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Games Unit Final 120#6 Af81 D

  1. 1. Games Unit MADDEN 08 By Jess Gomez
  2. 2. Work plan • For this game I basically worked on it when I could for as long as I could, to get it done. My job was to get the whole project done. I was a group of my own. • First I worked on the walk through to get all the blogs done. • Second I started putting all of the information together so I • could put all on the Slideshare presentation. • I did all of the work when I had time in front of a computer I stayed on as long as I could to try and finish it since I was working on my own I had to work a lot for it.
  3. 3. Game description • I think that the game was very fun, and interesting. It taught me a lot of different strategies then just the few in little league. I learned a lot, even though I have already played it many times, and I have played regular football in real life. • I chose madden since it was a game I new very well. I wanted to to see if I would learn anything from playing it more and have to look for things to learn about I am glad I chose madden.
  4. 4. Game description continued • I really didn’t expect to learn that much about it. I thought I knew mostly everything, but doing the walkthrough showed me that there is a lot I still need to learn. Like practice squad I didn’t know how to use that • Yes, I definitely have played it many times. I have been playing all the maddens since 06, and plan on continuing to play them.
  5. 5. Walkthrough • GAME MENU When you put in the game madden a bunch of adds come up for different sports stuff and game things. It then goes to a picture of vince young it will sit there for awhile, then underneath him the word start will appear it says hit X to start. So you hit X (or for a different console it will be different but for the play-station it says X). It will then go to the menu screen, a pop up saying to pick your favorite team appears, I usually just skip it but you can scroll thru and pick your team. After you pick your team it will say do you want to save hit yes or no. Then there's the game menu it gives you a list of things to do it will say: play now, superstar challenge, multiplayer, game modes, my madden, and EA sports extras. we want to play a franchise so you go to game modes and click it.
  6. 6. • FRANCHISE After you click on game modes there will be four options that appear franchise, mini-camp competition, mini- camp, and practice. Click franchise, the screen new or load will pop-up after you  click new. It will tell you to please wait, then go to a screen that says number of users, which is how many teams you can control you don't just have to be one team. Then it says fantasy draft underneath that and you either say off or on i always say on, because i think it is fun to make teams. Then underneath that it says trade deadline, that also is a on or off answer I leave it be, because i don't really care if it is on, I think it is a fair option to have on there. At the bottom is where you pick your team, after you select your team it asks if you want to begin your franchise hit yes. 
  7. 7. DRAFTING After you hit begin it will go to a screen that says fantasy draft, view roster, and break down you don't have to look at any of the bottom ones just click fantasy draft. It will randomly pick your draft spot so you don't always get the players you want. When your turn comes up you select your player, look at the number you are, if you are one the beginning person to draft, then you will be one of the end ones to draft in the second round. it is a good idea to pick the better people. When you select a player it will say yes or no thats when you decide that you want a player or not. There is a pattern in how the draft works first round you want to pick a quarterback or half back they go in the first round at least the good ones. The next round is the defensive line it will help you if you get the really fast people and the young people that are good. The third round is the wide receivers,  the cornerbacks, and tackles. The next round, round four is the same as round three. Round five is all safeties and line backers. Round six is the same except all of the offensive guards go as well as the others. Round seven is basically the round people try to get up to date on everything by drafting another of whatever they need. Round eight is also another catch up round. Round nine is the round that all the tight ends go. Round ten is a catch up round there is going to be a lot of those from now on, only a few players left to pick from that have not been drafted. Round eleven is another catch up round. Basically the only other rounds that matter are twelve which is the centers, round seventeen is kickers and full backs, and eighteen which is the punters after you are done with like the twentieth round you can just hit simulate or continue. there is forty nine rounds generally i like to simulate early. This is where the screen that said breakdown comes in handy you can see what you need with that. When you are done
  8. 8. Walkthrough continued • PRESEASON When you hit the start button to go to preseason, a big screen appears with multiple options that help your players and your knowledge of your team and players. In preseason go to my week. It will go to a screen that says play week. Hit play week then hit weekly schedule. Then click on your game, select your team so you can play for them. It will take awhile to load the game, then it comes to a screen that is the coin flip screen select heads or tails I always pick heads, if you lost the call pick what ever side the wind is facing, if you do win select receive.
