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World airforces2013


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World airforces2013

  2. 2. RUAG Schweiz AG | RUAG Aviation | Military Aviation6032 Emmen | Switzerland | Phone +41 41 268 41 | count onavailability. Weprovide reliablesolutions.
  3. 3. World Air Forces 2013 | Flightglobal Insight | 3WORLD AIR FORCES 2013ANALYSIS 4Worldwide active fleet per region 5Worldwide active fleet share per country 6Worldwide top 10 active aircraft types 8WORLD AIR FORCESWorld Air Forces directory 9CONTENTSTO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT FLIGHTGLOBAL INSIGHT ANDREPORT SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES, CONTACT:Flightglobal InsightQuadrant House, The Quadrant, Sutton, Surrey, SM2 5AS, UKTel: + 44 208 652 8724Email: insight@flightglobal.comWebsite:
  4. 4. WORLD AIR FORCES 20134 | Flightglobal Insight | World Air Forces 2013CRAIG HOYLE LONDONDATA COMPILED BY SANDRA LEWIS-RICE, JOHN MALONEY, MARC-ANTONY PAYNE& MARTIN SMITH FLIGHTGLOBAL ASCEND ONLINE FLEETS & MILICAS LONDONAir arms from around the globe were in action during2012, while most budgets faced mounting pressure. Welist the inventories and purchase plans of 160 nationsCOMBATTRANSITIONAfghanistan by the end of 2014, Kabul still hasalongwaytogobeforetakingfullcontrolofthenation. Its air force and Army Air Corps –which currently operate a combined total of 98transport aircraft and combat helicopters – willalso require more investment to be made inequipment terms if they are to be able to copeafter the drawdown phase has concluded.Time is tight, for example, if the US AirForce is to drive through a planned light airsupport acquisition of 20 armed turbopropsfor the Afghan air force. A programme shouldbe launched in 2013, with an earlier selectionof Embraer’s EMB-314 Super Tucano havingbeen abandoned.The process of leaving Afghanistan will bea difficult one for participating nations, with agreat deal of valuable equipment requiring ex-traction by air, and land convoys needing sig-nificant protection from above.Another aspect of the Afghan drawdownprocess will be the conclusion of major jointcoalition air operations, after more than a dec-ade of experience gained in the country. Theremoval of such an opportunity to fly along-side other air forces day-to-day will requirenations to participate in more regular large-scale exercises in order to retain the skillslearned in combat and maintain links withcurrent partners.Despite widespread condemnation of theactions of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’sregime in the face of a domestic oppositionmovement, the prospect of an internationalintervention similar to that seen over Libya in2011 remains remote.With an inventory of 480 Russian-sourcedcombat aircraft, including RAC MiG-29Conflicts in Afghanistan, Syria andbetween Israeli forces and Hamasmilitants grabbed the headlines in2012, along with the major budgetissues most militaries continue to face, andthe outcomes and implications of presidentialelections in the USA and China.Although the USA and its NATO and otherallies plan to end their combat involvement inThe US Air Force’s F-16 strike aircraft should perform their last offensive sorties overAfghanistan in late 2014, as the NATO-led assistance force passes control to Kabul
  5. 5. World Air Forces 2013 | Flightglobal Insight | 5WORLD AIR FORCES 2013WORLDWIDE ACTIVE FLEET PER REGIONAANORTH AMERICAA2,915Combat aircraft 2,9152,9155555555555s 5,818Combat helicopters 5,818s 5,8188Tankers 1,845888kers 1,8nkers 1,8488484844kkkekenknnTransports/Tankers 1Tankers 1 455SOUTH AMERICACombat aircraftC 6566566656656Combat helicopter 1,1841,184848411Transports/Tankers 482EUROPEOOEUREUROPmbat aircraft 2,618mbbbbbbbmmmmmmmmmbmComombm fttftCombat helicopters 3,489ersCCCCCoCoCom srs 3,483,489999ppptttteteeeeeeeeeerrrrrrsrrsssssst erstersTransports/Tankers 76snkersnkersssssss 7776576TransTrans aaaaaaaannnnnnankTankaAFRICACombat aircraft 11 032032tt 1,01,0032032003Combat helicopters 1,388ss 1,3881,3888pterspters 11pterspters 38381,31,3Transports/Tankers 444ss 4444kersnkers 44MIDDLE EASMMIDDLMM LELEEE ASASTTmbat aircraftCombatmbat 4984949491,41,4at aircat airccraftcraftrcracopters 1,247CombatCom 247247CC ccoCoCo 1 21 2omom 11,t helict helicopterscopters 77ankers 333po ersersorts/Taorts/TanTraaanspanspo nkersnkersanASIA-PACIFICCombat aircraft 4,8077Combat helicopters 4,3399Transports/Tankers 8787987USSIA & THE CISEEEE&&ARUSSIA & THE CISUSSIA & THE CISCombat aircraft 2,0421,2212Combat helicopters 1,2211,22139333Transports/Tankers 3kers 3kerskersfighters and Sukhoi Su-24 strike aircraft, theSyrian air force has been routinely calledinto action. Television footage has alsoshown Mil Mi-8/17 helicopters and armedAero Vodochody L-39 jet trainers used tosuppress the uprising.The Syrian military would represent a dif-ferent challenge to coalition air forces thanduring the UN-mandated and NATO-led mis-sion to protect Libyan civilians, because ofbeing able to maintain persistent surveillancecover over a potential conflict area, includingwith unmanned air vehicles.HAMAS TARGETSIsraeli air force combat aircraft and helicop-ters, along with ground artillery and navalvessels, attacked more than 1,500 targets dur-ing the “Pillar of Defense” operation. Theseincluded not only launchers for the rocketswhich were being fired into Israeli territory,but also previously identified sites, such asweapons stores, resupply tunnels and evenHamas leaders.Despite its military might and the impres-sive performance of its “Iron Dome” anti-rocket shield, Israel’s vulnerability to non-traditional attack had already been highlightedin early October, when a UAV launched inLebanon entered its airspace, before being de-stroyed by a Lockheed Martin F-16I.For the first time, this year’s World AirForces directory uses information sourcedfrom Flightglobal’s Ascend Online Fleets andMiliCAS databases. Completed in 2011, themerger of Flightglobal and Ascend has result-ed in an enhanced product, including im-proved information on the equipment in usein nations such as China and Russia.its possession of so-called “double-digit”surface-to-air missile systems, also acquiredfrom Russia. Assad’s forces demonstratedtheir willingness to use such equipment inJune, when a Turkish air force McDonnellDouglas F-4E Phantom was shot down afterviolating Syrian airspace.November’s eight-day conflict between Is-rael and Hamas militants in the Gaza Stripunderscored the importance of an air forceIsraeli pilots werecalled into actionover the Gaza StripRexFeaturesUSAirForce
  6. 6. WORLD AIR FORCES 20136 | Flightglobal Insight | World Air Forces 2013WORLDWIDE ACTIVE FLEET SHARE PER COUNTRYGLOBAL MILITARY FLEETCountry Active fleet Share1 USA 13,940 27%2 Russia 2,855 6%3 China 2,731 5%4 Japan 1,667 3%5 India 1,591 3%6 South Korea 1,451 3%7 France 1,191 2%8 Egypt 1,156 2%9 Turkey 1,146 2%10 UK 1,063 2%Other 22,991 44%TOTAL 51,782 100%SPECIAL MISSIONCountry Active fleet Share1 USA 758 41%2 Japan 164 9%3 Russia 74 4%4 India 61 3%5 China 53 3%6 Brazil 52 3%7 UK 43 2%8 Spain 42 2%9 Indonesia 39 2%10 Israel 34 2%Other 538 29%TOTAL 1,858 100%COMBAT AIRCRAFTCountry Active fleet Share1 USA 2,851 18%2 China 1,455 9%3 Russia 1,372 9%4 India 614 4%5 North Korea 574 4%6 Syria 480 3%7 Egypt 457 3%8 South Korea 430 3%9 Pakistan 361 2%10 Turkey 331 2%Other 6,643 43%TOTAL 15,568 100%This year’s directory contains almost51,800 aircraft listed in the active duty in-ventories of air arms from 160 nations. Thisrepresents an overall reduction of fewer than200 airframes since our 2011-2012 snapshotof the worldwide fleet. A further 6,100 air-craft are shown as the subject of firm orders,with more than 5,700 others pending con-tract signatures.Notable major deletions from our previouslisting for Soviet-era equipment have includ-ed the removal of almost 500 aged Mi-24 as-sault helicopters from the Russian air force’sinventory, along with 220 obsolete Mi-2s.As with previous listings, the USA domi-nates the directory in the number of aircraft inuse and on order, with its air force, army, Ma-rine Corps and navy together accounting for27% of all active aircraft.While Washington’s numerical strength isunlikely to be overturned by former rival Rus-sia or growing military power China, the endof its combat commitment in Afghanistan andbudget reductions will have a major near-termimpact. Unless averted by early January, aCongressionally-threatened sequestrationmeasure could wipe about $500 billion fromthe Department of Defense’s budget during a10-year period, with this to come on top ofplanned reductions of $487 billion already inthe USA’s planning cycle.While the US Air Force says it remainscommitted to acquiring 1,763 LockheedF-35A Lightning II combat aircraft, sequestra-tion could yet hurt its plans. In May, the serv-ice took delivery of its last of 187 F-22 Raptorstealth fighters from the company, versus anoriginal goal of acquiring 750 of the fifth-generation type.The emergence of several developmentalRussian and Chinese fighters within the pasttwo years has focused minds within the USAand other nations as to the capabilities thatpotential future adversaries could purchase.While Western types such as the F-35, BoeingF/A-18E/F Super Hornet, Dassault Rafale,Eurofighter Typhoon and Saab Gripen E willbe technologically superior to Chinese modelssuch as the Chengdu J-20 and Shenyang J-31,the latter could eventually prove overwhelm-ing if fielded in sufficiently high numbers.Beijing’s continuing major investment indefence