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  1. 1. CreativePoeticsJessica Popejoy-Geiken
  2. 2. 1. speaker- the one who speaks2. diction - the way you enunciate a word3. imagery - an image that gives you a clue of what thepoem is about4. allusion - a way to say something without using the actualword5. simile- comparison using like or as.   6. personification - something not human portrayed as hu-man1PoetryDevices1
  3. 3. 7. metaphor - comparison - not using likeor as8. refrain - repeated phrase9. symbol - something that stands for some-thing else10. stanza -like a paragraph, but for poems11. alliteration-the commencement of twoor more words of a word group with thesame letter12. onomatopoeia- what sound you thinkof when you hear a word13. enjambment - the continuation fromone line of verse into the next line withouta pause.14. connotation- all the feelings that comealong with a word15. denotation- the literal meaning of aword16. euphemism- a sugar-coated way of say-ing something17. tone- the way you say your words18. hyperbole - obvious and intentional ex-aggeration2
  4. 4. SECTION 13
  5. 5. Black OutPoetry2Black out poetry. It is the removal of unnecessary words ina text and the words or phrases come together in a poeticmanner.4
  6. 6. 5
  7. 7. Haiku3Originating in Japan, Haikus are a very easy form of poetrythat is used currently around the world.First five syllablesThen add another sevenFive syllables more6
  8. 8. HaikusSECTION 1Scrolling down the pagePause. Reblog. and keep goingEat, sleep, breathe my blogEloquent writingPerfection drips from my wordsInspiring you7
  9. 9. I am happy and creativeI wonder if I fed my fish todayI hear music in my head every dayI see what I want to seeI am happy and outgoingI pretend I’m famousI feel pretty goodI touch my hair out of habitI worry about my friendI cry over artI am happy and creative8I am4
  10. 10. I understand pretty much nothingI say I’m fineI dream I am adventurous and wittyI try to be calmI hope I can eat a more than one piece ofcake somedayI am happy and creative9
  11. 11. Sonnets5A poem that has fourteen lines using formal rhymeschemes, usually having ten syllables in a line.Forms a “square”1014 linesIambic Pentameter
  12. 12. English and ItalianSECTION 1Chills like a fire but burns hot like the ice11Italian Eng-lishSonnetShakepearianAbbaAbbaAbbaect.PetrarchanCDECDE,CDEorCD,CDCDIambicPentameter4 linesCauartrain2 coupletsSextetOctave8-lines
  13. 13. 12As contradictory and stone and laceChills like a fire but burns hot like the iceShe is gentle and sweet to those in needBut bites the tounge of those with idle mindsShe tames the beast of temper from hot mouthsShe lights passion in minds of apathyRaises the hearts of the lost and lonelyAnd can yet crush those on high pedastlesWords fill her with exitement and emotionAnd yet struggles to scribe it on the pageHow spiteful and drawn apart she can beStill her joy can carry across mountainsAs contrary as stone and laceA sonnet for the great and flawfull Grace
  14. 14. SECTION 2Quiz:13Review 5.1 Poetry QuizCheck AnswerQuestion 1 of 5Where did Haikus originate?A. RussiaB. FranceC. JapanD. Norway
  15. 15. Concrete poetry or shape poetry is poetry in which the ty-pographical arrangement of words is as important in convey-ing the intended meaning.14ConcretePoem6
  16. 16. Acrostic7An acrostic is a poem or other form of writing in which thefirst letter or syllable is used to portray a similar meaning.15
  17. 17. 16I believe when I fall in love this time it will be foreverL ost in a February SongO ceanoV oce Existe Em MimE verybody wants to be lovedJ ust don’t tell me that it’s too late to love youO f the bells of New York City calling me to stayS o she dancesH idden AwayG alileo fell in love as a Galilean boyR emember when it rainedO ver mountains and sky blue seasB raveA nd I watched you fly awayN ow or Never
  18. 18. Free Verse8 “Poetry that does not rhyme or have a regular meter.”Write watever you pleaseIt can be dark or light or heavy with sadnessPerhaps you don’t have time to rhymeSo don’t. Whatever you pleaseRhythm doesn’t appeal to you?Don’t. Do what you please,In free verse.17
  19. 19. Ode9A lyric poem in the form of an address to a particular sub-ject, often elevated in style or manner and written in variedor irregular meter.18
  20. 20. Ode to the DoctorSECTION 119The big Bad Wolf and the Fantastic ManWhen he says “run” from the manequin menDo as he say’s, and a new life beginsAnd then you meet a foe he once thought deadThe lonely Dalek encased in hatredWith a child and a captain he learns to danceHappy because just once, every one livesDeadly games and sweet Lynda with a “Y”Trapped in a satellite station of deathThe big Bad Wolf and the Fantastic ManHe’s like fire and ice “the oncoming storm”With what he truely meant left unsaid,His fury will save the runaway bride.Don’t Blink. Don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead.With the sound of drums pounding in his headThey’re all together at the journey’s endGone are his friends and his partner in crimeThe madman, his savior, the end of time,And then he is gone without a goodbye.He’s like fire and ice “the oncoming storm”.
  21. 21. 20i understood that referenceThe ragedy man, the nurse with a phoneA scared little girl who’s never aloneHis wife, his sweetie, his mystery tooTheir lives entangled in an enigmaHe doesn’t like endings but still they cameHe found a friend who took away his painA bodiless mind who asks his nameUsing it to harm him and bring him pain.I understood that reference