  9. 9. CONTROLS Passing: L: is to throw to the Left receiver R: is to throw to the Right receiver Triangle(T): is to the Triangle receiver Circle(C): is to the Circle receiver Square(S): is to the Square receiver X: to sprint Analog: is for precision passing Rushing: L: juke R: stiff arm C: spin X: sprint S: dive T: (plus a direction from the analog stick) is a highlight move Receiving: T: jump/catch C: switch to closest receiver X: sprint S: dive
  10. 10. CONTROLS continued Defense: L: rip / spin / strip ball R: rip / spin / strip ball T: jump / intercept C: switch to closest defender X: sprint / shove blocker S: dive Analog+T: hit stick Highlight moves: T+A forward: truck / duck T+A backward: back juke T+A left: big juke left T+A right: big juke right T+A right left: double juke Lead blocking: L: pull block T+A up: impact block T+A down: cut block T+A left:turn block left T+A right: turn block right C: switch to ball carrier 
  11. 11. Walkthrough continued • Regular season After preseason is over hit the start button to advance to the regular season. It will take awhile to get their from loading. When you get their just keep going to my week, or you can look at depth chart underneath rosters to switch any position that you don't think people should be playing.After every game go to assistant coaching and go to progression to to get points for your players by completing goals also under assistant coaching but under my goals it will show you the week your on goals and the week before. after every couple of games go to my franchise at the bottom of the main screen and click save so you don't accidentally lose progress.
  12. 12. Playoffs Ok if you made it to the playoffs congratulations on making it this far, but boy in the playoffs is when you really have to step your game. If you want to make it to the Superbowl all of the best teams are going to be in the playoffs, so make sure that you go under my week and go to practice and do that for awhile. That will definitely help. Keep practicing your plays that you like and ones that you don't like, so you get them down either better or get good at them in general. SUPERBOWL now that you've made it to the Superbowl, this will be you're toughest game that you have to play. definitely do what you have to, so that you're team and yourself are ready for the game. Then just play your best, if you lose you lose, there is always the next season to win. If you win congratulations on be the best football team in your league. PROBOWL The Probowl is a place were all the best players of the year go to compete against each other in an all out battle. There is the national football league vs. the american football league. Make sure you remember to look at what league your in, so you can play as your guys in the Probowl. You Can look at what league your in under standings, after you hit play week.
  13. 13. Rosters In the game menu there is an option that is rosters select it. In this place there is a lot you can do. VIEW ROSTER Is the first option on the list. This tells you how good your players are, there contracts and stuff like that. It also helps you look at that, and decide if you want to resign a player for a better contract, or even release the player. Those options are also on there. You also can edit there stats. By going to the player individually, and hitting edit there you can change there name or number, what college they went, if they are right or left handed, or even if it possible by the player switch positions. INJURY REPORT This tells you about the injuries you have received in your team, and how long they will take to heal up, So that the player may play. DEPTH CHART Here is where you can change who you want start for the season, and who you want to back people up in the number two and three spot. If you don't like what you did, and you want it to go back to normal. Just hit Circle and it will go to the best people first. PLAYER PROGRESSION Shows you how your player has progressed over the years, pluses and minuses to your statistics FREE AGENTS Is a place in case your people get injured, and you need people to replace your injuries. If you just want them to play on your team you can offer a contract. TRADE BLOCK Is a place to say what you need and what your willing to give up for it. Then a bunch of offers will come in, and you pick the best offer for your reasons. TRADE PLAYER You can look at teams and trade players, but the other team has to agree to your trade in order for you to actually trade them. You cant just have a super powerful team. BREAKDOWN Shows you what you need to play if you need any guys. Then you go to the free agents to sign whatever your breakdown says that you need for players.