aerospace was highlighted by the firstflight of the stealthy-looking J-31 in October,and by Shenyang’s J-15 derivative of theSukhoi Su-33 performing trials from the deckof the Chinese navy’s newly-introduced air-craft carrier, the Liaoning. China’s admissionto the elite carrier club – which in 2013 willalso include India – was one of the most sig-nificant military developments of the year.MOSCOW MODERNISATIONMoscow, meanwhile, has continued to make asubstantial investment in modernising its mili-tary machine. Major recent commitmentshave included orders for 92 Su-34 bombers, 30Su-30SM fighters and 24 carrierborneMiG-29K/KUBs, along with 39 improvedIl-76MDtransports.Italsohasadvancedalong-planned project with India to develop a newMedium Transport Aircraft – up to a combined145 of which could be acquired – and on pro-ducing a version of Sukhoi’s T-50/PAK-FAfighter. Questions remain, however, overwhetherRussiawillbeabletosustainitsrecentspending spike, and particularly on its abilityand desire to develop a proposed new-genera-tion bomber dubbed PAK-DA.India’s planned medium multirole combataircraft acquisition reached the preferred bid-der status in late January, when it awarded aDassault-led team so-called L1 vendor statuswith the Rafale, following a battle with the Eu-rofighter Typhoon. However, New Delhi hasyet to sign a contract for the 126-unit deal.Switzerland’s government and air forcecontinue to pursue a deal to acquire 22 next-generation Gripen Es, in conjunction with aSwedish commitment for between 40 and 60of the type, but Bern’s plans face the threat ofWashington’s numericalstrength is unlikely to beoverturned by Russia orgrowing military power ChinaThe Joint Strike Fighter has been ontarget during weapons release trials
  7. 7. World Air Forces 2013 | Flightglobal Insight | 7WORLD AIR FORCES 2013COMBAT HELICOPTERSCountry Active fleet Share1 USA 5,690 30%2 Russia 854 5%3 China 708 4%4 Japan 700 4%5 South Korea 682 4%6 France 485 3%7 India 466 2%8 UK 419 2%9 Turkey 391 2%10 Italy 376 2%Other 7,915 42%TOTAL 18,686 100%TRANSPORTS/TANKERSCountry Active fleet Share1 USA 1,795 35%2 Russia 337 7%3 India 238 5%4 China 186 4%5 France 146 3%6 Brazil 142 3%7 Iran 119 2%8 Turkey 87 2%9 Japan 86 2%10 Germany 76 1%Other 1,933 38%TOTAL 5,145 100%TRAINING AIRCRAFT/HELICOPTERSCountry Active fleet Share1 USA 2,846 27%2 Japan 421 4%3 Egypt 384 4%4 UK 360 3%5 Israel 340 3%6 China 329 3%7 Turkey 329 3%8 South Korea 278 3%9 France 239 2%10 Russia 218 2%Other 4,781 45%TOTAL 10,525 100%a public referendum, which could potentiallyderail the scheme.A decision could finally come during 2013on the direction of Brazil’s long-planned F-X2fighter contract. The nation’s previous admin-istration had favoured the Rafale, but a changeof government and fresh delays mean the op-portunity is potentially also still open to theGripen and Super Hornet.Lockheed’s F-35 programme, meanwhile,recently achieved its 5,000th test flight, withthe first airborne weapons separation trialshaving been performed and the first two in-ternational examples delivered to the UK,which is now acquiring the short take-off andvertical landing B-model. The same variantis now in the hands of the USMC’s first oper-ational squadron to convert to the Joint StrikeFighter, VMFA-121.In the training aircraft sector, while manu-facturers continue to await the launch of thebiggest contest in decades – to replace the USAir Force’s almost 500 Northrop T-38C Talons– most secured fresh orders in 2012.Alenia Aermacchi benefited from a bilateralagreement between the Italian and Israeli gov-ernments, under which the latter nation’s airforce will get access to 30 M-346 advanced jettrainers. The type will replace the Israeli airforce’s remaining Douglas A/TA-4 SkyhawkLockheedMartin
  8. 8. WORLD AIR FORCES 20138 | Flightglobal Insight | World Air Forces 2013EXPLANATORY NOTESFor the first time, Flightglobal’s World Air Forcesdirectory 2013 uses fleet data compiled for its AscendOnline Fleets and MiliCAS databases by Sandra Lewis-Rice, John Maloney, Marc-Antony Payne and MartinSmith, and abridged by Craig Hoyle. Published aspremium products, our databases provide subscriberswith detailed fleet and orders information, in themajority of cases down to serial-number level. Thedirectory also includes global fleet analysis provided byAntoine Fafard, from Flightglobal’s Insight team.Responsible for producing special reports on the aviationindustry, Insight provides bespoke analysis on sectorsranging from business aviation to commercial andmilitary aircraft. To find out more, and to download otherspecial reports, visit information is divided into these categories:Active: Aircraft in day-to-day use. For some Soviet-eratypes where only summary information is available, thisalso includes some non-operational platforms.Ordered: Aircraft on firm order. Others which are pendingpurchase approval or contract signature are marked withan asterisk. This category includes current planned ordertotals, which may be subject to future revision.AbbreviationsAEW airborne early warning; Comms communications;ELINT electronic intelligence; EW electronic warfare;MPA maritime patrol aircraft; Recce reconnaissance;SAR search and rescue; SIGINT signals intelligenceTo download your free copy of the directory from11 December, visit TOP 10 ACTIVE AIRCRAFT TYPESCOMBAT AIRCRAFTType Active fleet Share1 F-16 2,309 15%2 F-18 1,005 6%3 F-15 870 6%4 MiG-29 856 5%5 MiG-21 793 5%6 Su-27/30/35 791 5%7 F-5 521 3%8 Su-25 487 3%9 Su-24 473 3%10 F-4 450 3%Other 7,013 45%TOTAL 15,568 100%TRANSPORTS/TANKERSType Active fleet Share1 C-130/L-100 1,131 22%2 KC-135/707 470 9%3 King Air 269 5%4 C-17 246 5%5 An-24/26 221 4%6 CN235/C295 219 4%7 Il-76/78 165 3%8 An-30/32 152 3%9 C160 127 2%10 Cessna 208 111 2%Other 2,034 40%TOTAL 5,145 100%COMBAT HELICOPTERSType Active fleet Share1 S-70/SH/UH-60 3,342 18%2 Mi-8/17/171/172 2,328 12%3 UH-1 1,509 8%4 Mi-24/25/35 987 5%5 AH-64 956 5%6 CH-47 904 5%7 OH-58 773 4%8 Bell 212/412 661 4%9 MD500 633 3%10 AH-1 541 3%Other 6,052 32%TOTAL 18,686 100%trainers, and made available by a TORSystems joint venture between Elbit Systemsand Israel Aerospace Industries. For its part,Italy will acquire two Gulfstream G550sadapted for airborne early warning duties byIAI’s Elta Systems subsidiary.Also vying for the USAF’s trainer require-ment is BAE Systems, which signed a deal toproduce 22 Hawk 165s for Saudi Arabia. Thesuccess represents the UK company’s first ex-port deal for the new-generation aircraft thatformsthebasisofitsofferintheT-Xbattle.Lock-heed is promoting the T-50 – developed jointlywith Korea Aerospace Industries – a type al-ready in use in South Korea and ordered by In-donesia.ThePhilippineshasalsoexpressedin-terestinpotentiallyacquiring12examples.EQUIPMENT CHOICEBoeing is expected to pitch a new design forthe T-X requirement, which holds the poten-tial to sway the equipment choice of numer-ous nations over the coming decades.Swiss manufacturer Pilatus enjoyed abumper 2012, securing orders for a combined79 PC-21 trainers from Qatar and Saudi Ara-bia, and also finalising a deal to produce 75PC-7 Mk IIs for the Indian air force. Iraq alsomade progress with its plans to acquire 28Aero Vodochody L-159s, while a new era ofRussian air force pilot training began as Irkutdelivered its first Yakovlev Yak-130s to Bori-soglebsk air base in early October.Partly looking at the looming airlift require-ments linked with their departure from Af-ghanistan, Australia and the UK added loneBoeing C-17s to their fleets in 2012, whileNorway swiftly acquired a replacement forthe C-130J lost in a fatal accident in March.Canberra also retired its last aged C-130Hs, asits first of 10 Alenia Aermacchi C-27J Spartansentered final assembly.In the rotorcraft sector, the US Army hasformally rebranded its Block III production-standard Apache Longbow the AH-64E, andpotential buyers such as India and Indonesiaare already eyeing the type.The early days of 2013 will determinewhether the DoD will advance with key pro-grammes such as the F-35 as intended, or havefuture budget reductions hurt equipmentplans made by it and many of its allies.This year’s directory is dedicated toAscend Online Fleets data researcherMartin Smith, who died on 3 Decemberfollowing a short illnessJoint exercises offeran important learningexperience for airforces, such as thoseof RIMPAC alliesAustralia and IndonesiaCommonwealthofAustralia
