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Samsung project - s


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samsung world

Samsung project - s

  1. 1. Presented by :RamyaMBA – 1st<br />
  2. 2. HYSTORY<br /><ul><li>Unlike other electronic companies Samsung origins were not involving electronics but other products..
  3. 3. In 1938 the Samsung's founder Byung-Chull Lee set up a trade export company in Korea, selling fish, vegetables, and fruit to China. Within a decade Samusng had flour mills and confectionary machines and became a co-operation in 1951. Humble beginnings.</li></li></ul><li>Samsung Group of Chairman Lee Kun-heeand vise chairman lee-Hak so<br />
  4. 4. From 1958 onwards Samsung began to expand into other industries such as financial, media, chemicals and ship building throughout the 1970's. In 1969, Samsung Electronics was established producing what Samsung is most famous for, Televisions, Mobile Phones (throughout 90's), Radio's, Computer components and other electronics devices.<br />
  5. 5. Lee Kun-Hee Denies-chairman of samsung<br />1987 founder and chairman, Byung-Chull Lee passed away and Kun-Hee Lee took over as chairman. In the 1990's Samsung began to expand globally building factories in the US, Britain, Germany, Thailand, Mexico, Spain and China until 1997.<br />
  6. 6. The Samsung mobile<br />The history of Samsung and mobile phones stretches back to over 10 years. In 1993 Samsung developed the 'lightest' mobile phone of its era. The SCH-800 and it was available on CDMA networks.<br />
  7. 7. Then they developed smart phones and a phone combined mp3 player towards the end of the 20th century. To this date Samsung are dedicated to the 3G industry. Making video,camera phones at a speed to keep up with consumer demand. Samsung has made steady growth in the mobile industry and are currently second but competitor Nokia is ahead with more than 100% increase in shares.<br />
  8. 8. Achievements as CEO of Samsung<br />In the early 1990s, believing that Samsung Group was overly focused on producing massive quantities of low-quality goods and that it was not prepared to compete in quality, Lee famously said "Change everything except your wife and kids". <br />The shift is now widely considered a success. One of the group's subsidiaries, Samsung Electronics, is now one of the world's leading developers and producers of semiconductors, and was listed in Fortune magazine's list of the 100 largest corporations in the world in 2007.<br />468 × 310 - ...curated a collection of various items saved from liquidation auctions .<br />
  9. 9. Business Samsung<br />
  10. 10. The way Samsung lead<br /> At samsung electronics, they believe that crisis are opportunities for innovation that change is about action .it takes a different kind of strategy to negative tough economic times and become one the world ‘s leading companies .<br />Some tequinques used by Samsung people way 2 lead:<br />Knowing how to lead is one thing :they lead the way in brand marketing , manufacturing ,research and development design.<br />Understanding the tomorrow ‘s markets and consumers<br />Collaborating for greater synergy <br />Thinking out side the box<br />Arriving first with speed efficiently <br />Connecting with consumer life style<br />Making smart choices that grow markets <br />Creating Value That Can’tBe Touched<br />
  11. 11. Samsung is betting big on Android tablets in the enterprise<br />Samsung’s new 8.9 and 10.1 inch tablets were headliners at CTIA Wireless 2011. Photo credit: Jason Hine<br />
  12. 12. Mr.H.B.Lee ceo of Samsung-2007-09 -India <br /><ul><li>Mr. H. B. Lee appointed Regional President & CEO for SAMSUNG South West Asia Operations
  13. 13. New Delhi , January 17, 2007: In a move to strengthen SAMSUNG operations in the South West Asia Region including India and the SAARC Region, SAMSUNG Electronics has appointed Mr. H. B. Lee as the Regional President & CEO - SAMSUNG South West Asia Regional HQ. Prior to his current assignment, Mr. Lee was the President & CEO of Samsung's Digital Appliance Network (DAN) Business, based in Korea. Mr. Lee will assume charge of his new assignment, based in New Delhi, from February 2007.
  14. 14. In his role as Regional President & CEO of SAMSUNG South West Asia Regional HQ, Mr. Lee will oversee the operations of all the existing SAMSUNG subsidiaries operating in India, namely SAMSUNG India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. (SIEL), SAMSUNG Telecommunications India (STI) and SAMSUNG India Software Operations (SISO), SAMSUNG's R & D Centre, based in Bangalore. </li></li></ul><li><ul><li>A major in Business Administration from Seoul National University, Mr. Lee brings with him 31 years of work experience at SAMSUNG Electronics. During this period, he has worked as Managing Director of SAMSUNG subsidiaries in Germany and Spain, handled SAMSUNG's domestic sales business in Korea and since the year 2005, has been the President of SAMSUNG Electronics’ Digital Appliance Business.