  14. 14. Stats/info STAT BOOK This shows you about your teams stats either individually, career, team, rankings, or coach. LEAGUE NEWS It shows you updates in the league. Your weekly awards in the NFL. If you made it on there. The race for the yearly awards, and the race for the Probowl. You cant look at the race for the probowl, until the eighth week. FRANCHISE/TEAM Compares your team averages like quarter backs, and others, to the rest of the league. It also shows you the most payed players. Assistant coach COACH GOALS Shows you the goals of the week from your coach. You get points to add to your players attributes when you do one of the goals of the weeks. You can get a total of four points per week. It also shows you the last weeks goals, and how you did. PROGRESSION Each time you add a point to a player, you get five points to add not just one. I don't like to use these. I think it's better for players to just increase on there own by playing them. PRACTICE SQAUD Is were you go to put people you want on your team, but don't have room. Then you go to free agents, and hit the start button to sign them on your practice squad. There
  15. 15. Walkthrough continued • Team info • Shows you your teams rival, and how they are doing. News and notes of your team. It also shows your team stats on how they are doing on the year like compared to the league.It also shows you your next opponent, NFL icons, morale, standings, injuries, philosophy, and team salary. You can also take out your penalties, but it will lower your prestige. All you have to do is go to team salary, and hit Circle to clear it and except it.
  16. 16. Coaches corner Under coaches corner your are able to switch all of your hot routes, and audible for game play. You pick which plays you want them to be, choose them carefully. You also can change what your philosophy is. That will change how your team plays for you, and how you teach your team.You can go to management, and it will help you for your off season on what you want help with so you don't have do all the work. I don't do that because I like to do it on my own. They don't do what I want them to do. My franchise GAMEPLAY SETTINGS Which allows you to select there difficulty, how many injuries you want in a game, how long you want the game to be, or even if you want random weather. SYSTEM SETTINGS You can choose your soundtracks like what kind of music you like. You can also change how loud you want the music, the people speaking, or even how loud the crowd is.Under visual you can change the camera angle, and other things. SAVE Here is where you save your game. Click save, then click franchise. Hit start and choose one of the profiles to save it in. Then hit Circle to go back to the menu.
  17. 17. off-season COACH SIGNING Go to coach sighing. Underneath the coaches name, it will show you what coaches you need.Then look thru the coaches, and sign which ever coaches you need. PLAYER RETIREMENTS all you do is look at your teem, and see what players have retired. RESTRICTED FREE AGENTS It is the same as retirement, but its just the players that are free agents already. RE-SIGN PLAYERS Is a place to re-sign players that have expired contracts, or you just want to.It helps to sign people that have two or three years left. To extend their contract to seven. It sometimes brings your salary cap up. FREE AGENT SIGNING Under free agent signing you fill in your roster, or if there is a better player there in one of the positions, then you can sign them. PRACTICE SQAUD You manage your practice squad there by choosing to release them, or signing them to your team, or doing nothing.
  18. 18. Off-season continued NFL DRAFT This is kind of like the other draft, but it is rookies so you can try them out at the drills to find out information on them. Then you draft them, but instead of forty nine rounds there is seven. SIGNING DRAFT PICK Here you sign the draft picks that you drafted in the draft, and that’s about it. FREE AGENT SIGNING Just signing free agents to finally fill up your roster. RE-ORDER DEPTH CHART Is how you want to have your starters and backups for the next season. FINALLY TO CAP IT ALL OFF. SELECT START NEW SEASON!!!!!!!