  9. 9. World Air Forces 2013 | Flightglobal Insight | 9WORLD AIR FORCES 2013AFGHANISTANAFGHAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedSpecial missionPC-12NG 18TransportC-27A (G222) 13 5Cessna 208 18 8AFGHAN NATIONAL ARMY AIR CORPSType Active OrderedCombat helicopterMi-8/17 46 12MI-35 6UH-1H 9Training aircraft/helicoptersMD530 6 48*ALBANIAALBANIAN AIR BRIGADEType Active OrderedCombat helicopterAS532 5AW109 1Bell 205 3Bell 206 7BO105 6EC145 1ALGERIAALGERIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-25 14MiG-29 34Su-24 22Su-30 28 16Special missionBeech 1900 (Recce) 6King Air 200 (MPA) 2TankerIl-78 5TransportBeech 1900 6C-130H 16C295 5Il-76 13King Air 90/200/350 19PC-6 2Combat helicopterAS355/555 16Bell 412 3Ka-32 3Mi-2 28Mi-8/17/171 102Mi-24 36Super Lynx 130/300 4 6Training aircraft/helicoptersL-39 32Yak-130 16ALGERIAN NAVYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterAW101 6ANGOLANATIONAL AIR FORCE OF ANGOLAType Active OrderedCombat aircraftEMB-314 6MiG-21 24MiG-23 22Su-22 14Su-25 15Su-27 7Special missionC212 (MPA) 4TransportAn-12 11An-26 2An-30/32 8An-72/74 5C212 2Dornier 28 1C212 1DHC-6 2Merlin III/IV 4Combat helicopterAS332 3UH-1H 44Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 206 5ARGENTINIAN NAVYType Active OrderedCombat aircraftSuper Etendard 11Special missionKing Air 200 (MPA/Recce) 6P-3B (MPA) 3S-2 (MPA) 2TransportF28 2King Air 200 1PC-6 1Combat helicopterAS555 4H-3/S-61 8Training aircraft/helicoptersT-34 10ARMENIAARMENIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-25 1Su-25 14Special missionMi-9 (EW) 2TransportIl-76 3Combat helicopterMi-2 6Mi-8 8Mi-24 15Training aircraft/helicoptersL-39 4AUSTRALIAROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF/A-18A 55F/A-18F 24F-35A 2+98*Special mission737 (AEW) 6AP-3C (MPA) 19TankerRexFeaturesAfghanistan’s growing air force inventory includes C-27A and Cessna 208 transportsIl-76 8Combat helicopterBell 212 5Mi-8/17/171 48Mi-25/35 15SA316 20SA342 2Training aircraft/helicoptersEMB-312 14L-29 6L-39 3PC-7 22PC-9 4ANGOLAN ARMYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterAS565 7ARGENTINAARGENTINIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftA-4 23IA-58 32Mirage IIIEA 6Mirage 5 5Nesher 10Special missionLearjet 35 (Calibration/Recce) 3TankerKC-130H 1TransportC-130H 2F27 5F28 5KC-390 6*Combat helicopterBell 212/412 8MD500 12Mi-171 2 3*SA315 2UH-1H 1Z-11 1 29Training aircraft/helicoptersAT/IA-63 19 18+40*EMB-312 26Mirage IIIDA 2T-A4 4ARGENTINIAN ARMYType Active OrderedSpecial missionOV-1 (Recce) 8Transport
  10. 10. WORLD AIR FORCES 201310 | Flightglobal Insight | World Air Forces 2013BO105 4F-5F 4F-16D 4Hawk 129 6T67M260 Firefly 3TAH-1 6ROYAL BAHRAINI NAVYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterBO105 1BANGLADESHBANGLADESH AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftA-5 8F-7 23 16MiG-29 8TransportAn-32 3C-130B/E 4 4*Combat helicopterBell 206 7Bell 212 14Mi-17/171 20Training aircraft/helicoptersFT-6 9FT-7 12L-39 7T-37 11BANGLADESH ARMYType Active OrderedTransportCessna 208 1Combat helicopterAS365 2BANGLADESH NAVYType Active OrderedSpecial missionDornier 228NG 2Combat helicopterAW109 2Z-9 3BELARUSBELARUS AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-29 38Su-24 35Su-25 69Su-27 22Special missionAn-26 (Recce) 1TransportAn-24/26 4Il-76 1Combat helicopterMi-8 42MI-24 26Mi-26 1Training aircraft/helicoptersL-39 10BELGIUMBELGIAN AIR COMPONENTType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-16A 49TransportA330 1A400M 7C-130H 11EMB-135/145 4Combat helicopterAW109 23NH90 8+2*SA316 3Sea King 48 4Training aircraft/helicoptersAlpha Jet 29F-16B 10SF-260 32A330 (KC-30A) 5TransportC-17 6C-27J 10C-130J 12King Air 200/350 9Training aircraft/helicoptersF/A-18B 16Hawk 127 33King Air 350 8PC-9/9A 63AUSTRALIAN ARMY AVIATION CORPSType Active OrderedCombat helicopterBell 206 22CH-47D/F 6 7NH90/MRH90 15 31S-70 34Tiger 22Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 206 15ROYAL AUSTRALIAN NAVYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterS-70/MH-60R 16 24Training aircraft/helicoptersAS350 12Bell 429 3AUSTRIAAUSTRIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftEurofighter 15TransportC-130K 3PC-6 8Combat helicopterBell 212 22OH-58 11S-70 9SA316 16Training aircraft/helicoptersPC-7 13SA316 8Saab 105 28AZERBAIJANAZERBAIJAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-21 5MIG-25 5MiG-29 13Su-24 11Su-25 11TransportTu-134 1Combat helicopterMi-2 7Mi-8/17 35 18Mi-24/35 12Training aircraft/helicoptersL-39 12BAHAMASBAHAMAS DEFENCE FORCEType Active OrderedSpecial missionKing Air 350 (MPA) 1TransportCessna 208 1BAHRAINROYAL BAHRAINI AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-5E 8F-16C 17Combat helicopterAH-1 16Bell 212 13S-70/UH-60M 9Training aircraft/helicoptersBELIZEBELIZE DEFENCE FORCEType Active OrderedTransportBN-2 1Training aircraft/helicoptersT67M260 Firefly 1BENINBENIN PEOPLES ARMED FORCESType Active OrderedTransportDHC-6 1Dornier 28 2HS 748 1Combat helicopterAS350 1AW109 4BHUTANROYAL BHUTAN ARMYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterMi-8 2BOLIVIABOLIVIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedSpecial missionLearjet 25 (Recce) 2TransportC-130B 2C212 1King Air 90/200 3MA60 2Combat helicopterAS332 1AS350 2EC145 1 1SA316 1UH-1H 15Training aircraft/helicoptersDA40 9K-8 6PC-7 5R44 6T-33 14BOLIVIAN ARMYType Active OrderedTransportC212 1F27 1King Air 90 1Combat helicopterZ-9 6BOSNIA-HERZIGOVINABIH ARMED FORCESType Active OrderedCombat aircraftG4 1J-1 10J-22 7Combat helicopterMi-8/17 8SA341/342 7UH-1H 5BOTSWANABOTSWANA DEFENCE FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-5 10TransportBN-2 10C-130B 3C212 2CN235 2King Air 200 1Combat helicopterAS350 11Bell 412 7Training aircraft/helicoptersF-5 5PC-7/Mk II 6 5
  11. 11. World Air Forces 2013 | Flightglobal Insight | 11WORLD AIR FORCES 2013BRAZILBRAZILIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftAMX-A/T 51EMB-314 31F-5E/EM 43 8Mirage 2000C 10Special missionBeech 125 (Calibration) 4C-130E (SAR) 2C295 (SAR) 2EMB-110 (Calibration) 6EMB-110 (EW) 5EMB-110 (MPA) 17EMB-110 (SAR) 1EMB-145 (AEW) 5EMB-145 (Recce) 3Learjet 35 (Recce) 4P-3AM (MPA) 3 6TankerKC-130H 2KC-137 (707) 3KC-390 28TransportC-130E/H/M 16C295 10Cessna 208 30EMB-110 52EMB-120 20EMB-121 3EMB-145 6Combat helicopterAS332 7AS355 6Bell 205 3EC725 2 13Mi-35 9 3UH-1H 26UH-60L 15 1Training aircraft/helicoptersAMX-T 8AS350 30EMB-312 106EMB-314 63EMB-326 1F-5F/FM 3 3Mirage 2000B 2BRAZILIAN ARMYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterAS532 9AS550 32AS565 32EC725 1 16S-70 3BRAZILIAN NAVYType Active OrderedCombat aircraftA-4 19Combat helicopterAS332/532 7AS350 19AS355 9Bell 206 17EC725 1 15Lynx 21 12S-70 2 4SH-3D/S-61 11Training aircraft/helicoptersTA-4 3BRUNEIROYAL BRUNEI AIR FORCEType Active OrderedTransportCN235 1Combat helicopterBell 212/214 9BO105 6S-70/70i 4 12Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 206 3PC-7 Mk II 4BULGARIABULGARIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-21 6MiG-29 15Su-25 14Special missionAn-30 (Recce) 1TransportC-27J 2PC-12 1Combat helicopterAS532 12Mi-8/17 4Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 206 6PC-9 5BULGARIAN NAVYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterAS365 3BURKINA FASOBURKINA FASO AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftEMB-314 3TransportAT-802 1CN235 1HS 748 1King Air 200 1Combat helicopterMi-8/17 4Mi-35 2SA316 1Training aircraft/helicoptersSF-260 4BURUNDIBURUNDI NATIONAL ARMYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterMi-24 3SA316 3SA342 6Training aircraft/helicoptersSF-260 5CAMBODIAROYAL CAMBODIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedTransportAn-24 1MA60 2Y-12 1Combat helicopterAS355 1Mi-8/17 8UH-1H 1CAMEROONCAMEROON AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftImpala 5Magister 6TransportArava 1C-130H 3CN235 1MA60 1Combat helicopterBell 206 4Bell 412 1Mi-24 3SA319 1SA330 2SA342 3Training aircraft/helicoptersAlpha Jet 5CANADAROYAL CANADIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF/A-18A 64F-35A 65*Special missionDHC-5 (SAR) 6King Air 200 (Recce) 2P-3 (MPA) 18TankerA310 2KC-130H 4TransportA310 3C-17 4C-130E/H 14C-130J 17DHC-6 4King Air 200 2Combat helicopterAW101 (SAR) 14Bell 412 86CH-47F 15H-3 26S-92 2 26Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 206 (Allied Wings) 13Bell 412 (Allied Wings) 9EurocopterEurocopter’s Helibras subsidiary has opened a final assembly line for Brazil’s EC725s
  12. 12. WORLD AIR FORCES 201312 | Flightglobal Insight | World Air Forces 2013C212 3Combat helicopterAS332/532 7AS365 8Bell 206 2BO105 4Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 206 2PC-7 7CHINACHINESE AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftH-6 120J-7 389J-8 96J-10 200J-11 (Su-27/30) 273 71JH-7 72Q-5 119Su-35 48*Special mission737 (Comms) 2An-30 (Surveying) 4Il-76/KJ2000 (AEW) 5Tu-154 (Recce) 3Y-8 (Recce) 16Y-8/KJ200 (AEW) 7TransportAn-26 25Il-76 13 7MA60 9Tu-154 8Y-7 50Y-8 59Y-9 1Combat helicopterMi-8/17/171 330 52S-70 16Z-8/SA321 8Z-9 210Z-10 10Z-11 60Training aircraft/helicoptersAS350 1HC120 93 57JJ-7 39JL-8 (K-8) 170CHINESE NAVYType Active OrderedCombat aircraftH-6 14J-7 30J-8 48J-10 6JH-7 35Q-5 30Su-30/33/J-15 23 50*Special missionY-8 (MPA) 3Y-8 (Recce) 5Y-8/KJ200 (AEW) 8TransportY-7 9Y-8 12Combat helicopterAS365/565 6Ka-28 17Ka-31 2 7Mi-8 8Z-8/SA321 16Z-9 25Training aircraft/helicoptersJJ-6 14JL-8 (K-8) 12COLOMBIACOLOMBIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftA-37 8BT-67 6EMB-314 24Kfir 20OV-10 9Special missionCessna 208 (Recce) 6Citation Ultra (Recce) 5King Air 300/350 (EW) 3Metro 23 (Recce) 1Turbo Commander (Recce) 2Tanker707 1767 1Transport727 2737 2Arava 1C-130B/H 5C212 3C295 4 1Cessna 208 11CN235 3EMB-110 2KC-390 12*King Air 90/350 6PA-31 1Turbo Commander 2Combat helicopterRexFeaturesShenyang L-15s have performed at-sea trials aboard China’s aircraft carrier LiaoningCT-114 Tutor 27DHC-8 4F/A-18B 26G120 (Allied Wings) 13Hawk 115 (NFTC) 16King Air 90 (Allied Wings) 7T-6A (NFTC) 26CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLICCENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC AIR FORCEType Active OrderedTransportBN-2 2Combat helicopterAS350/550 2CHADCHAD NATIONAL FLIGHTType Active OrderedCombat aircraftSu-25 6TransportAn-26 2C-130H 1Combat helicopterAS550 6Mi-17/171 8Mi-24 6SE3160 2Training aircraft/helicoptersPC-7 1PC-9 1SF-260 1CHILECHILEAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftC-101 20F-5E 8F-16A/C 35Special mission707 (AEW) 1Tanker707/KC-135 3Transport737 1Beech 99 2C-130B/H 3C212 3Citation 4DHC-6 10KC-390 6*Combat helicopterBell 412 14BK117 1UH-1H 13Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 206 4EMB-314 12F-5F 2F-16B/D 11T-35 23CHILEAN ARMYType Active OrderedTransportC212 5Cessna 208 3CN235 3Combat helicopterAS332/532 10AS350 3AS355 1MD530 11SA330 4UH-1H 1CHILEAN NAVYType Active OrderedSpecial missionC295 (MPA) 3EMB-110 (MPA) 5P-3 (MPA) 3Transport