  15. 15. "The appointment of Mr. Lee as Regional President is symbolic of the parent Company's focus on the South West Asia region. As Regional President & CEO, Mr. Lee will be drawing on the synergies of the existing SAMSUNG businesses in India to ensure faster growth for the Company in this region." states Mr. S. H. Oh, President & CEO, SAMSUNG India Electronics Pvt. Ltd., </li></li></ul><li>Samsung India appoints new CEO Jung Soo shin25 Feb 2009<br />JUNG SOO SHIN CEO OF SAMSUNG INDIA - 2007-2009<br /><ul><li>Jung Soo shin has been appointed as the new president and CEO of Samsung South West Asia operations and president and CEO of Samsung India Electronics Ltd.
  16. 16. Prior to his current assignment, Shin was head of marketing for the digital appliances business, Samsung Electronics. He assumed the new role on February 24, succeeding HB Lee, who was president and CEO for Samsung South West Asia between February 2007 and January 2009.</li></li></ul><li>Role of Jung Soo shin ceo of Samsung<br /><ul><li>In his role as president and CEO of Samsung South West Asia Regional headquarters, Shin will oversee the operations of all existing Samsung subsidiaries in India, namely Samsung India Electronics, Samsung India Software Operations, Samsung’s R&D centre, based in Bangalore as well as the company’s operations in the SAARC region. </li></li></ul><li>Nexen Appoints Samsung Recruits as CEO and VP Sales April 06, 2010 <br />New Nexen Tire vice chairman and CEO, H.B. Lee (right) and new vice president of sales division Byung-Woo Lee (left) have both joined from Samsung<br />
  17. 17. Hyun-Bong Lee (ceo & vise chairman,Byung-Woo Lee (vise president of sales division) – (nexen)<br /><ul><li>Nexen Tire has elected H.B. Lee as Nexen Tire vice chairman and CEO along with the appointment of Byung-Woo Lee as vice president sales division.
  18. 18. Hyun-Bong Lee, the former CEO of Samsung Electronics, was elected as vice chairman and CEO in the meeting at the KOSPI 200 company’s recent annual shareholders meeting. In spite of the economic downturn in 2009,
  19. 19. last year Nexen Tire broke its all it records with sales of $760 million, 28 per cent up over 2008.
  20. 20. According to the company, “this outstanding performance came from aggressive marketing strategy to US and European markets and uplifting brand power in Korean domestic markets.”
  21. 21. Byung-Woo Lee joins Nexen as vice president of sales division and, like new CEO Hyun-Bong Lee, joins from well-known electronics firm Samsung. In his new role BW Lee will be in charge of sales and marketing domestically and also in overseas markets.</li></li></ul><li>Role of BW Lee<br /><ul><li>BW Lee is a Samsung Electronics veteran with 30 years experience. Previous roles include president of the company’s Poland and Russia subsidiary. He was in charge of Middle East & Africa sales. Most recently, he was served as CMO of Samsung Techwin. According to a statement announcing his appointment, he will be focused on enlarging domestic sales and global marketing strategy.
  22. 22. In response to his appointment as Nexen’s new CEO, H.B. Lee commented: “I’ll do my best to continue Nexen Tire’s bullish trend in exports and to make the company a representative tyre maker in Korea…By expanding supplies to the major car makers and strengthening sports marketing such as ‘Nexen Heroes Baseball Team’ sponsorship, we’ll be expanding domestic market share as well.” </li></li></ul><li>New Nexen President Opens Middle East Office in Dubai - 5th-jan-09<br /><ul><li>No sooner had Travis Kang been appointed to the position of President of Nexen Tire (on 5 January), than he set off on visits to strategic markets such as the US, France, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, China - reportedly visiting each a few times.
  23. 23. After one such week-long visit to the Middle East markets, he made a proposal to company executives: “After seeing the market of Middle East, I truly believe Dubai is the bridgehead for the new market. Let’s open a branch there immediately.
  24. 24. ” Nexen Tire Dubai covers the strategic markets of Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iran and North African markets. The Dubai branch opened in August, just four months after the initial proposal was made.</li></ul>Travis Kang became president of Nexen Tire on 5 January 2009<br />
  25. 25. About SAMSUNG India<br /><ul><li>SAMSUNG India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd. (SEC). SEC, the parent Company of SAMSUNG India Electronics Pvt. Ltd, is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2005 parent company sales of US$56.7 billion and net income of US$7.5 billion. Employing approximately 128,000 people in over 120 offices in 57 countries,</li></ul>Digital Appliance Business, <br />Digital Media Business, <br />LCD Business, <br />Semiconductor Business and <br />Telecommunication Network Business. <br />Recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands, SAMSUNG Electronics is a leading producer of digital TVs, memory chips, mobile phones, and TFT-LCDs<br />the company consists of five main business units: <br />
  26. 26.
