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  3. 3. HISTORYThe search and rescue squad was formed in 1957. Initially the squadconsisted of five men with considerable bush experience, whose role was tocontrol and coordinate bush searches. When these police officers were notengaged in searches these members performed general police duties.In 1958 members were trained in diving by the Australian Navy, oncetrained the squad became responsible for underwater searches. Theunderwater searches included search and recovery of deceased persons,stolen property, weapons, court evidence, motor vehicles and other objects.The squad became operational in 1962 in response to the high demand forits services.
  4. 4. SPECIAL SKILLS AND TRAINING REQUIRED Navigation skills Underwater diving Need to be able to perform rescues in different conditions and placesThey need to be trained in; Cliff rescue and airborne operations Snow search and rescue Bush search and rescue Exhibiting bodies from rivers and lakes
  5. 5. DUTIES PERFORMEDThe search and rescue squad provide assistance in all differentenvironments, including land, snow and vertical cliff search andrescue. The rescue squad has the responsibility to provide thenecessary equipment for the circumstances.Lately in the media the search and rescue police have beenperforming recues in the urban regions. There have been severalsuccessful cases performed by the crew, mentioned in many of thecases were the long period of time these dedicated people spent oneach case and how thorough they were.
  6. 6. HOW TO BECOME A POLICE OFFICERBecoming a police officer is not an easy task, it is a big decision to make. Firstyou have to pass the several requirements and then submit a application, thiswill be followed by an entrance exam if you application is excepted. Once youare a police officer you can apply for a certain area (e.g. search and rescue)The initial requirements are;Hold permanent residency status in AustraliaPossess a valid Australian drivers licenseMeet medical and health standardsMeet the education requirementsSit a defensive driving course.
  7. 7. BECOMING A POLICE OFFICER CONTINUEDIf you meet all the prior requirements you will undergo a series of mental andphysical competency test and after that you will be chosen whether or notbecoming a police officer is for you or not.Then the entrance exam will be sat it is made up of five components:Spelling and comprehensionMathematicsReasoningEnglish skillsWriting task
  8. 8. ARTICLE ONE POLICE FIND MANS BODY IN YARRAPolice have recovered the body of a man who disappeared while swimming withfriends in the Yarra River in Melbournes north-east yesterday.Search-and-rescue officers discovered Hayden Desiras body submerged about sixmeters in the river at Griffith Park in Eltham at 2.30pm today.The 20-year-old Coburg man had been cooling off in a deep section of the river atGriffith Park with about 12 to 15 people when he got into difficulty about 2pmyesterday.Witnesses noticed him struggling in the water and tried to help but he went underthe surface and vanished.Mr Desiras parents, Kevin and Sharon, were at Griffith Park yesterday as searchand rescue police, helicopters and divers joined a dozen local officers in a bid tofind Mr Desira. Police said they did not believe that alcohol was involved in hisdeath. A report will be prepared for the coroner.
  9. 9. ARTICLE ONE CONTINUEDThe search and rescue police were required to find a body in the Yarra.This was a team effort performed by the department and a successfulfind as well. They used navigation and under water skills to find him.The article is about a 20 year old mans body at Griffith park in Eltham.He was with a large group of people when he was last seen and beganto struggle to stay afloat this resulted in him drowning. The police foundthat alcohol was not a factor in his death.
  10. 10. ARTICLE TWO RAIN, SNOW AND EXTREME TERRAIN BUT SEARCHERS HOLD OUT HOPE FOR MISSING HUNTERSearch and rescue teams are maintaining hope of finding Victorian jail boss DavidPrideaux, who has been missing for two nights in extreme weather and dense bush.Mr Prideaux, 50, the general manager of the maximum-security Barwon Prison,disappeared on Sunday morning in the Alpine National Park, near Mansfield inVictoria’s northeast.He had gone out deer hunting with his brother-in-law but failed to meet for ascheduled lunch stop.With snow and sub-zero overnight conditions on Sunday and Monday and 30cm ofsnow forecast to fall tonight, Sergeant Cameron McPherson of Mansfield police saidconditions were ‘‘as tough as it gets’’.‘‘Extreme, extreme terrain, it’s snowing, it’s raining, it’s regrowth area, visibility ispoor and we haven’t located this chap yet,’’ Sgt McPherson told reporters atMansfield.He said about 100 police officers, SES volunteers and bush search and rescuevolunteers were scouring the region and had not given up hope.‘‘There’s always hope and until we find out what’s actually gone on, I wouldn’t give uphope,’’ Sgt McPherson said.
  11. 11. ARTICLE TWO CONTINUED‘‘But it’s extreme terrain and conditions are deteriorating and this is probably as toughas it gets.’’Search and rescue teams are concentrating on an area around Tomahawk Hut, in theBlack Spur Track area, where Mr Prideaux was last seen.They have widened their initial search area and Sgt McPherson said they wouldreassess their options if he had not been found by tonight.Mounted police and officers on trail bikes have also joined the search.Mr Prideaux, who is married with a son and daughter, was said to be an experiencedhunter and was well equipped.Corrections Victoria commissioner Bob Hastings said Mr Prideaux’s colleagues andfamily were anxious and concerned.‘‘We’re hoping with all our might that we get David back,’’ Mr Hastings told reportersin Melbourne.‘‘He’s a valued mate and a valued friend and ... we hope we get him back. He’s avalued member of our team and we want him back on deck as soon as we can.’’
  12. 12. ARTICLE TWO CONTINUEDThe search and rescue police were required to search for a man thatwas lost in the bush. They had to be well trained to be able to cope withthe conditions. They were searching in bush area that was overgrownand the terrain was extreme with poor visibility.The article is about a man was out deer hunting with his brother in lawand did not meet him for lunch when he said he would. he was missingfor a long period of time in extreme conditions. There is around 100police officers on the case, they are well equipped and are hopeful theywill find the man.
  13. 13. ARTICLE THREE POLICE SEARCH CREEK FOR MISSING TEENAGERPolice search Dandenong Creek yesterday for Kuong Wong, who was last seen onSaturday. 
Police will continue their search today for a teenager who is feared drownedafter being swept away in Dandenong Creek on the weekend.Kuong Wong, 17, was last seen about 7pm on Saturday when he was walking his dog,which is also missing.Police believe Kuong, who could not swim, may have slipped and fallen into the fast-flowing creek or fell in after trying to rescue his dog.An intensive search along the banks of the creek on Monday failed to find the youth.Given rising water levels and a strong current in recent days, rescue teams did not enterthe creek to search for Kuong until yesterday. "We are always hopeful, but the longer itgoes, the less likelihood we may have of finding him alive," said Sergeant Rob Gatt of thepolice search and rescue squad.He warned people to take care near waterways this summer. "Every year we haveunnecessary drownings," he said.Police said Kuong had recently moved to Australia and was living with his family inDoveton.
  14. 14. ARTICLE THREE CONTINUEDThe search and rescue squad have been searching the Dandenongcreek for a teenager. The squad started their search on the banks ofthe river and then they moved to in the river. The team had to take intoconsideration the rising water levels and the strong current in the riverand had to work around these circumstances to ensure they completeda successful search.This article is about a teenage boy who was walking his dog and thenwent missing near the Dandenong river. The boy was believed to beunable to swim.