  13. 13. World Air Forces 2013 | Flightglobal Insight | 13WORLD AIR FORCES 2013Bell 205 2Bell 212 10MD500/530 4S-70/UH-60A/L 23UH-1H 50Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 206 12EMB-312 14Lancair Synergy 6 19T-37 17COLOMBIAN ARMYType Active OrderedSpecial missionKing Air 200/350 (EW) 4TransportAn-32 2C212 2Cessna 208 5CV580 1King Air 90/200/350 4Turbo Commander 2Combat helicopterMi-17 22UH-1H/N 64UH-60L 55COLOMBIAN NAVYType Active OrderedSpecial missionCN235 (MPA) 3TransportC212 1Cessna 208 2King Air 350 1Combat helicopterAS555 2BK117 1BO105 2UH-1N 5CONGOCONGOLESE AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMirage F1 2TransportAn-32 2Combat helicopterMi-2 2Mi-8/17 4Mi-24/35 3CONGO (DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC)DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-23 2Su-25 2Transport727 2An-12 5An-26 2HS 748 2Combat helicopterMi-2 2Mi-8/17 3Mi-24/35 14SA316 2SA330 10CROATIACROATIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-21 6Special missionBombardier 415 (Firefighting) 6PC-9M (EW) 3TransportAn-32 2AT-802 5Combat helicopterBell 206 8Mi-8/171 23Training aircraft/helicoptersPC-9/M 17CUBACUBAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-21 12MiG-23 24MiG-29 3TransportAn-26 3Yak-40 2Combat helicopterMi-8/17 10Mi-35 4Training aircraft/helicoptersL-39 25CYPRUSCYPRUS AIR FORCEType Active OrderedTransportBN-2 1Combat helicopterAW139 (SAR) 3Mi-35 11SA342 4CZECH REPUBLICCZECH REPUBLIC AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftGripen C 12L-159A 19Special missionL-410 (Surveying) 2TransportC295 4KC-390 2*L-410 8Yak-40 1Combat helicopterMi-2 6Mi-8/17/171 29Mi-24/35 15W-3 10Training aircraft/helicoptersGripen D 2L-39 8L-159T 4DENMARKROYAL DANISH AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-16A 36F-35A 48*Special missionChallenger 604 (MPA) 3TransportC-130J 4Combat helicopterAS550 8AW101 14Lynx 90 7MH-60R 9*Training aircraft/helicoptersF-16B 11DJIBOUTIDJIBOUTI AIR FORCEType Active OrderedTransportCessna 208 1L-410 1Combat helicopterAS355 1Mi-8/17 2Mi-24/35 3DOMINICAN REPUBLICDOMINICAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftEMB-314 8TransportC212 3Turbo Commander 1Combat helicopterBell 412 2OH-58 12UH-1H 11Training aircraft/helicoptersSchweizer 333 2T-35 5DOMINICAN NATIONAL ARMYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterOH-58A/C 9Training aircraft/helicoptersR44 3ECUADORECUADORIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftCheetah C 10Kfir 8Transport727 2C-130B/H/L-100 4DHC-6 3HS 748 1Combat helicopterDhruv ALH 6Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 206 9Cheetah D 2DA20 6 6EMB-314 17T-34 13ECUADORIAN ARMYType Active OrderedTransportArava 4C212 2Citation II 1CN235 1King Air 200 1PC-6 1Combat helicopterAS332 4AS350/550 6 12Mi-171 9SA315 3SA342 10ECUADORIAN NAVYType Active OrderedSpecial missionCN235 (MPA) 1King Air 200 (MPA) 4TransportKing Air 300/350 2Combat helicopterBell 206 1Bell 230 1Bell 430 2Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 206 2T-34 2T-35 4EGYPTEGYPTIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftAlpha Jet MS2 15F-4E 34F-6 45F-7 60F-16A/C 154 16MiG-21 58Mirage 5E2/SDE/SDR 76Mirage 2000EM 15Special missionBeech 1900 (Calibration) 2Beech 1900 (MPA) 2
  14. 14. WORLD AIR FORCES 201314 | Flightglobal Insight | World Air Forces 2013T-35 5EQUATORIAL GUINEAEQUATORIAL GUINEA AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftSu-25 4TransportAn-32 1Combat helicopterMi-24 5Training aircraft/helicoptersL-39 2ERITREAERITREAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-29 5Su-27 6TransportKing Air 200 1Y-12 4Combat helicopterBell 412 1Mi-8/17 4Mi-24/35 16Training aircraft/helicoptersM-290TP 8MB-339 5ESTONIAESTONIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedTraining aircraft/helicoptersL-39 1R44 4ETHIOPIAETHIOPIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-21 15MiG-23 10Su-25 8Su-27 14TransportThe French air force is scheduled to receive its first three A400Ms during 2013AirbusMilitaryBeech 1900 (Recce) 2E-2C (AEW) 7TransportAn-74 3Beech 1900 4C-130H 21C295 2 3DHC-5 8King Air 200 1Combat helicopterAH-64D 36 10AW109 3AW139 (SAR) 2CH-47D 19 6*Mi-8/17 93S-70/UH-60M 2 4*SA342 79Sea King 23SH-2G 9Training aircraft/helicoptersAlpha Jet MS1 30EMB-312 54F-16B/D 47 4G115 74K-8 120L-39 10L-59 39Mirage 5SDD 6Mirage 2000BM 4EL SALVADORSALVADORIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftA-37 9TransportArava 3BT-67 1Combat helicopterBell 412 4MD500 8UH-1D/H/M 16Training aircraft/helicoptersSchweizer 300 6An-12 5An-26 1An-32 1C-130B 1DHC-6 2Combat helicopterMi-8/17 10Mi-24/35 17SA316 5Training aircraft/helicoptersL-39 7SF-260 4ETHIOPIAN ARMY AVIATIONType Active OrderedCombat helicopterUH-1H 12FINLANDFINNISH AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-18C 54Special missionF27 (EW) 1TransportC295 3F27 1Learjet 35 3PC-12NG 6Training aircraft/helicoptersF-18D 7Hawk 51/51A/66 42 15M-290TP 9FINNISH ARMYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterMD500 2NH90 14 6Training aircraft/helicoptersMD500 5FRANCEFRENCH AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMirage 2000C 37Mirage 2000D 61Mirage 2000N 34Mirage 2000-5 27Mirage F1CR 13Rafale B/C 71 7+152*Special missionC160 Gabriel (ELINT) 2E-3F (AEW) 4TankerA330 14*C/KC-135 14TransportA310 3A340 2A400M 50C160 39C-130H 14CN235 24 3DHC-6 5TBM700 15Combat helicopterAS332/532 10AS555 40EC725 10 7SA330 26Training aircraft/helicoptersAlpha Jet 100EMB-121 30G120 (Cassidian) 18Mirage 2000B 8Mirage F1B 3SR20 (Cassidian) 1 12SR22 (Cassidian) 7TB30 34FRENCH ARMYType Active Ordered
  15. 15. World Air Forces 2013 | Flightglobal Insight | 15WORLD AIR FORCES 2013TransportPC-6 5TBM700 8Combat helicopterAS532 23EC725 8NH90 3 31SA330 94SA341/342 156Tiger 34 46Training aircraft/helicoptersAS555 18SA341 27FRENCH NAVYType Active OrderedCombat aircraftRafale M 20 4+22*Super Etendard 25Special missionATL-2 (MPA) 15E-2C (AEW) 3Falcon 50 (MPA) 4Falcon 200 (MPA) 5TransportEMB-121 11Falcon 10 6Combat helicopterAS365/565 28EC225 2Lynx HAS2/4 22NH90 7 20SA316/319/SE3160 22SA365 9Training aircraft/helicoptersSR20 (Cassidian) 3GABONGABONESE AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMirage 5G 3Mirage F1 6TransportC-130H 1CN235 1Combat helicopterAS332 2AS350 1Bell 412 1EC120 1EC135 2SA319 1SA330 5SA342 3Training aircraft/helicoptersMagister 4Mirage 5DG 2T-34 4GAMBIAGAMBIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftSu-25 1TransportAT-802 2GEORGIAGEORGIAN LAND FORCESType Active OrderedCombat aircraftSu-25 11TransportAn-28 2Combat helicopterMi-8 18Mi-14 2Mi-24 7UH-1H 7Training aircraft/helicoptersL-29 4L-39 4GERMANYGERMAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftEurofighter 65 31F-4F 23Tornado ECR 31Tornado IDS 103TankerA310 4TransportA310 1A400M 53C160 71Combat helicopterCH-53 42Training aircraft/helicoptersEurofighter 19 11G120 (Lufthansa) 6Tornado IDS 7GERMAN ARMYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterBO105 145NH90 23 57+12*Tiger 21 18UH-1D 99Training aircraft/helicoptersEC135 14GERMAN NAVYType Active OrderedSpecial missionDornier 228NG (MPA) 1Dornier 228 (Recce) 1P-3C (MPA) 8Combat helicopterLynx 88 22Sea King 41 20GHANAGHANA AIR FORCEType Active OrderedSpecial missionDA42 (Recce) 2TransportBN-2 4C295 2F27 1Combat helicopterAW109 2Bell 412 1Mi-17/171 3 10SA316 4Training aircraft/helicoptersDA42 1K-8 4 2GREECEHELLENIC AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftA-7E 19F/RF-4E 50F-16C 116Mirage 2000EG 16Mirage 2000-5/Mk II 25Special missionBombardier 415 (Firefighting/SAR) 8C-130H (EW) 2EMB-145 (AEW) 4P-3B (MPA) 2TransportBombardier 215 13C-27J 8C-130B/H 13Combat helicopterAS332 12AW109 3Bell 205 12Training aircraft/helicoptersF-16D 41Mirage 2000BG 2T-2C/E 40T-6A 42TA-7C 9HELLENIC ARMY AVIATIONType Active OrderedTransportKing Air 200 2Combat helicopterAH-64A/D 29Bell 205 27Bell 206 15CH-47DG/SD 15NH90 4 16+14*UH-1H 66Training aircraft/helicoptersNH-300C 20HELLENIC NAVAL AVIATIONType Active OrderedSpecial missionBell 212 (EW) 1Combat helicopterBell 212 7S-70 11Training aircraft/helicoptersSA319 2GUATEMALAGUATEMALAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftA-37 3EMB-314 6*PC-7 2TransportArava 1BT-67 3Cessna 208 1F27 1King Air 90/200 2Combat helicopterBell 205 1Bell 212 2UH-1H 12Training aircraft/helicoptersT-35 4GUINEAGUINEA AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-15 1MiG-17 4MiG-21 3Combat helicopterAS350 1Mi-8 2Mi-24 4SA342 1GUYANAGUYANA DEFENCE FORCEType Active OrderedTransportSkyvan 1Y-12 1Combat helicopterBell 206 2Bell 412 1HONDURASHONDURAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftA-37 9F-5E 9TransportArava 1C-130A 1King Air 200 1Turbo Commander 1Combat helicopterBell 412 4MD500 2UH-1H 1Training aircraft/helicopters
  16. 16. You count on availability.We provide reliable solutions.Aircraft availability on the flight line is more than ever essential for the Air Force mission fulfilment. Cooperating with theright industrial partner is of strategic importance and key to improving Air Force logistics and supply chain management.RUAG provides you with new options to resource your mission. More than 40 years of flight line management make usthe experienced and capable partner we are – a partner you can rely on.
