Auto Body Paint Social Media


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Auto Body Paint Social Media

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Auto Body Paint Social Media

  1. 1. <ul>Social Media for <li>Auto Body Paint Shops! </li></ul><ul><li>Traffic Building Campaigns
  2. 2. & Social Media Maintenance
  3. 3. for Auto Body Paint Shops! </li></ul>
  4. 4. <ul>Does your Auto Body Paint Shop <li>need Social Media? </li></ul><ul>- What advertising & marketing <li>is working best for you now?
  5. 5. - What's the offer that is
  6. 6. driving in new customers now? </li></ul><ul><li>If your shop spends $1,000 month in advertising you need to bring in XXX amount of new business to break even?
  7. 7. Our programs will get you more business and can help you maintain your Social Media! </li></ul>
  8. 8. <ul><li>What measurable BUZZ did Print Ads create for your business?
  9. 9. Did your previous advertising investments go viral? </li></ul><ul><li>Each individual shop CAN COMPETE with its local competitors
  10. 10. big or small! You can win or lose.
  11. 11. You can reach the same LOCAL demographic in a much more </li></ul><ul>authentic and personal way. - Get the ROI that you need from Social Media Referrals! </ul>
  12. 12. <ul>Shop owners are TOO BUSY running their business with... Sales, book-keeping, other marketing, operations, etc... </ul><ul> learn how to use new media to grow your shop, keep up with the ever changing landscape, best practices, come up with creative, etc... </ul>
  13. 13. Most business owners are confused! What social media mediums to use? How often do you need to update? Who should be responsible? This is a team effort! How and will it work? How does this stuff translate into more cars? We created social media campaigns and tools just for Auto Body Paint Shops! Part of SM is the day to day tasks, knowing the etiquette not to lose customers, and keeping them engaged and sharing your business (Getting Viral) We'll maximize results from Facebook Profiles, Facebook Pages, Twitter, and maybe LinkedIn, YouTube & a Blog.
  14. 14. Our Game Plan & System will bring it all together for your shop to grow it's business. This is the most transparent marketing vehicle in history. You can track measure and analyze all your social media efforts just by watching. The average Facebook User has 163 Friends. There are also thousands of twitter users you can connect with locally, Daily! We invite your customer to connect on Facebook, like your your Facebook business page, and connect on Twitter via social messages or email! We post your customer's before & after picture and maximize it's distribution on your social media channels. Math: 20 Tagged Before & After Pictures a month (163 friends each) = 3,260 friends seeing the before & after pics (referrals!) Each time one of the 3,260 friends comment on the post It begins going viral to an additional 163 friends ....and we distribute the photos to all your shops local twitter followers too!
  15. 15. You have to get us your customers Facebook info, name, email, and pics. Your shop needs to spend an enormous amount of time keeping things organized and emailing us each customers finished before & after pics with their name, facebook name, email... And we need their email right when you take in the car so we can send out the SM invites before their car is finished... ...then we need to know which pics go with that specific customer! Not to mention that your camera is probably a catalog mess, right? And it's no fun trying to find what before pic goes with what after pic! Forget about it! Until we created an app for that. This app will manage the content EASILY and QUICKLY! This app is available with all our packages. Here's how it works...
  16. 16. We give you a private URL: Fill in the form each time you take in a new car and upload your Before Pic then erase it from your camera and keep it clean & organized.
  17. 17. Now when you have the after pic log back in and upload it. That's it! Creative & content direction implementation. Game plan & strategy. Facebook page creative that gets fans! Stay social with your fans via FB and get your campaign viral! Twitter – Create a local following and bring them into your shop! Facebook Profiles – Drive additional traffic to your Facebook page! Connect your social media to your existing marketing and advertising to take additional advantage of your campaign! Things your shop can do to boost your campaign. Email your current customer list, put your FB & Twitter links on your website, add your FB & Twitter page to your other advertising, and put up a banner in your store.
  18. 18. How will you measure success? 1. Prep & Primer Creative & Content Direction Campaign creation and planning Custom App to manage customer info for SM distribution Up to 20 before & after updates a month Facebook Page: Post all before & after pics with comment Twitter: Facebook page post distributed Twitter: Geo targeted audience building in the cities you service Facebook Profile: Your or ours? Send Friend invites Facebook Profile: Tag customer when friend request is accepted Monthly follow up call Twitter & FB Profile: Accepting/Declining follow-back and friend requests 2. Paint w/ clear coat (includes prep & primer) FB Page cleaning & deleting spam Twitter cleaning & deleting DM spam Daily page management & review Twitter @ reply & DM forwarding FB & Twitter update on urgent issues Customer service forwarding (*content provided by shop owner with our contributions) SM Maintenance Review, clean, and forward inbox messages Deleting & blocking unwanted spam on the FB Walls 3. Water sand & buff (includes paint w/ clear coat) Additional Updates for SM Distribution (content supplied by shop) up to 10 updates Ex: Coupons/Specials, events, car care tips, etc... FB page responding to comments Twitter @ reply & DM responding Customer service replies (customer supplied responses) Customer Engagement Additional body work Reputation monitoring on the web Content creation for additional updates in package 3. Be more interesting!!! FB Ads campaign Custom website YouTube & LinkedIn Initial Set up ( Set-up v aries per shop's existing presence) SM Evaluation – cleaning up existing accounts Technical Set-up – creating new accounts SM Custom Graphics Facebook Custom Page Set-up - Welcome tab, FB Banner, Info page Twitter Set-up – Custom Avatar, Custom Background, Info page FB Profile creation Shop email creation Contact us for pricing: Call 626.324.5927 Additional bodywork – pricing on request Initial Set up – varies based on your existing social media presence Packages