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Star trek ppt pdf

  1. 1. that’s right you bitches get fucking word art This looks like an ad for a sitcom Who the fuck are you ppl my entire day consists of conversations about a movie I’ve never seen I am so fucking tired of hearing about this god damn movie It came out in liKE MAY. WHY THE FUCK IS MY ROOMATE STILL TALKING ABOUT
  2. 2. what it is In a galaxy somewhere really fucking far away on a ship called Enterprise, the sexual tension between characters becomes evident The only ship I actually understood from the beginning This guy knows what’s up Very obvious eyes sex. They’re not even tryin to hide it My roomate ships these two I never hear the end of it fucking I s2g
  3. 3. no but also apparently there’s adventure and shit But I mean how can you notice with all this eye candy Look at those hands Pew pew Free falling oh free falling You’re like the incredible hulk You couldn’t pay me enough to do this shit
  4. 4. characters Captain hot damn. I wonder what his booty looks like Bad ass take no shit from no one. you go gurl Well then shit sign me up for space travel god damn son The one who didn’t get enough screen time There’s always one sry guys This is one hot mother fucker let me tell you this is one of the only reasons I look at tumblr posts concerning this shit
  5. 5. more characters because why not The one who probably voices the leprechaun from those cereal commercials What a cutie. I really hope he doesn’t die because I do eventually plan on seeing this movie and I’d like him to be in it and alive
  6. 6. no but this is getting its own fucking slide THIS FUCKING PHRASE IS THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE I CAN DO ZAT fuCK Sarah can you get me a napkin. yES I CAN DO ZAT I CAN DO ZAT I don’t giVE A FUCK IF YOU “CAN DO ZAT” I JUST WANT MY NAPKIN I CAN DO ZAT he’s like a puppy I s2g russian boy You bitches think this is funny don’t you Hahah a WELL FUCK YOU
  7. 7. plot I don’t actually kno what happens but look at the hot people Sherlock who let you out of the bbc God damn those eyes I have no idea who the fuck this is dem eyebrows tho is he compensating for something I can do zat GO AWAY Great tattoos bro
  8. 8. conclusion It was apparently rlly good so see it just don’t come fucking crying to me about your feels becuz of it I’ll see this eventually. Maybe my views will change AM I RUSSIAN YET BECUZ I USE W INSTEAD OF V? I still kno very little about this movie Still have to hear about it tho Sad isn’t it VHAT? WICTOR WICTOR I HAVE A THICK ASS ACCENT FuCK OFF OH MY GOD
  9. 9. ze end dAMMIT