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Jet Polaris


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Jet Polaris

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  2. 2. Jet Polaris 2003 Polaris MSX 140 Jet ski Riders Review : “ The MSX 140 is awesome. Its every thing you could want in a PWC. It looks good, runs great, and is just a great ride. The handling on this thing is great. You can take turns at full throttle and not worry about sping out or sliding. The 60-plus top speed is plenty fast for me. I could go on and on but to sum it up, I’m really glad I bought this. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is because after about 20 hrs the fuel pump went out. But not a big deal, it happens.” “ I got this brand new after my Virage broke down, man what a difference. this thing has so much power and speed I’m not sure why the other reviewer says not enough yanks me out of the water faster than my uncles 155 hp boat does, and that’s on a slalom ski. I don’t know why it takes people 11 sec to reach 60, on mine if you put her to the nuts, it will hit 60 in about 6-7 sec. Awesome performance and an overall awesome ski.” <CLICK HERE> TO VISIT JET SKI AUCTIONS <CLICK HERE> TO VISIT JET SKI AUCTIONS
  3. 3. Jet Polaris 2003 Polaris MSX 140 Jet ski Riders Review : “ I have about 17 hours on my MSX. Mainly love what I find to be a smooth, comfortable ride in all water conditions and smooth, easy handling; outstanding gas mileage and cruising range (easily 120 miles on a tank of regular 87 octane) and I also love some of the design features and amenities like the huge glove compartment, generous storage, usable mirrors and front tow hook, large easy to read display readout with easy convenient mode switch button, convenient placement of the gas and oil fills. Biggest flaws are the lack of a trim control, lack of a security system, and the infamous Polaris vibration at around 2000-2300 rpm. Also the footwells collect water and don't drain well, they're a little too narrow at the back (my feet bump up against the outer wall of the footwells when I stand and place my legs back), tilt steering would be nice (esp. for taller riders which luckily I'm not); and you will take a little bow spray in windy chop (this doesn't bother me too much).” <CLICK HERE> TO VISIT JET SKI AUCTIONS <CLICK HERE> TO VISIT JET SKI AUCTIONS
  4. 4. Jet Polaris < click here > to GO AUCTIONS