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Mater Little Miracles Christmas Wishes


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Make a Wish This Christmas

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Mater Little Miracles Christmas Wishes

  1. 1. This Christmas you can help sick babies and children spending the festive season in hospital.It’s simple. Encourage your staff and clients to purchase a special Christmas bauble and send a wish to ourstate’s most vulnerable babies and children.With your help we aim to have 30,000 Christmas wishes come back to the hospital, which cares for more than30,000 children and babies each year. Your Christmas wish can help to fund the world class research andlifesaving equipment required to make little miracles happen every day.The concept is simple, time efficient and low cost, providing positive results for your organisation and theMater.How it worksPurchase a Christmas wish bauble for $5, $10, $20 or $50 and hang it on your organisation’s Christmas tree – orcreate your own wishing wall.Wishes can be sent back to the hospital, where the money raised will be used to fund vital research andtreatments for sick kids.Your wish can bring hope and valuable services to the large number of children who will be spending thisChristmas in hospital.BenefitsThe Christmas wish campaign presents a wonderful opportunity for you to participate in a program that engagesstaff, clients and contacts alike.Participation provides your organisation with a chance to build team morale and demonstrates that yourorganisation cares about the community.Businesses may choose to announce the total amount raised at their Christmas Party or end of year function.We can provide a thank you video to play to staff.The simple and effective program can be managed by reception staff.
  2. 2. AssociationBy partnering with the Mater, your organisation will be associated with an iconic and highly respected healthorganisation that is a leader in the not-for-profit sector. Members of the community will be informed of yourphilanthropic values and the importance you place on community engagement.Changing LivesThe most important benefit is that your organisation will be helping Queensland’s sickest babies and their familiesduring their greatest time of need. Your participation will help sick kids to lead normal, healthy lives – a truemiracle.About Mater Little MiraclesMater Mothers’ Hospitals is the busiest maternity hospital in Australia and one in seven Queenslanders will beborn under our care.It’s this care that gives our babies and children the best possible start to life and your support will absolutelymake miracles happen for these families.Each year, the community funded Mater Little Miracles program impacts the 15 000 children cared for asinpatients at Mater Children’s Hospital, the 120 000 children cared for as outpatients and the 32 000 children andbabies who receive emergency care in the Mater Children’s Emergency Department, which is the busiest inQueensland.The Mater Little Miracles program also supports our Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU) where specialist staff carefor premature and seriously ill babies.The investment in equipment, resources, education or medical research can make some very ‘big miracles’happen for these babies and children who are our smallest and most vulnerable patients.With your help… Mater Foundation aims to raise $7 million by 2015 to fund approximately 25 research projects to help children, mothers and babies. These research advancements will improve medical practices throughout Australia and the world. Mater researchers are finding the answers to some of our most significant medical challenges, such as identifying congenital heart disease in babies before they are born; understanding what premature babies need to thrive; developing specific diagnostic tests for autistic spectrum disorders, and finding the causes of unexplained stillbirth.It is only with your support for Mater Little Miracles that this research is possible.Please Contact Sue Bell to order your office pack today on 0417 729 748