  17. 17. RUAG Schweiz AG | RUAG Aviation | Military Aviation6032 Emmen | Switzerland | Phone +41 41 268 41 |
  18. 18. WORLD AIR FORCES 201318 | Flightglobal Insight | World Air Forces 2013EMB-312 7F-5F 2HUNGARYHUNGARIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftGripen C 12TransportAn-26 5Combat helicopterMi-8/17 13Mi-24/25/35 5Training aircraft/helicoptersGripen D 2INDIAINDIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftJaguar M/S 118 10MiG-21 152MiG-27 80MiG-29 68Mirage 2000H 45Rafale C 86*Su-30/MKI 120 149T-50 (Sukhoi) 144*Tejas LCA 1 19+40*Special mission707 (Recce) 11125 G100 Astra (Recce) 2EMB-145 (AEW) 3Gulfstream III (EW) 3Il-76 (AEW) 3 2*TankerIl-78 7TransportAn-32 109C-17 10C-130J 6 6*Dornier 228 40HS 748 59Il-76 17Medium Transport Aircraft 45*Combat helicopterDhruv ALH 47 65LCH 25Mi-8/17 150 44+59*Mi-25/35 27Mi-26 3SA316/319 74Training aircraft/helicoptersHawk 132 65 40+20*HJT-16 Kiran 81HJT-36 Sitara 16Jaguar T 31Mirage 2000TH 10PC-7 MkII 75Rafale B 40*Saras 15Tejas LCA 20INDIAN ARMYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterAH-64E 22*Dhruv ALH 45 179LCH 114SA315 27 13INDIAN NAVYType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-29/K 14 29Sea Harrier FRS51 8Tejas LCA 8Tu-142 8Special missionBN-2 (MPA) 12Dornier 228 (MPA) 26Il-38 (MPA) 5Ka-31 (AEW) 9P-8I (737) (MPA) 8+12*BO105 4EC120B 3IRANISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-4D/E/RF-4E 28F-5E 20F-6 18F-7 17F-14 26MiG-29 16Mirage F1 5Su-24 27Special mission707 (EW) 1P-3F (MPA) 5Tanker707 1747 3Transport707 2747 4C-130E/H 45F27 12Il-76 5PC-6 13Turbo Commander 2Training aircraft/helicoptersF-5F 10FT-7 4PC-7 35ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN ARMYType Active OrderedTransportF27 2Turbo Commander 5Combat helicopterAH-1J 6Bell 206 3CH-47C 15Mi-8/17 6ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN NAVYType Active OrderedTransportF27 4Combat helicopterASH-3D 10Bell 412 4RH-53 3IRANIAN REVOULTIONARY GUARDType Active OrderedCombat aircraftSu-25 13TransportAn-74 9Falcon 20 1Il-76 3Y-12 8Combat helicopterMi-171 38Training aircraft/helicoptersEMB-312 13IRAQIRAQI AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftCessna AC-208 3F-16C 12+18*Special missionCessna 208 3CH2000 (Recce) 8King Air 350/ER (Recce) 5SB7L-360 (Recce) 2TransportAn-32 6C-130E 3C-130J 6King Air 350 1Combat helicopterTransportSaras 15Combat helicopterDhruv ALH 8Ka-25 7Ka-28 13SA316/319 32Sea King 42 27UH-3 6Training aircraft/helicoptersHarrier T4/60 3Hawk 132 17HJT-16 Kiran 20MiG-29KUB 3INDONESIAINDONESIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftEMB-314 4 12F-5E 6F-16A 7 24*Hawk 209 24OV-10 2Su-27/30 10 6Special mission737 (MPA) 3CN235 (MPA) 1 1TankerKC-130B 1TransportC-130B/H/L-100 16 4C212 8C295 2 7CN235 6F27 5PC-6 2Combat helicopterAS332 7 9BO105 7EC725 6S-58 4SA330 15Training aircraft/helicoptersEC120B 10F-5F 3F-16B 3G120TP 18Hawk 53/109 13KT-1 11SF-260 18T-34 15T-50 16INDONESIAN ARMYType Active OrderedTransportBN-2 1C212 6Turbo Commander 1Combat helicopterAH-64E 8*Bell 205 11Bell 412 36BO105 7Mi-17 12 6Mi-35 5SA316 7Schweizer 369 14Training aircraft/helicoptersEC120B 2INDONESIAN NAVYType Active OrderedSpecial missionC212 (MPA) 6CN235 (MPA) 5+3*Nomad 22/24 (MPA) 29TransportC212 9 1Combat helicopterAS332 1Bell 412 3
  19. 19. World Air Forces 2013 | Flightglobal Insight | 19WORLD AIR FORCES 2013G222 (EW) 1G550 (AEW) 2Gulfstream III (Recce) 1P166 (Surveying) 5TankerKC-130J 2KC-767 4TransportC-27J 12C-130J 18G222 2P180 17Combat helicopterAW101 2+13*AW/HH139 5 7Bell 212 37HH-3F 21NH500 2Training aircraft/helicoptersAMX-T 14Eurofighter 12 2M-346 2 4+9*MB-339 73NH500 45SF-260 30Tornado IDS 8ITALIAN ARMYType Active OrderedTransportDornier 228 3P180 3Combat helicopterAW109 12AW129 60Bell 205 58Bell 206 39Bell 212/412 31CH-47C/F 14 16+4*NH90 19 40ITALIAN NAVYType Active OrderedCombat aircraftAV-8B 14F-35B 15*Special missionATR 72 (MPA) 3TransportP180 3Combat helicopterASH/SH-3D 16AW101 22Bell 212 37NH90 3 53Israel’s air campaign against Hamas militants involved combat types such as the F-15RexFeaturesSA342 6Training aircraft/helicoptersCessna 208 3F-16D 6L-159 28*Lasta 95 20T-6A 15IRAQI ARMY AVIATION COMMANDType Active OrderedCombat helicopterBell 206 10Bell 407 27EC635 22 2Mi-8/171 44UH-1H 15Training aircraft/helicoptersBell T-407 3OH-58C 8IRELANDIRISH AIR CORPSType Active OrderedSpecial missionBN-2 (Recce) 1CN235 (MPA) 2Combat helicopterAW139 6Training aircraft/helicoptersEC135 2PC-9 7ISRAELISRAELI AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-15A/C 42F-15I 25F-16C 76F-16I 100F-35A 20Special mission707 (AEW) 11124 Westwind (MPA) 3G550 (AEW) 2G550 (SIGINT) 3King Air 200 (Recce) 18King Air RC-12 (Recce) 7Tanker707 7KC-130H 4TransportAT-802 7C-130E/H 12C-130J 3+6*King Air 200 2Combat helicopterAH-1E/F/S 46AH-64A/D 45AS565 6CH-53 23S-70/UH-60A 48Training aircraft/helicoptersA-4N/TA-4H/J 119F-15B/D 16F-16A/B/D 148G120 (Elbit Systems) 17King Air 200 2M-346 (TOR) 30OH-58B 18T-6A 20ITALYITALIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftAMX 49Eurofighter 45 35F-35A/B 75*Tornado ECR 16Tornado IDS 54Special missionATL-1 (MPA) 7ATR 72 (MPA) 1Training aircraft/helicoptersTAV-8B 2IVORY COASTIVORY COAST AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat helicopterAS365 2SA316/319 2Training aircraft/helicoptersAlpha Jet 7JAMAICAJAMAICA DEFENCE FORCEType Active OrderedTransportBN-2 1Combat helicopterBell 206 2Bell 407 3Bell 412 1Training aircraft/helicoptersDA40 2JAPANJAPAN AIR SELF DEFENCE FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-2A 63F/EF/RF-4EJ 80F-15J 153F-35A 42*Special mission767 (AEW) 4BAe 125 (Calibration) 3BAe 125 (SAR) 27C-1 (EW) 1E-2C (AEW) 13YS-11 (Calibration) 3YS-11 (EW) 4TankerKC-130H 1KC-767 4TransportC-1 26C-2 2 20C-130H 15Gulfstream IV 5YS-11 4Combat helicopterCH-47J 19UH-60J 41 40Training aircraft/helicoptersBeechjet 400 13F-2B 16F-15DJ 45
  20. 20. WORLD AIR FORCES 201320 | Flightglobal Insight | World Air Forces 2013T/XT-4 203T-7 48YS-11 3JAPAN GROUND SELF DEFENCE FORCEType Active OrderedTransportKing Air 350 7MU-2 6Combat helicopterAH-1S 76AH-64D 10CH-47J/JA 57MD500 111OH-1 33 1UH-1H/J 179UH-60 30Training aircraft/helicoptersEN480 10 20JAPAN MARITIME SELF DEFENCE FORCEType Active OrderedSpecial missionEP-3 (EW) 5P-1 (MPA) 2 10P/OP-3C (MPA) 95US-1 (SAR) 2US-2 (SAR) 5TransportKing Air 90 5Learjet 36 4UP-3C 4YS-11 3Combat helicopterAW101 (CH/MCH101) 7 7BK117 2MH-53E 10OH-6D/DA 9SH/UH-60J/K 116Training aircraft/helicoptersEC135 6 9King Air 90 27T-5 50JORDANROYAL JORDANIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftCN235 (Gunship) 2F-5E 32F-16A 44TransportAn-32 1C-130E/H 7C212 1C295 2Cessna 208 6Combat helicopterAH-1F 24AH-6I 18*AS332 9AS350 5EC635 9MD530 9S-70/UH-60L 9UH-1H 31Training aircraft/helicoptersC-101 10F-5F 8F-16B 18T67M260 Firefly 14KAZAKHSTANKAZAKHSTAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-23 3MiG-27 12MiG-29 39MiG-31 30Su-24 25Su-25 14Su-27 14TransportAn-12 2An-24/26 7An-72/74 2 1C295 2+6*Combat helicopterMi-8/17 40Mi-24 36Mi-26 2Training aircraft/helicoptersL-39 20KENYAKENYA AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-5E 17TransportDHC-5 5DHC-8 3Y-12 11Combat helicopterMD500 39Mi-28 5 11Mi-171 2SA330 14Z-9 8Training aircraft/helicoptersBulldog 10F-5F 4Tucano 51 12KUWAITKUWAIT AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF/A-18C 27TankerKC-130J 3+5*TransportC-17 1*L-100 3Combat helicopterAH-64D 16AS332 4S-92 2SA330 7SA342 15Training aircraft/helicoptersF/A-18D 7Hawk 64 10Tucano 52 12KYRGYZSTANKYRGYZ AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat helicopterMi-8 9Mi-24 6Training aircraft/helicoptersL-39 3LAOSLAOS AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-21 25TransportAn-26 1Combat helicopterKa-32 2Mi-8/17 18Mi-26 1UH-1H 4Z-9 4LATVIALATVIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat helicopterMi-2 1Mi-17 4LEBANONLEBANESE AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftCessna AC-208 1 1Hunter 70 2Combat helicopterIAR330 11S-61 3SA342 7UH-1H 19Training aircraft/helicoptersBulldog 3Hunter 66 1R44 3LESOTHOLESOTHO DEFENCE FORCEType Active OrderedTransportC212 2Combat helicopterBell 206 1Bell 412 3BO105 2LIBYALIBYAN ARAB AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-21 1Mirage F1 2TransportAn-26 3An-32 1An-72 1AirbusMilitaryAirbus Military delivered C295s to Mexico in 2012, and sold the type to Kazakhstan
