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media research (A level)

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  1. 1. TWILIGHT‘’when you can live forever, what do you live for?’’
  2. 2. Establishing characters and settingIn the opening minute of Twilight you only see the establishing shot of the forestand the deer that the cameras follow up until 1.06. The camera follows the deeron a run through the forest until an ‘object’ or ‘thing’ catches the deer, showingthat this establishing shot later has something to do with the film. The setting ofthe film in the opening sequence also reflects the narrative of the film. As theforest is where Edward lives and is also the main setting for Forks being set in themiddle of nowhere. The establishing shot also allows us to see where Bella ismoving to, and helps us understand Bella’s feelings. Pathetic fallacy is also usedthroughout the opening sequence or for at least a minute, to create the mood ofBella. The deer in the forest is clearly an icon for the film, as it sets a sense of stalking and hunting, which is what the genre of the film is about, ‘Vampires’ which again tells the audience what the film is going to based around. Icon for the film.
  3. 3. Actors in the filmTwilight is a big Hollywood block buster and therefore you expect there to be A-listactors and actresses in the film, the opening credits do not show the charactersnames within the first two minutes, but they do show the main character, Bella(Kristen Stewart) in the opening sequence. As the main character of Bella is shown first, and only herself is shown, you can see no clear relationships of the characters for the first 2 minutes of this film. The only thing that suggests her relationships is when she talks about her Father and going to live with him in Forks. There is no substantial link between Bella and Edward in the opening sequence, unless you link the predator of the deer to Bella being hunted by Edward.
  4. 4. SoundIn the opening sequence there is a voice over of Bella speaking about her life inArizona and how she is moving to Forks with her dad (Charlie). The non diegetic soundof Bella’s voice engages the reader as they can hear a voice but they do not yet knowwho is speaking, the first initial impression is that the voice you can hear in theopening sequence is definitely going to be of a main character in the film.Diegetic sound is used when the deer is being hunted and as it is running through theforest, you can here the sound of leaves, branches and the ground crunching as thedeer is running, makes the audience feel as though they are running with the deer toget away from whatever is chasing it.
  5. 5. Font and CreditsIn the opening sequence there is no credits and therefore no clear fontfor what the audience can see. When the opening sequence gets toabout 2.04 seconds and this is when we see the title of Twilight castover the forest of Forks (where Bellas father lives).This suggests that the director and producer wanted us to focus on whatwas happening in the first 2 minutes rather than looking at what peoplestar in the film. As the opening sequence shows the audience the genreof the film.
  6. 6. Camera Angles and Editing
  7. 7. Mise-en-SceneLighting- the lighting of the opening sequence is very dark and this suggest that thetheme of the film is going to be quite dark and mythical which fits in well with thegenre.Props- the props used in the opening sequence are very minimal as there is no realsetting of where props can be used. The only part of where this is shown is when Bellais holding the cactus, resembling she lives in Arizona with her mum.Setting- the setting of the forest is an icon for the latter stages of the film and wheremost of the events take place.Costume- Again the only costume we see is of Bella, the costume she is wearing showsthe film is set in recent years, but also shows her social class, as the clothes don’talways resemble wealth or being poor, so this shows she is middle class.
  8. 8. Target AudienceAge- the age range of the audience for Twilightis aimed at mainly the primary audience of 12-15 year olds and the typical people that go towatch it and buy the books, posters and box setshow that the film is based around the youngeraudience, although it can be watched by anadult audience the primary target audience isdefinitely for younger teenagers.
  9. 9. Gender- the gender is most probably for bothgenders but you find that a lot of girls tend to watchTwilight more than boys, this may because of thecharacters involved are attractive young men thatgirls want to go and see at the cinema. The film alsohas a masculine role as there are scenes in the filmwith special effects or the conflict scenes betweenthe groups in the films. This shows that althoughthe film is aimed at all genders, the film as fallentowards a more female audience.
  10. 10. Reason for viewing- the reason that people may goto see Twilight is for escapism, to get a way fromtheir real life and relax and watch something thatisnt anything to do with their lives. Maybe it is tocollect the films, if you have seen the first two, theymay go and see the final two because they feel likethey need to watch all the films and see them all.Another reason is to go and see them forentertainment to be entertained and watch theirfavourite actors or actresses in the cinema.
  11. 11. Nationality- Twilight is a mainstream Americanblockbuster but has been successful all aroundEurope especially in the UK therefore their targetaudience based around nationality is mainlyAmericans and Europeans. As this is where it ismainly shown and viewed. The genre of the filmalso effects the nationality, as it’s a vampire basedfilm this definitely shows the American side of thisfilm. The Atlantic cross over to the United Kingdomalso effects the nationality of the film as eventhough this film is American it has also become verybig over here in the UK.
  12. 12. Family role- people may go to view Twilight in agroup of friends, including a group of girlsbecause this film is merely been made for girls.But some people may go to view this with theirdaughter or younger sister as part of a familyrole. The main reason people may go to watch itas a group of friends is because they are at theage they are starting to go to the cinema ontheir own which makes it become more of asocial function.
  13. 13. Media Institutions and distributionSummit Hill Entertainment, Temple HillEntertainment and Maverick Films all ownTwilight in an ownership, therefore for all ofthese companies produced the film together.Summit Distribution distributed the film withthe help of many other distributors WarnerHome video being one of them along withSummit Home Entertainment.
  14. 14. Links between the target audience and theproduction companies are very similar to myother films as Summit Entertainment purelyproduce films to entertain people, they willtarget at the mainstream audience, the peoplethat go to the cinemas and watch films based ontheir taste in film or for their entertainment.
  15. 15. The release date in the cinemas were 19thDecember 2008, making it popular in theChristmas holidays for their target audience of12-15 year olds to watch. Twilight has an agerestriction of 12A making the film accessible totheir target audience but if the viewer is of theage of twelve or under they have to beaccompanied by an adult. The film includes thescenes of drama, fantasy and adventure.
  16. 16. Twilight has now been out for 3 years, meaning that it mayhave been broadcasted onto the TV for viewing at home andon basic TV programs. Although I have no history of when ithas been shown on the television, the film company may sellTwilight to a TV channel for example, itv1 or film4 beforeTwilights next film in the sequel is about to come out at thecinemas. This will give fans and viewers that watch the filmtune into that channel to watch it, as the following week theyare going to watch the latest one in the sequel that’s out atthe cinema. The film would most probably be show at around6.15 pm on a Saturday night as this is when their targetaudience is able to watch it at the weekend, when theyhavent got school the next day.