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Summer reading essay prompt 2


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Summer reading essay prompt 2

  1. 1. Brian Jestice Summer Reading Essay Prompt 2 For my summer reading essay I read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Throughout the bookthere was a great deal of political unrest by the citizens of Panem (the country where the booktakes place). This is especially prominent in district 12 where the main character Katniss Everdeen lives. District 12 is a poormining town where money and food is hard to come by. It is made harder by the capitols laws where citizens can’t go out the borders of the district. Katniss is the older of two daughters of a single mother. In the years before her father died in a mine explosion she was taught how to hunt. After her father died she had to supporther family by hunting illegally out of the district. Because of the strict laws forcing her family to struggle to survive she was determined to someday take down the Capitol. The story is set in the mid 2100s in a country called Panem which used to be North America. There were originally thirteen districts; however district 13 was burn to the ground after an unsuccessfulrebellion by the citizens. That gave the Capitol more influence and power on the way the people lived their life. The biggest reason of political unrest by the people of Panem was the Hunger Games. In the Hunger Games one male and female teenager from each district is selected to compete in brutal fight to the death live on national television. The Capitol uses the Hunger Games to show power over the citizens and in turn
  2. 2. makes the citizens less likely to rebel. The winner returns to their district to find money and food and supplies to last a lifetime. Katniss’s twelve year old sister was originally picked to compete in the games but Katniss volunteered to take her place. The other tribute from district 12 was Peeta Mallark. Katniss had known Peeta since they were young. Before the games Peeta was interviewed and went on record by saying he and Katniss were star crossed lovers becauseone was going to have to kill the other in the end. Once the competition started found a good place to hide and decent supervisions. However when the games started, Peeta teamed up with the careers. After over half of the tributes were eliminated she was trapped by the career tributes (the competitors who trained their whole life to be in the games. She climbed up a tree where no other tributes could reach her. From there she met Rue, a young tribute from district 11. Rue tipped off Katniss about a nest of trackerjackers, a deadly wasp like creature. She dropped the nest down to the careers and was able to survive. Later Rue was off picking berries and roots when she was hit by a spear. Before she died, Katniss sang a lullaby to her then placed flowers on her. This was meant by Katniss to defy the Capitol’s ideas of brutality and lack of beauty and the arts. Later she found Peeta badly wounded and learned that he had saved her from the careers. The gamemakers announced that there could be two winners this year.
  3. 3. Though it was tough work with help from sponsors shebrought Peeta back to health. Near the end of the games Peeta and Katniss were the last two standing. Then the gamemakers announced they lied and there could only be one winner.In ordetr to trick the gamemakers they both acted to eat poisonous berries. Before they could swallow them the gamemakers changed their minds again to allow two winners to avoid no winners. This was a tactical move by Katniss to make the Capitol look bad in front of Panem.