  21. 21. World Air Forces 2013 | Flightglobal Insight | 21WORLD AIR FORCES 2013AS555 6Super Lynx 300 6MALDIVESMALDIVES NATIONAL DEFENCE FORCEType Active OrderedCombat helicopterDhruv ALH 1MALIMALI AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-21 9Special missionF406 Caravan II (MPA) 3*TransportAn-26 2BN-2 2BT-67 1Combat helicopterAS350 1Mi-8 1Mi-24 4Z-9 1Training aircraft/helicoptersL-29 6MALTAARMED FORCES OF MALTAType Active OrderedSpecial missionBN-2 (MPA) 2King Air 200 (MPA) 2Combat helicopterSA316 3Training aircraft/helicoptersBulldog 4MAURITANIAMAURITANIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftEMB-314 2 1Special missionC212 (MPA) 1PA-31 (MPA) 2TransportBN-2 3BT-67 1PC-6 1Y-12 2Combat helicopterZ-9 2Training aircraft/helicoptersEMB-312 3SF-260 4MEXICOMEXICAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-5E 6PC-7 37Special missionEMB-145 (AEW) 1EMB-145 (Recce) 2Metro III (Recce) 2Transport727 5An-32 1Arava 12C-27J 4C-130E/K/L-100 6C-130J 2*C295 6 4*King Air 90/300 6Metro III 2PC-6 4Turbo Commander 5Combat helicopterBell 206 10Bell 212/412 30CH-53 4EC725 4 5C-130H/L-100 2Il-76 2Combat helicopterCH-47C 2Mi-2 4Mi-8 2Mi-14 4Mi-24 1Training aircraft/helicoptersYak-130 6*LITHUANIALITHUANIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftL-39 1TransportC-27J 3L-410 1Combat helicopterMi-8 6LUXEMBOURGLUXEMBOURG AIR FORCEType Active OrderedTransportA400M 1MACEDONIAMACEDONIAN ARMYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterMi-17 6Mi-24 4UH-1H 2MADAGASCARMADAGASCAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedTransportAn-26 1MALAWIMALAWI ARMY AIR WINGType Active OrderedTransportDornier 228 3Combat helicopterAS350 2AS355 1AS532 1SA330 2MALAYSIAROYAL MALAYSIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF/RF-5E 10F/A-18D 8Hawk 208 13MiG-29 10 2*Su-30MKM 18Special missionKing Air 200 (MPA) 4TankerKC-130H 4TransportA400M 4C/PC-130H 10CN235 6Combat helicopterEC725 2 10S-61 29SA316/SE3160 25Training aircraft/helicoptersF-5F 3Hawk 108 6MB-339 8PC-7/Mk II 47ROYAL MALAYSIAN ARMYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterAW109 11ROYAL MALAYSIAN NAVYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterMD530 15Mi-8 31S-70 4SA330 1Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 206 21F-5F 2PC-7 30PC-9 1SF-260 25T-6C 6MEXICAN NAVYType Active OrderedSpecial missionC212 (MPA) 8CN235 (MPA) 6 1TransportAn-32 1C295 4DHC-8 1Turbo Commander 4Combat helicopterAS555 2AS565 4BO105 11EC725 3MD902 6Mi-8 23 3UH-60M 3Training aircraft/helicoptersLancair IVP/Super ES 3Lancair Legacy 2M-290TP 8MD500 4R44 1MOLDOVAMOLDOVAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedTransportAn-26 1Combat helicopterMi-8 4MONGOLIAMONGOLIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedTransportAn-26 3Combat helicopterMi-8/171 13Mi-24 10MONTENEGROARMY OF MONTENEGROType Active OrderedCombat aircraftG4 9Combat helicopterSA341/342 4MOROCCOROYAL MOROCCAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-5E 22F-16C 16Mirage F1CH/EH 50Special missionBombardier 215 (Firefighting) 3 2Falcon 20 (EW) 2King Air 200 (Research) 1TankerKC-130H 2TransportC-27J 4C-130H 13CN235 6Dornier 28 2Combat helicopterBell 205 47Bell 206 5Bell 212 3CH-47C/D 8 3*
  22. 22. WORLD AIR FORCES 201322 | Flightglobal Insight | World Air Forces 2013SA330 33SA342 22Training aircraft/helicoptersAlpha Jet 24Bell 206 17F-5B/F 8F-16D 8King Air 100 5T-6C 24ROYAL MOROCCAN NAVYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterAS565 3MOZAMBIQUEMOZAMBIQUE AIR FORCEType Active OrderedTransportAn-26 6Combat helicopterMi-8 4Mi-24 2MYANMARMYANMAR AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftA-5 21F-6 1F-7 24G4 4MiG-29 15 13TransportF27 2FH-227 2PC-6 5Y-8 4Combat helicopterBell 205 12Mi-2 10Mi-17/171 26Mi-35 10 50SA316/SE3160 9W-3 12Training aircraft/helicoptersFT-7 6K-8 12 50MiG-29UB 4PC-7 16PC-9 10NAMIBIANAMIBIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-7 6TransportAn-26 1Y-8 4Y-12 2Combat helicopterMi-17 2Mi-24 2SA315 1SA316 2Training aircraft/helicoptersFT-7 2K-8 12NATOType Active OrderedSpecial missionE-3A (AEW) 17Transport757 (leased) 1C-17 (SAC) 3NEPALNEPAL ARMYType Active OrderedTransportBN-2 1HS 748 1M-28 2Combat helicopterAS350 1Dhruv ALH 3Mi-17 5SA316/319 5SA330 1NETHERLANDSROYAL NETHERLANDS AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-16A 74F-35A 2+83*TankerKDC-10 2TransportC-130H 4DC-10 1Training aircraft/helicoptersF-16B 11PC-7 13NETHERLANDS DEFENCE HELICOPTER COMMANDType Active OrderedCombat helicopterAB412 (SAR) 3AH-64D 29AS532 8CH-47D/F 14 2NH90 7 13NEW ZEALANDROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIR FORCEType Active OrderedSpecial missionP-3K (MPA) 6Transport757 2C-130H 4 1Combat helicopterNH90 3 5UH-1H 13Training aircraft/helicoptersAW109 5 3*King Air 200 4ROYAL NEW ZEALAND NAVYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterSH-2G 5NICARAGUANICARAGUAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedTransportAn-26 2Combat helicopterMD500/OH-6 2Mi-2 4Mi-17/171 15NIGERNIGER AIR FORCEType Active OrderedSpecial missionDA42 (Recce) 2TransportC-130H 1Dornier 28 1Dornier 228 1Combat helicopterMi-17 2Mi-24 2NIGERIANIGERIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-7 10Special missionATR 42 (MPA) 2TransportC-130H 1Dornier 128 11Dornier 228 6G222 2Combat helicopterAS332 5AW109 6 7AW139 1Mi-24 9Mi-171 3Training aircraft/helicoptersAlpha Jet 4FT-7 2L-39 17MB-339 12R66 2NIGERIAN NAVAL AVIATIONType Active OrderedCombat helicopterAW109 5Bell 206 1NORTH KOREAKOREAN PEOPLES ARMY AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-5 (Shenyang) 107F-6 98F-7 120H-5 80MiG-21 26MiG-23 56MiG-29 35Su-7 18Su-25 34Combat helicopterMD500 36Mi-2 60Mi-8 40Mi-24 20Training aircraft/helicoptersFT-2 30FT-5 135Mi-2 2NORWAYROYAL NORWEGIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-16A 47F-35A 2+50*Special missionFalcon 20 (EW) 2P-3C/N (MPA) 6TransportC-130J 4 1*Combat helicopterBell 412 18Lynx 86 2NH90 6Sea King 43 (SAR) 12Training aircraft/helicoptersF-16B 10ROYAL NORWEGIAN NAVYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterNH90 1 7OMANROYAL AIR FORCE OF OMANType Active OrderedCombat aircraftEurofighter Typhoon 12*F-16C 8 10Hawk 203 10Jaguar S 8Special missionC295 (MPA) 3Skyvan (MPA) 3TransportC295 5C-130H 3C-130J 1 2Skyvan 2Combat helicopterAS332 2Bell 205 9Bell 206 3NH90 10 9
  23. 23. World Air Forces 2013 | Flightglobal Insight | 23WORLD AIR FORCES 2013SA330 2Super Lynx 120 15Training aircraft/helicoptersF-16D 4 2Hawk 103/A 5Jaguar B/T2 4PC-9 12PAKISTANPAKISTAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-7 142F-16A/C 36JF-17 30 70+50*Mirage IIIEP/OF/RP 69Mirage 5EF/F/PA 84Special missionFalcon 20 (EW) 2King Air 350 (Recce) 2Saab 2000 (AEW) 4Y-8/ZDK-03 (AEW) 1 3TankerIl-78 4TransportC-130B/E/L-100 16CN235 3Saab 2000 1Y-12 2Combat helicopterBell 205 5Bell 412 1Mi-14 1Mi-171 6SA330 1SE3160 1Training aircraft/helicoptersF-16B/D 27FT-5 25FT-6 9FT-7 5K-8 39Mirage IIIBE/D/DP 18Mirage 5DPA 2SA316 8T-37 18PAKISTAN ARMYType Active OrderedTransportCitation Bravo 1King Air 350 2Turbo Commander 2Y-12 4Combat helicopterAH-1F 35AS550 10 2Bell 206 19Bell 412 30 2+30*Mi-17/172 47SA315 12SA316 14SA330 31PAKISTAN NAVYType Active OrderedSpecial missionBAe 125 (Recce) 1F27 (MPA) 7P-3C (MPA) 6Combat helicopterSA316 5Sea King 45 6Z-9 6PANAMANATIONAL AERONAVAL SERVICE OF PANAMAType Active OrderedTransportC212 3Cessna 208 2Combat helicopterAW139 6Bell 205 1Bell 212/412 3 2EC145 1MD500 1Training aircraft/helicoptersT-35 6PAPUA NEW GUINEAPAPUA NEW GUINEA DEFENCE FORCEType Active OrderedTransportArava 3CN235 2Combat helicopterUH-1H 5PARAGUAYPARAGUAYAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedTransportC212 5Cessna 208 2 2Combat helicopterAS350 3UH-1H 8Training aircraft/helicoptersEMB-312 6T-35 10PARAGUAYAN NAVYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterAS350 1PERUPERUVIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftA-37 24EMB-314 10*MiG-29 19Mirage 2000P 10Su-22 17Su-25 18Special missionLearjet 36 (Surveying) 2Metro 23 (Recce) 2Turbo Commander (Surveying) 1Transport737 2An-32 3An-72 1DHC-6 8L-100 2PC-6 1Metro 23 1Y-12 2Combat helicopterBell 212/412 4BO105 2Mi-17/171 20Mi-25/35 18Training aircraft/helicoptersEMB-312 13KT-1 20MB-339 6Mirage 2000DP 2Schweizer 300 5PERUVIAN ARMYType Active OrderedTransportAn-28 2An-32 3Beech 1900 1Cessna 208 1King Air 350 1Combat helicopterMi-2 8Mi-8/17 8SA318 6Training aircraft/helicoptersEnstrom F28 6R44 2PERUVIAN NAVYType Active OrderedSpecial missionF60 (MPA) 2King Air 200 (MPA) 3TransportAn-32 2F60 2Combat helicopterBell 206 2Mi-8 2SH/UH-3 3Training aircraft/helicoptersEnstrom F28 2T-34 2PHILIPPINESPHILIPPINE AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftOV-10 12TransportC-130H 2F27 2Nomad 22 1Turbo Commander 1Combat helicopterAS550 4Bell 205 8Bell 212/214 2MD520 25LockheedMartinThe Royal Air Force of Oman has accepted its first C-130J tactical transport
  24. 24. WORLD AIR FORCES 201324 | Flightglobal Insight | World Air Forces 2013S-76 10UH-1H/V 36W-3 4 4Training aircraft/helicoptersS-211 5SF-260 20T-50 12*PHILIPPINE NAVY AVIATIONType Active OrderedSpecial missionBN-2 (MPA) 6Combat helicopterBO105 4POLANDPOLISH AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-16C 36MiG-29 32Su-22 38TransportC-130E 5C295 13 3M/An-28 22 6Combat helicopterMi-2 23Mi-8 8Mi-24 29W-3 18 5Training aircraft/helicoptersF-16D 12PZL-130TC-I/II 23SW-4 25TS-11 47POLISH LAND FORCESType Active OrderedCombat helicopterMi-2 40Mi-8/17 34Mi-24 30W-3 38POLISH NAVYType Active OrderedSpecial missionM-28 (MPA) 9TransportM-28 4Combat helicopterMi-2 3Mi-8/17 2Mi-14 9SH-2G 4W-3 6PORTUGALPORTUGUESE AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-16A 29Special missionC295 (MPA) 5P-3C (MPA) 5TransportC-130H 6C295 7KC-390 6*Combat helicopterAW101 12SA316 8Training aircraft/helicoptersAlpha Jet 15F-16B 6TB30 16PORTUGUESE NAVYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterLynx 95 5QATARQATAR EMIRI AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMirage 2000-5EDA 9TransportC-17 3 1C-130J 4Combat helicopterAW139 18 3MH-60R/S 22*SA342 14Sea King Commando 11Training aircraft/helicoptersAlpha Jet 6Mirage 2000-5DDA 4PC-21 24ROMANIAROMANIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-21 36Special missionAn-30 (Recce) 2TransportC-27J 5 2C-130H 3Combat helicopterIAR/SA330 67Training aircraft/helicoptersIAR-99 19ROMANIAN NAVYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterSA330 3RUSSIARUSSIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-25 15MiG-29 250MiG-31 124Su-24 270Su-25 180Su-27/30/35 260 92Su-34 16 108T-50 (Sukhoi) 60*Tu-22 105Tu-95 55Tu-160 12 14*Special missionAn-12 (EW) 8An-26 (Recce) 4An-30 (Surveying) 12Il-20/22 (Recce) 11Il-76/A-50 (AEW) 12Il-86 (Comms) 4Tu-204 (Recce) 4TankerIl-78 21TransportAn-12 36An-22 5An-24/26 37An-72 17An-124 6 20*An-140 2 8Il-62 5Il-76 86 39L-410 47Medium Transport Aircraft 100*Tu-134 12Tu-154 16 1Combat helicopterKa-50/52 29 146Ka-60 100Mi-8/17/171 340Mi-9 8Mi-24/35 289 38Mi-26 34 16Mi-28 51 19Training aircraft/helicoptersAnsat 13 5Ka-226 5L-39 160Tu-134 20Yak-130 20 46+10*RUSSIAN NAVYType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-29K 20Su-24 38Su-25 4Su-33 21Tu-142 22Special missionBe-12 (SAR) 6Il-20/22 (EW) 7Il-38 (MPA) 10TransportAn-12 4An-24/26 29An-72 8An-140 1PilatusPilatus has secured fresh orders for the PC-21 trainer from Qatar and Saudi Arabia
