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2011.03 pinwheel phase1a


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2011.03 pinwheel phase1a

  1. 1. PITCHES: Pinwheel Anniversary Video (PHASE 01a)I. Silhouette Shapes on a TimelineThese triangle-shaped pieces fly through a space with a wire timeline, assembling to form different things withexisting shapes that mark pivotal moments in Pinwheel’s history, straight on to present day and beyond. Possible Treatment/Look: Vintage silhouette and saturated color palate Pinwheel Studio as a Rube Goldberg Machine“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep” - scott Adams. Thisquote appears before we enter Pinwheel’s front door. When it opens, it starts the machine that goes through
  2. 2. the studio, running past awards, strange contraptions, and maybe even pieces of favorite projects Pinwheelhas worked on. The machine is crazy and large, much too large to be in the studio. The machine finishes bypressing “enter” on a computer screen full of code. A nice typographic screen displaying “Pinwheel makes Art”pops up. The computer is then knocked over revealing the same typographic design “Pinwheel makes Art” ona printed, framed poster. NOTE: I’ve also considered this same idea with a robot with a Pinwheel heart who’sinsides function as the Rube Goldberg machine. Possible Treatment/Look: Photographic manipulation similar to this Cee Lo - Buried video
  3. 3. III. Circular DioramaCurtains pull up and reveal a diorama-looking set made of paper. There’s a series of two halfcircles that spin to reveal new scenes. As these scenes are revealed, more “layers” are revealed until the camerapans out fully and reveals a spinning pinwheel. Each “scene” can epitomize what Pinwheel does as a creativeagency. It can be a history of the company, or emphasize that it’s built a foundation for the future, or show thatbecause Pinwheel has it’s roots in traditional graphic and illustrative art and it’s head in the world of technologyand marketing, it’s suited to be a growing and lasting company. Possible Treatment/Look: Paper cut-out, could do this with a slight stop-motion jitter or a little smoother. For a good example of what I mean about this “spinning” diorama see this example:
  4. 4. NOTE: Though I’ve kept a possible look in mind for each of these ideas, the moodboards/look and ideas canpotentially mixed and matched. Things that might be helpful to move this section on to part B of phase 1: 1.) A tagline that encompasses Pinwheel as an agency if available. It doesn’t have to be in the film, but if there is one available, it can be used to send a specific message outside of Pinwheel is creative, which should just be assumed. 2.) Music/Soundtrack I noticed that the brief states no music with lyrics. I know we’re aiming for “uplifting”, but are there any songs that you feel would be appropriate? I have a few, but some are more energetic leaning and others have a more cinematic feel. Let me know if you have a vision on this front, otherwise, I’ll will proceed with my discretion.