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Bridge the gap between technical and creative communications


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How the advertising and translation industries can learn from each other and work together. Localization World Barcelona.

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Bridge the gap between technical and creative communications

  1. 1. “Consumers respond best to marketers who invest inrelationships – reach out with respect – first to theirhearts and then their wallets. To win, begin at thebeginning: listen to your audience; market to theirneeds; and communicate on their terms.”Ralph Lacher, president of the US advertising agency La g e nte d e RLR 2
  2. 2. A New International Advertising Environment• Brands are marketed and distributed globally• Continuous two-way communication• Multitasking and well-travelled p ro s um e rs 3
  3. 3. A New International Advertising Environment:Media atomisation Podcasts Posters Advertorials Internet Digital TV Merchandising Advertising Print Radio (DAB, traditional and message online) POS Satellite TV Interactive Traditional TV TV Direct marketing Mobile telephones 4
  4. 4. Today’s multimedia advertising environment Print Internet Television CONVERGENCE Radio Mobile telephones 5
  5. 5. New challenges require a new approach• The new cultural and media environment requires unprecedented consistency in communication as well as a balanced amount of attention to local needs.• The technical environment imposes a series of interdependent constraints which redefines the order and priorities within the localisation process• To master the new complexities of cross-cultural and cross-media communication the linguistic function has to be part of the creative process from the start, and some key people need to work closely to successfully coordinate all aspects of a multidimensional localisation process… 6
  6. 6. Proposed New Approach Centralised co-ordination of multilingual communication with the help of tra ns -c re a to rs 7
  7. 7. More reasons for this new approach… Central oversight with local execution + Process automation and process streamlining + Technology standardization QUANTIFIABLE RETURN O INVESTMENT IN MARKETING LO F CALISATION 8
  8. 8. Key roles for the new complexity• Advertising agency localisation project manager• Localisation agency project manager• The trans-creators• The account management team• The creative team• The client 9
  9. 9. The interaction Account Client Localisation agency PM management team Coordinates translators, Ultimate decision- Manages relationship maker proofreaders, online with client. Briefs reviewers, etc creative team. Creative team Ad agency localisation Leads the creative managereffort. Interprets client Funnels communication needs and adapts between localisation agency,message according to creative team, trans-creator client and localisation and client. manager feedback Trans-creators Advise on viability of campaigns and create core local message. Sometimes belong to creative teams in other agency offices (unqualified translators?). 10
  10. 10. Localisation PM <–> Advertising Agency PMLocalisation Agency Project Manager Advertising Agency Project Manager – Knows about localisation process – Knows about localisation but also constraints about brands in international contexts. – Organises translators, proofreaders – Organises the localisation team for (or actors and studios for voiceover the project agencies) – Briefs the creative team on – Can highlight technical and cultural internationalisation issues issues for the agency – Can help shape the creative process – Knows what translators/actors need thanks to the awareness of all involved and will request the necessary constraints background information from the – Instrumental in pre-production phase advertising agency – Filters the feedback to and from the – Can advise about cost, timings and client. resources – Makes the localisation production happen 11
  11. 11. Targeting a foreign market• The intelligence we need comes from local clients, trans-creators and localisation manager.• The creative team, based on this intelligence, has to make sure the creative message can be localised and that it is locally relevant.• Message with core values should be universally understood and accepted, to build a strong cross-cultural brand; declinations of the message should have the necessary local flavour to become locally relevant. 12
  12. 12. The Glocal approach = Think global + Act Local A glocal approach is one that presents a unified global theme and message but adapts the delivery of that message to the local environment. Global Brand Local Glocal Essence Nuances Branding The challenge is to retain the “brand essence” and the campaign global consistency and yet be recognised as having local appeal and relevance. 13
  13. 13. Defining channels and priorities• What is the core of this communication? A video? A TV ad? An interview? A tag line?• Which channel is the most effective to convey this core?• What can I do with the other channels to help support the chosen main channel?• What will this entail from the localisation point of view? 14
  14. 14. Defining localisation priorities• At this point the input from the project managers of the localisation agency becomes paramount.• Depending on which aspect of the message is the core message, they will indicate to the ad agency localisation manager the order in which each localisation phase has to be carried out to maximise efficiencies, and also report any language or cultural issue.• To define priorities in multimedia localisation there are methods such as that of De Bortoli - Minazzi based on constraints and driving components. 15
  15. 15. Constraints table 16
  16. 16. The role of costs, time, and amounts3 additional parameters shape the localization process• cost of each working step in the production line• time to activate and perform each working step• amount of content to be processed 17
  17. 17. Examples 18
  18. 18. Adobe Photographers Directory 19
  19. 19. Adobe Photographers Directory• How did we do it? o International user centred design approach: colours, shapes, layout, pictures. o Easily localisable site: content & images separated. o Internal structure localisation friendly: CMS linked with Transit. o Search engine multilingually optimised. 20
  20. 20. 21
  21. 21. 22
  22. 22. VisitBritain - European Short Break Campaign• Background – Euro RSCG worked with client New Media and Marketing teams in London, who control Pan-European advertising campaigns that run along side on-territory marketing• The Brief – Produce a press, online & dm campaign to promote Britain as an ideal short-break destination in 11 European markets, achieving additional £100M revenue – Develop a Pan-European idea, tailored and deployed over a 6 month period by local markets• Approach – Created an umbrella advertising campaign that promoted the idea that Britain’s cities are accessible, value for money and offered consumers a rewarding experience – Created knowledge management system to communicate information and provide campaign assets to agencies and local marketing managers – Originated brand guidelines for local markets to brief local agencies. – Website design and build (within a multi-lingual content management system) – offering the UK client control over global look and feel and the local market control over content.• Results – Over 1 million visitors to the site and over 100,000 names and addresses captured – One air carrier can attribute over 10% of European sales to this activity! 23
  23. 23. Direct Response PressEnsure work in 11 marketsand 7 languages. Key was tomake message singleminded. Created a number ofsizes and formats forflexibility Direct Mail Created 3 packs that formats were flexible for local markets to adapt 24
  24. 24. Rich Media and bannersProvide working examplesand formats to ensure onlinecampaign followed press anddm themesEmail marketingMulti-Lingual emails,tailored by market, offersand content. Managed andcontrolled centrally. - Welcome email - Regular newsletter - Competition alert email 25
  25. 25. Irish VersionIndividual URLs per country.Global template allows localmarkets to create and editcontent on a real time basis.Generic special offers databasecreated which is tailored forindividual markets (Differentoffers in different markets German Version Site encourages registration to Special offers email programme to continue the dialogue French Version Site optimised to drive traffic to commercial partner sites Maximise number of repeat visits by offering consumers the opportunity to send offers to friends 26
  26. 26. IBM video podcast US website 27
  27. 27. IBM video podcast Germany 28
  28. 28. IBM podcast: titles 29
  29. 29. Conclusion• The complexity of the new cross-media, cross-culture and multimedia environment in which advertising is moving requires new approaches and strategies.• The linguistic function needs to be integrated in the creative process from the beginning to avoid creating “untranslatable” messages. The localisation manager and the transcreators are essential in the pre-production phase.• The localisation agency is the engine that makes the localisation happen as advertising agencies no longer localise in-house.• The relationship between ad agency localisation manager and localisation agency PM is now at the core of successful cross-cultural advertising. 30
  30. 30. Contact Details J esús Maroto Mario De Bortoli J + 34 932440891 +44 (0)2070171332 31