  19. 19. It’s game time Offense Play 1(PA flow) attempted pass by Vince Young. Sack by Kris Jenkins. Loss of 9 yards Play 2(HB pitch) Run by Chester Taylor.tackled by Joey Porter. Run of 5 yards. Play 3(slot post) Medium pass by Vince Young to Devery Henderson. Tackled by Kris Jenkins. Complete pass of 5 yards. Play 4(TE option in) attempted pass by Vince Young. Sack by jeremiah Trotter. Loss of 12 yards Defense Play 1(2 man under) Run by Chris armstrong. Tackled by Brian Urlacher. Run of 2 yards Play 2(free fire) Medium pass by Kyle Boller to Randall Williams. Tackled by Brian Urlacher. Complete pass of 7 yards Play 3(double QB spy) Short pass by Kyle Boller to Curtis Armstrong. Defensive penalty of 5 yards. First down Play 4(3 deep under) Medium pass by Kyle Boller to Calvin Johnson. Tackled by Mike Patterson. Complete pass of 4 yards I am the jacksonville jaguars facing the Greenbay packers I won this game a good strategy is to mix your plays don’t be predictable that will definitely help you win games
  20. 20. Rubric • I will use the rubric to rate madden 08 • I will rate the game in different section with different grades
  21. 21. Awareness of audience 4, I think it is very aware of its audience. They make it easy by tell you how to play the game under the pause menu. I though it might be a little difficult to get used to it, but it really wasn’t in fact, I thought it was pretty simple to learn and play.
  22. 22. Sound and voice 4, I gave it a four because they are very good with the levels of sound that you start off at. They have a good soundtrack of music. There isn’t one genre of music. The game announcers are very helpful, they give hints, and tips as you play.
  23. 23. Images 3, It is not that the images were bad. I just thought they could have been a little better. There were some points were they were very corny, but there is a lot of detail also. Very well detailed. For example the number and name on the jerseys were very clear, if you looked at the instant replay.
  24. 24. Point of view 2, It doesn’t tell you how to play, or what to do with all of the options you have. So you have to figure them out. Which sometimes results in bad loses to your team, but you could guess a little bit on what each meant. so it wasn’t to hard for me to recognize what each meant
  25. 25. Economy 4, the economy was very well done. They took the exact statistics from real life, and put them in this game. For how much money each team had, and how much they could spend in a year.
  26. 26. Engagement 4, I give madden a 4 because I have been in trouble at home for playing it past my bedtime, and you told us more than once to stop playing the game. I definitely think out of all the games I have ever played, it is probably the best, or at least in the top 5 for games that I have played.
  27. 27. Complexity 4, I give it a 4 because it can be hard or easy to play, because you can choose your difficulty on the game, and they explain things semi deceint, but it isn’t complex at all none of the directions unless you want them to be.
  28. 28. Rules 3, if you have never played madden, it may be tough to figure it out on your own, but it is not to bad if you play foot ball or you pay attention to football, which is a lot of people. If not they have some in the game manual, or you can go online and look them up.
  29. 29. Usability 4, it is very easy to play once you understand how to play. Even when you don’t know, you learn pretty darn fast, so it isn’t bad. Plus as you get better the more fun it gets to play, and challenge your self
  30. 30. Final question 4, I gave this game a four because I really enjoyed playing it. I learned a lot from it that I thought I already knew about the game. I think it was laid out what to do and that is to win as many games as posible. that’s why I gave madden 08 a 4 overall grade.
  31. 31. Learning Roles • I was every learning role since I was the only person in my group. I did all the work on my own, except with the help on figuring out how to use slideshare. I had my dads help with that
  32. 32. Group Contributions • I provided the game station,did all my note taking on the computer strait into blogs. I wasn’t the only person keeping me on track though my parents played a big role in that so that I would get a good grade in this class. but I never saw other groups work. I would definietly try to get it done on time next time.
  33. 33. Reflection I thought that this class did help me to learn things with video games. I was expecting a little more of the learning, but overall thought it was an ok class. It also help me realize that to own a football team is very difficult to do with all the money the players want • I thought it was alright I don’t know for sure if I would do it again though.