father went to his sideand hugged him tightly.“Kent, please don’t die. I’vealways loved you, son” hisfather said with tears in hiseyes.“Dad, I’m sorry. Please takecare always… and mom, too.”Kent’s vision slowly faded.
  17. 17. “Kent, wake up.”a soft voice entered his mind. He woke up withtears and realized IT WAS JUST A TRAGIC DREAM.
  18. 18. So Kent got up,embraced his mother and fatherwarmlyand said“I love you Mom. I love you Dad.”
  19. 19. They took their breakfast togetherand Kent told them everything abouthis dream.
  20. 20. Some say that tragic dreams bring bad omen and accidentsbut these dreams are only reminders to the things we need to give importance to, such as our family. Dreams give us hope, strength and courage in our daily trials. In the end, it is us who will create our own tale.
  21. 21. THE ENDGROUP MEMBERS:Braga, Cathlene maeEballena, CharwinEvasco, Zoe KyraGacita, Krish LorraineOberes, Kent Garry