  27. 27. Touch phone<br />Style phone<br />Business phone<br />Multimedia phone<br />Guru series<br />Samsung mobiles<br />Mobile phone accessories<br />CDMA phone<br />Dual sim phone<br />
  29. 29. <ul><li>Mumbai, March 12, 2008: SAMSUNG Telecommunications India (STI), a design and technology leader in the Indian Mobile market , today , announced the appointment of Actor Aamir Khan as its Brand Ambassador for SAMSUNG Mobile Phones in India.
  30. 30. Announcing Aamir Khan as SAMSUNG’s Ambassador for Mobile Phones, stated Mr. H. B. Lee, President & CEO, SAMSUNG South West Asia Headquarters, "The SAMSUNG brand stands for qualities of innovation, change, discovery, self-expression and excellence in performance.
  31. 31. And these very same qualities are epitomised by Aamir Khan, whose quality and depth of work as well as versatility as an actor, have made him a much loved and respected actor in India today. We are indeed very proud and privileged to have him as our Brand Ambassador". </li></li></ul><li>The SAMSUNG SGH-G800<br />The SAMSUNG SGH-G800, the world’s first 5 mega pixel camera phone with 3x optical zoom, is the answer for customers’ needs to have the perfect digital camera and the multimedia mobile phone combined into one single device. A sleek camera phone, the G800 from SAMSUNG Metal series is equipped with advanced camera features such as face detection , Xenon flash and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), and also provides a very easy tool for sharing images and videos. The SAMSUNG G800 is priced at Rs.21, 799/-. <br />
  32. 32. How the Samsung phone become trendy Smartphone.<br />
  33. 33. 1) Unlimited access to web-browsing with Flash 10.1 support<br />Experience Flash 10.1 content on a 18cm (7) screen and immerse yourself in interactive web experiences. Never be shutout from visiting the countless sites that use Flash 10.1 content to provide interactive games, animation, rich Internet applications, data presentations, and a wide range of multimedia experiences. The absolute reliability with the most common Internet protocols provides a new web surfing experience that supersedes conventional access. <br />
  34. 34. 2) A one stop, Readers Hub for books, magazines, and news<br />Readers Hub is an integrated book, magazine, and newspaper solution that gives you e-Reading content to enjoy when you want to read the newest bestseller, a must read Op-Ed piece, or do some self-improvement. Build your own personal library and have instantaneous access to your favorite books with the touch of a fingertip. The familiar paperback size of the Galaxy Tab Smartphone makes the 18cm (7) screen a joy to read during an afternoon break<br />
  35. 35. 3) Communicate face-to-face with the entire team<br />The 18cm (7) screen is perfect for video conference calls that let you meet your entire team with the press of a button. See and experience greater efficiency in your ability to communicate with others. Enrich yourself with a new communication experience that lets you choose more personal and satisfying ways to interact in both business and friendships. A video call on the Galaxy Tab Smartphone lets you communicate with greater perception and depth.<br />
  36. 36. 4) More of the information you need<br />The Galaxy Tab Smartphone’s use of augmented reality lets you see more travel details than ever before. See information on restaurants, places of interest, and hidden local history that give you an unforgettable travel experience. Business trips become less of an adventure and more of an experience with a 18cm (7) screen you can take anywhere.<br />
  37. 37. 4) Social Hub integrates your E-mail, IM, and SNS<br />Organize and synchronize better all your online contacts through Social Hub. Streamline your e-mail, SMS, IM, and SNS information into one unified box, and interact faster with more people in the way you want to. Access your email or social network information on a 18cm (7) brilliant screen. Preview emails in a split screen layout and assess the priority of messages without having to open them. Communicate easier with SWYPE, which lets you type faster and smoother than ever before.<br />
  38. 38. Most imp features attracted to the customers<br />Think free<br />Rich Multimedia <br />Integrated Calendar <br />Fast Connectivity <br />
  39. 39. current trend of Samsung galaxy mobile phones<br />After working on the social media strategy and execution for Samsung GalaxyS and Samsung Wave smartphones for over 2 months, we wish to share the basic sentiment analysis for the brand, Samsung Mobiles in india towards the end of August’2010.<br />
  40. 40. Social media sentiment analysis of Samsung Galaxy and Samsung wave in India<br />Samsung Mobile division manufactures and markets a wide range of mobile telecommunications products across pre-pay and post-pay markets, in both the consumer and business segments. Samsung’s mobile phones are divided into 6 major categories: Style, Infotainment, MultiMedia, Connected, Essential and Business, and the division is led by Vice President, Mark Mitchinson.<br />The Mobile division is part of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.<br />What are Social Media Sentiments ?<br />Social sentiments defines the moods of consumers, bloggers, advocates and brick-bats and their feelings for the product/brand and passion to stick with the brand. Sentiments Analysis is defined as an attitude of a speaker or a writer with respect to some topic or brand.<br />
  41. 41. Position of Samsung Galaxy S<br />