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Azure best practices2


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Azure best practices2

  1. 1. KidoZen Your Datacenter
  2. 2. Backend as Mobile Enterprise Hosted Appsa Service SDKs App Center HTML5 • IOS • Mobile app • HTML5 • Time • Android provisioning application Tracking • Windows • Mobile app security hosting • Event Viewer Phone management • HTML5 • IIS Manager • Windows 8 • Mobile app backend application • Expense magenement deployment • JavaScript Report • PhoneGap • App analytics
  3. 3. KidoZen MongoDB Scalable Topologyin Windows Azure KidoZen Storage, Mongos Logging, (router) Configuration APIs Key range A-B Key range B-C Key range C-D Key range D-E Shards and mongos (router) hosted on Windows Azure worker roles or virtual machines
  4. 4. var azure = require(azure);
  5. 5. exports[test String#length] = function(beforeExit, assert) {assert.equal(6, foobar.length); };