  25. 25. World Air Forces 2013 | Flightglobal Insight | 25WORLD AIR FORCES 2013Tu-134 4Tu-154 2Combat helicopterKa-27 47Ka-29 45Mi-8 11Training aircraft/helicoptersMiG-29KUB 4RWANDARWANDAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat helicopterMi-17 9Mi-24/35 5 5SA342 4SAUDI ARABIAROYAL SAUDI AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftEurofighter Typhoon 18 42F-15C/S/SA 129 84Tornado IDS 82Special missionE-3A (AEW) 5King Air 350 (Recce) 2 4*RE-3A (EW) 1Saab 2000 (AEW) 1TankerA330 6KC-130H 7KC-130J 5*KE-3A 7TransportC-130H 31C-130J 20*Citation Bravo 4CN235 2Gulfstream IV 1Jetstream 31 1Saab 2000 1Combat helicopterAS532 11Bell 205 5Bell 212/412 32UH-60L 2Training aircraft/helicoptersEurofighter Typhoon 6 6F-15D 20Hawk 65/A/165 45 22PC-9 47PC-21 55ROYAL SAUDI LAND FORCESType Active OrderedCombat helicopterAH-6I 36AH-64A/D/E 12 70MD530 16OH-58 15S-70/UH-60L/M 19Training aircraft/helicoptersS-434 19ROYAL SAUDI NAVYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterAS332/532 20AS365/565 26SENEGALSENEGAL AIR FORCEType Active OrderedSpecial missionC212 (SAR) 1King Air 200 (Weather recce) 2TransportCN235 1F27 3Combat helicopterAS355 1Mi-2 2Mi-17 2Mi-35 2UH-1H 1Training aircraft/helicoptersTB30 2SERBIASERBIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftG2 1G4 23J22 31MiG-21 10MiG-29 4TransportAn-26 2Combat helicopterMi-8 8SA341/342 69Training aircraft/helicoptersLasta 95 6 8Piper Seneca V 1SIERRA LEONESIERRA LEONE DEFENCE FORCEType Active OrderedCombat helicopterMi-17 2Mi-24 1SINGAPOREREPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-5S 26F-15SG 24F-16C/D 60Special missionE-2C (AEW) 4F50 (MPA) 5G550 (AEW) 4TankerKC-130B/H 5KC-135R 4TransportC-130H 5F50 4Combat helicopterAH-64D 19AS332/532 33CH-47SD 16Training aircraft/helicoptersEC120B 6F-5T 9M-346 12PC-21 19A/TA-4SU 21REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE NAVYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterS-70 6SLOVAKIASLOVAKIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-29 12Special missionL-410 (Recce) 1TransportAn-26 2C-27J 2*L-410 7Combat helicopterMi-2 4Mi-8/17 15Training aircraft/helicoptersL-39 9SLOVENIASLOVENIAN ARMED FORCESType Active OrderedTransportL-410 1PC-6 2Combat helicopterAS532 4Bell 412 8Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 206 4PC-9 11SOUTH AFRICASOUTH AFRICAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftGripen C 17Special missionDC-3 (EW) 1DC-3 (MPA) 4TransportC-130B 7C212 4Cessna 208 10DC-3 5King Air 200/300 4PC-12 1Combat helicopterAW109 29BK117 6Oryx 46Rooivalk 11Training aircraft/helicoptersGripen D 9Hawk 120 24PC-7 Mk II 55SOUTH AFRICAN NAVYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterSuper Lynx 300 4SOUTH KOREAREPUBLIC OF KOREA AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-4E/RF-4C 83F-5E 158F-15K 60F-16C 118FA-50 20TA-50 11 11Special mission737 (AEW) 4BAe 125 (Recce) 8Falcon 2000S (ISR) 2*TransportC-130H 12C-130J 4CN235 18Combat helicopterAS332 3Bell 412 3CH-47D 5Ka-32 7MD500 25S-70/UH-60P 41Training aircraft/helicoptersF-5F 36F-16D 51Hawk 67 16KT-1 106T-50/B 63REPUBLIC OF KOREA ARMYType Active OrderedTransportKing Air 90 1Combat helicopterAH-1J/S 77BO105 12CH/HH-47D 38MD500 257UH-1H 81S-70/UH-60P 94Surion 24REPUBLIC OF KOREA NAVYType Active OrderedSpecial missionP-3C/K (MPA) 13
  26. 26. WORLD AIR FORCES 201326 | Flightglobal Insight | World Air Forces 2013TransportF406 5Combat helicopterLynx 99/A 24S-70/UH-60P/MH-60S 7 8*SA319 6UH-1H 8SOUTHERN SUDANSOUTHERN SUDANESE AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat helicopterMi-171/172 10SPAINSPANISH AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftEF-18A/M 74Eurofighter 31 27+13*Mirage F1M 22Special mission707 (SIGINT) 1Bombardier 215/415 (Firefighting) 17C212 (EW) 1C212 (SAR) 3CN235 (Surveying) 2CN235 (SAR) 7F27 (MPA) 3Falcon 20 (EW) 2P-3A/M (MPA) 6TankerKC-130H 5KC-137 (707) 2Transport707 1A400M 27C-130H 7C212 13C295 13Citation V 3CN235 9Falcon 20 2King Air 90 4Combat helicopterAS332 9S-76 2SA330 6Training aircraft/helicoptersC212 2C-101 70EC120B 15EF-18B 12Eurofighter 9 4+1*F-5M 19Mirage F1BM 3S-76 6T-35 35SPANISH ARMYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterAS332/532 34Bell 412 6BO105 28CH-47D 17EC135 6 7+4*NH90 38OH-58 3Tiger 6 18UH-1H 30Training aircraft/helicoptersEC135 8SPANISH NAVYType Active OrderedCombat aircraftEAV-8B/+ 16TransportCitation II/VII 4Combat helicopterBell 212 8MD500 6SH/ASH-3H 9SH-60B 12Training aircraft/helicoptersTAV-8B 1SRI LANKASRI LANKAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-7 9Kfir 9MiG-23 1MiG-27 6Special missionKing Air 200/1300 (Recce) 2TransportAn-32 5C-130K 2MA60 2Y-12 9Combat helicopterBell 206 4Bell 412 14Mi-17 15 14Mi-24/35 14Training aircraft/helicoptersFT-7 1K-8 5 2SUDANSUDANESE AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftA-5 3F-6 8F-7 20MiG-21 4MiG-23 3MiG-29 11Su-25 11TransportAn-12 5An-26 6An-30/32 5C-130H 3DHC-5 1Il-76 1Combat helicopterBell 205 2Bell 212 3IAR330 4Mi-2 2Mi-8 20Mi-24 25Training aircraft/helicoptersK-8 12SURINAMSURINAM DEFENCE FORCEType Active OrderedCombat helicopterDhruv ALH 3SWAZILANDSWAZI DEFENCE FORCEType Active OrderedTransportArava 1Combat helicopterSA316 3SWEDENSWEDISH AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftGripen A/C 155Gripen E 40-60*Special missionGulfstream IV (EW) 2Saab 340 (AEW) 2Saab 340 (SAR) 1TankerKC-130H 1TransportC-130H 7Saab 340 1Sabreliner 40 1Training aircraft/helicoptersGripen B/D 25Saab 105 72SWEDISH DEFENCE FORCES HELICOPTER WINGType Active OrderedCombat helicopterAS332 9NH90 6 12UH-60M 10 5Training aircraft/helicoptersAW109 20SWITZERLANDSWISS AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-5E 41F/A-18C 26Gripen E 22*TransportBeech 1900 1DHC-6 1King Air 300 1PC-6 15PeterLiander/SaabSweden and Switzerland could buy up to a combined 82 new-generation Gripen fighters
  27. 27. World Air Forces 2013 | Flightglobal Insight | 27WORLD AIR FORCES 2013Combat helicopterAS332/532 25EC635 18Training aircraft/helicoptersF-5F 12F/A-18D 7PC-7 28PC-9 11PC-21 8SYRIASYRIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-21 217MiG-23 145MiG-29 48Su-22 50Su-24 20TransportAn-26 3Combat helicopterKa-28 2Mi-2 15Mi-8/17 70Mi-14 10Mi-25/35 36SA342 30Training aircraft/helicoptersL-39 69TAIWANREPUBLIC OF CHINA AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF/RF-5E 29F-16A 117F-CK-1A 101Mirage 2000-5EI 47Special missionBeech 1900 (Calibration) 2C-130H (EW) 1E-2K (AEW) 4 2TransportC-27J 6*C-130H 19Combat helicopterEC225 3S-70/UH-60A 13Training aircraft/helicoptersAT-3 51F-CK-1B 25F-5F 32F-16B 28Mirage 2000-5DI 10T-34 37REPUBLIC OF CHINA ARMYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterAH-1W 62AH-64E 45CH-47SD 8OH-58 38UH-1H 91UH-60M 4+56*Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 206 29REPUBLIC OF CHINA NAVYType Active OrderedSpecial missionS-2 (AEW) 21Combat helicopterMD500 8S-70 17TAJIKISTANTAJIKISTAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedTransportAn-26 1Combat helicopterMi-8 14Mi-24 4Training aircraft/helicoptersL-39 4TANZANIATANZANIAN PEOPLES DEFENCE FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-6 3F-7 11TransportAn-28 2DHC-5 4Y-8 2Y-12 3Combat helicopterBell 212 2Training aircraft/helicoptersFT-6 1K-8 6THAILANDROYAL THAI AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftAlpha Jet 19F-5A/E 45F-16A 39Gripen C 2 6Special missionDA42 (Recce) 5Learjet 35 (Surveying) 1Saab 340 (AEW) 2TransportArava 2BT-67 8C-130H 10HS 748 4King Air 90 1Merlin IV 1Nomad 22 14PC-6 16Saab 340 1 1Combat helicopterBell 412 11EC725 4UH-1H 19Training aircraft/helicoptersDA42 6F-5B/F 8F-16B 15Gripen D 4L-39 34PC-9 22ROYAL THAI ARMYType Active OrderedTransportC212 2King Air 200 2Combat helicopterAH-1F 7AS550 6AW139 2Bell 206 18Bell 212 54CH-47D 6Mi-17 3S-70/UH-60M 6 2+2*UH-1H 82Training aircraft/helicoptersF480 16ROYAL THAI NAVYType Active OrderedSpecial missionDornier 228 (MPA) 7F27 (MPA) 1P-3T (MPA) 1TransportBombardier 215 1F27 2Nomad 24 3Combat helicopterBell 212/214 9S-70/MH-60S 8S-76 4Super Lynx 110 2TOGOTOGOLESE AIR FORCEType Active OrderedTransportKing Air 200 2Combat helicopterSA316 1Training aircraft/helicoptersAlpha Jet 4EMB-326 4SA315 1TB30 3TRINIDAD & TOBAGOTRINIDAD & TOBAGO AIR GUARDType Active OrderedSpecial missionMetro 23 (MPA) 2Combat helicopterAW139 (SAR) 4TUNISIATUNISIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-5E 12TransportC-130B/H 8C-130J 2L-410 5Combat helicopterAS350 6Bell 205 22Bell 412 3CH/HH-3 19SA313 8SA316 8UH-1H/N 8Training aircraft/helicoptersF-5F 4L-59 9MB-326 10SF-260 18TURKEYTURKISH AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF/RF-4E 152F-16C 179 10F-35A 100*Special mission737 (AEW) 4CN235 (EW) 1CN235 (Recce) 1TankerKC-135 7TransportA400M 10C160 17C-130B/E 15CN235 43Combat helicopterAS532 20T-70 6UH-1H 63Training aircraft/helicoptersF/NF-5A/B 83F-16D 48 9KT-1 24 16SF-260 36T-37 49T-38 67TURKISH ARMYType Active OrderedSpecial missionKing Air 200 (Recce) 2TransportKing Air 200 4Combat helicopter
  28. 28. WORLD AIR FORCES 201328 | Flightglobal Insight | World Air Forces 2013AH-1P/S/W 28AS532 27Bell 204 2Bell 205 69CH-47F 6OH-58 3S-70/T-70 56 37T129 59+41*UH-1H 86Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 206 22TURKISH NAVYType Active OrderedSpecial missionATR 72 (MPA) 10CN235 (MPA) 4TransportCN235 1Combat helicopterBell 212 12S-70B/T-70 25 6TURKMENISTANTURKMENISTAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-21 3MiG-23 58MiG-25 24MiG-29 24Su-7 3Su-17 65Su-25 2TransportAn-26 1An-74 2Combat helicopterAW139 2 3EC145 1Mi-8/17 8Mi-24 10UGANDAUGANDA PEOPLES DEFENCE FORCESType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-21 7Su-30 6Combat helicopterBell 206 7Bell 412 1Mi-17/171 14Mi-24 1Training aircraft/helicoptersSF-260 4UKRAINEUKRAINE AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-29 80Su-24 25Su-25 36Su-27 36Special missionAn-30 (Recce) 2TransportAn-24/26 27An-70 3Il-76 4Tu-134 2Training aircraft/helicoptersL-39 9UKRAINE ARMYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterMi-8/17 30Mi-24 40UKRAINE NAVYType Active OrderedSpecial missionBe-12 (SAR) 4TransportAn-26 2Combat helicopterKa-27 3Ka-29 3Mi-14 4UNITED ARAB EMIRATESUNITED ARAB EMIRATES AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftAT-802U 18 5F-16E 54Mirage 2000EAD/RAD 16Mirage 2000-9/EAD/RAD 33Special missionDash 8 (MPA) 2Saab 340 (AEW) 2TankerA330 3TransportC-17 6C-130H/L-100 8Cessna 208 7CN235 7DHC-6 2 1King Air 350 2P180 2Combat helicopterAH-64D/E 30 30*AS550 13AW139 9Bell 214/412 5CH-47C/F 14 16SA330 6UH-60L/M 34 16Training aircraft/helicoptersAS350 12F-16F 24G115 12Hawk 61/63/102 31King Air 90 3MB-339 10Mirage 2000DAD 2Mirage 2000-9DAD 13PC-7 31PC-21 25UNITED ARAB EMIRATES NAVYType Active OrderedCombat helicopterAS332 8AS565 8UNITED KINGDOMROYAL AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftEurofighter Typhoon 73 54F-35B/C 2 1+135*Tornado GR4 104Special missionBN-2 (Recce) 3E-3D (AEW) 6Global Express (Sentinel R1) (Recce) 5King Air 350CER (Shadow R1) (Recce) 5RC-135 Airseeker (ELINT) 3TankerA330 (AirTanker) 1 13TriStar 4VC10 6TransportA400M 22BAe 125 6BAe 146 2 2C-17 8C-130J 24C-130K 8TriStar 3Combat helicopterAW101 Merlin HC3/3A 27AW109 4Bell 412 4CH-47 Chinook HC2/2A/3/4/6 46 14SA330/Puma HC1/2 10 24Sea King HAR3/3A (SAR) 24Training aircraft/helicoptersEurofighter Typhoon 17 2G115 (Babcock) 119Hawk T1 58Hawk T2 28King Air 200 10Tornado GR4 15Tucano T1 46ARMY AIR CORPSType Active OrderedSpecial missionBN-2 (Recce) 11Combat helicopterApache AH1 66AS365 5Bell 212 7Lynx AH7/9A 81Lynx Wildcat 5 29SA341 23Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 212 1BN-2 1ROYAL NAVY - FLEET AIR ARMType Active OrderedSpecial missionSea King ASaC7 (AEW) 13Combat helicopterAW101 Merlin HM1/2 31Lynx AH7/HAS3/HMA8 37Lynx Wildcat 28Sea King HC4/4+ 34Sea King HU5 (SAR) 15Training aircraft/helicoptersAS365 3Hawk T1 14King Air 350ER 4DEFENCE HELICOPTER FLYING SCHOOLType Active OrderedTraining aircraft/helicoptersAS350 (FB Heliservices) 32AW139 (FB Heliservices) 1Bell 412 (FB Heliservices) 11UNITED STATES OF AMERICAUS AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftA-10A/C/OA-10 351AC-130H/U/W 37B-1B 66B-2A 19B-52H 78F-15C 218F-15E 219F-16C 855F-22 186F-35A 12 35+1,716*Special missionDash 8 (E-9) (Recce) 2E-3B/C (AEW) 31E-4B (Comms) 4E-8C JSTARS (Recce) 17EC-130H (EW) 14EC-130J (EW) 7Global Express (E-11A) (Communications) 3HC-130J (SAR) 5 10+21*HC-130N/P (SAR) 29King Air 350 (MC-12W) (Recce) 43Learjet 35 (C-21) (Calibration) 2Metro 23 (RC-26) (Recce) 11NC-135 (Research) 1OC-135 (Recce) 2PC-12 (U-28) (Recce) 12RC-135 (ELINT) 22U-2S (Recce) 28WC-130H (Weather recce) 2WC-130J (Weather recce) 10WC-135 (Research) 2Tanker
  29. 29. World Air Forces 2013 | Flightglobal Insight | 29WORLD AIR FORCES 2013KC-46A 4+175*KC-135R/T 415KC-10 59MC-130E/H/P 51MC-130J 10 17+58*Transport707 1757 (C-32) 2Beech 1900 4C-5A/B/C/M 73C-17 216 5C-27J 13 6+17*C/LC-130E/H 288C-130J 90 12+17*C212 1Cessna 208 3 5CN235 2Dash 8 1DHC-6 3Dornier 328/328Jet 11Falcon 20 2G100 Astra (C-38) 2Gulfstream II/III/IV (C-20) 11King Air 200/350 (C-12) 28Learjet 35 (C-21) 49M-28 11Metro III (C-26) 1PC-12 (U-28) 24Combat helicopterCV-22B 31 20HH/MH-60G/L/UH-60M 102 3+118*UH/HH-1N 65Training aircraft/helicoptersBeechjet T-1A 179DA20 (DOSS Aviation) 51DA40 (DOSS Aviation) 12F-15D 36F-16D 162SR20 (T-53A) 24 1T-6A 448T/AT/NT-38 493TC-130H 1TC-135 3TE-8A 1TH-1H 29TU-2S 4US ARMYType Active OrderedSpecial missionDash 8 (Recce) 2DHC-7 (EO-5B) (EW) 9King Air 200/300/350 (C/RC-12) (Recce) 75King Air 200 (JRC-12) (Research) 1TransportBeech 1900 3C-27J 2C212 3Cessna 208 4Citation Encore/Ultra (U-35) 28DHC-6 6F27 2King Air 200/C-12 104 1Metro 23 (C-26) 12PC-6 1Shorts 330/360 (C-23A/B/C) 42Combat helicopterAH-64A/D/E 669 170CH-47D/F 513 159EC145 (UH-72A) 233 71+41*MH-47D/E/G 72 3MH-60A/K/L 59Mi-8 4OH-6C/D 49OH-58A/C/D 681UH-1H/V 74UH/HH-60A/L/M 1,842 349Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 206 (TH-67A) 179DHC-7 1King Air 100 (UC-12) 1Mi-24 2T-34 4US MARINE CORPSType Active OrderedCombat aircraftAV-8B/+ 121F-35B/C 16 16+388*F/A-18A/C/D 192Special missionEA-6B (EW) 26TankerKC-130J 44 2+1*KC-130T 28TransportThe US Marine Corps’ VMFA-121 unit is the first operational squadron to field the F-35BUSMarineCorpsCitation Encore/Ultra/Sovereign 12 2DC-9 2Gulfstream IV (C-20) 1King Air 200/350 (UC-12) 12MV-22B 164 76Combat helicopterAH-1W 140AH-1Z 23 15+151*CH-46E 123CH/MH-53E 153CH-53K 227UH-1N 42UH-1Y 61 41+56*Training aircraft/helicoptersF-5F/N 13F/A-18B/C/D 37T-34 3TAV-8B 16US NAVYType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-35C 11+249*F/A-18A/C 210F/A-18E/F 271 78Special missionDHC-6 (Research) 1E-2C/D (AEW) 67 13+5*E-6B (Comms) 16EA-6B (EW) 53EA-18G (EW) 74 52EP-3E (ELINT) 16King Air (RC-12) (Recce) 2King Air 350 (EW) 4Learjet 35/36 (EW) 2Metro 23 (Recce) 3NC-130F/H (Research) 3P/NP-3C/D (MPA) 123P-3C (Recce) 20P-8A (737) (MPA) 11 32+72*S-3B (Recce) 3TankerKC-130F/R 4Transport737 (C-40) 12C-2A 33C-130T 20DC-9 11Gulfstream IV (C-20) 4King Air 200 (UC-12) 14Metro 23 (C-26) 4P-3C 2PC-12NG 1Combat helicopterAH-1W 1EC145 (UH-72A) 5MH/CH-53E 31MH-60R/S 378 191OH-58 1SH/HH/UH-60A/B/F/H/J/L 163UH-1N 11Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 206 (TH-57) 119F-5F/N 30F-16A/B 14F/A-18A/B/C/D 159F/A-18E/F 168King Air 90/200 (T-44/TC-12) 83OH-58 5Sabreliner (T-39) 20T-2 3T-6A/B 185 16+122*T-34 154T-38 10T-45A/C 195TE-2C 2URUGUAYURUGUAYAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftA-37 5
  30. 30. WORLD AIR FORCES 201330 | Flightglobal Insight | World Air Forces 2013Flightglobal’s World Air Forces directory 2013 willbe available as a free download from 11December, brought to you in association withRuag. To access your copy of our special annualreport, more about our Ascend Online Fleets andMiliCAS products, or for a demonstration, go up to speed with military procurementplans, key orders and operational happeningseach week by accessing Flightglobal’s dedicateddefence TO DOWNLOADIA-58 5Special missionC212 (MPA) 2TransportC-130B 2C212 1EMB-110 3Combat helicopterAS365 1Bell 212 4UH-1H 14Training aircraft/helicoptersPC-7 5SF-260 12URUGUAYAN NAVAL AVIATIONType Active OrderedSpecial missionKing Air 200 (MPA) 1Combat helicopterAS355 2BO105 5Training aircraft/helicoptersT-34 2T-35 4*UZBEKISTANUZBEKISTAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-29 39Su-17 30Su-25 20Su-27 30TransportAn-12 3An-26 4Il-76 2Combat helicopterMi-8/17 40Mi-24 25Training aircraft/helicoptersL-39 2VENEZUELAVENEZUELAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-16A 7OV-10 8Su-30 24VF-5A 8Special missionFalcon 20 (EW) 1Metro III (EW) 1Tanker707 1TransportC-130H 4Cessna 208 3Citation II 1King Air 200 4Metro III 1Shorts 360 2Y-8 2 6Combat helicopterAS332/532 11Mi-17 7Training aircraft/helicoptersEMB-312 19F-16B 2K-8 17NF-5B/VF-5D 3SF-260 12VENEZUELAN ARMYType Active OrderedTransportArava 4King Air 200 2M-28 11Combat helicopterBell 205 1MiG-21 20MiG-29 24 32Su-22 31TransportAn-12 2An-24/26 13CN235 1Il-76 2Combat helicopterBell 212 2Ka-32 3Mi-8/17/171 35Mi-14 2Mi-24/35 22UH-1H 4Training aircraft/helicoptersF-5B 2L-39 19ZAMBIAZAMBIAN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-6 8MiG-21 10TransportDornier 28 5MA60 2Y-12 8Combat helicopterAS565 1Bell 205 14Training aircraft/helicoptersFT-6 2K-8 16SF-260 2ZIMBABWEZIMBABWE AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-7 7MiG-23 3TransportBN-2 5C212 11Combat helicopterMi-8 2Mi-24/35 6SA316 7Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 412 8K-8 11SF-260 29Bell 206 2Bell 412 12Mi-17 35Mi-26 3Mi-35 10Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 206 2VENEZUELAN NAVYType Active OrderedSpecial missionC212 (MPA) 3TransportC212 4King Air 90/200 2Turbo Commander 1Combat helicopterBell 212/412 10Mi-17 6Training aircraft/helicoptersBell 206 2VIETNAMVIETNAMESE AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftMiG-21 144Su-22 38Su-27/30 29 11Special missionAn-28 (MPA) 1Be-12 (SAR) 4TransportAn-26 22Combat helicopterKa-32 2Mi-8/17/171 90Mi-24 25UH-1H 15Training aircraft/helicoptersL-39 26VIETNAMESE NAVYType Active OrderedSpecial missionDHC-6 (MPA) 3TransportDHC-6 3Combat helicopterEC225 2Ka-27 7YEMENYEMEN AIR FORCEType Active OrderedCombat aircraftF-5E 11
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