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Website hub


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Website hub

  1. 1. Jessica KrywosaDirector of WebCommunicationSuffolk University, Boston
  2. 2. Agenda● A little about me / A lot about you● Setting the tone: the basics● Importance of Sticking to a Strategy● Measurement via Your Website● Optimization for Insight & Results
  3. 3. Hi! I’m Jess…● Originally from Upstate NY (Lewis County)● Degrees in Communication and Integrated Marketing● 11 years in education communication/marketing● NCLB grant, MA DOE college access campaign, local and national college access and education reform work● Special expertise in college access for underserved audiences
  4. 4. …Where am I?● Originally hired as Director of Electronic Marketing for Enrollment, Retention and International Programs (one division)● Moved 2 years ago internally to newly formed Office of University Communications (separate division)● Still primarily focused on enrollment/retention projects● Work closely on other university projects for electronic strategy, measurement & integration
  5. 5. Where Do You Sit?● Politics can be a major hindrance● Do you currently work from a marketing strategy?● School Vs. Department● Focus: Admissions Marketing
  6. 6. Happy with your website?...Neither are we….
  7. 7. Your Site = Communications Hub
  8. 8. Affecting Change● The Big Picture. Find it.● What’s important? Measure that.● What works? Do more of it.● ‘We’ > ‘Us’ > ‘Me’
  9. 9. What Questionsare you asked…
  10. 10. About effectiveness: “DID IT WORK?”
  11. 11. About web traffic:“HOW IS THE WEBSITEDOING?”
  12. 12. About ‘campaigns’:“DID THEY READ OUREMAIL?”
  13. 13. Marketing Solves aProblem…..A Specific One
  14. 14. Finding a Solution● Define the problem● Research the audience● Build the tactic● Measure & adjust
  15. 15. Strategy+ Measurement+ OptimizationSuccess
  16. 16. Strategy+ Measurement+ OptimizationSuccess
  17. 17. Does anyone reallycare?
  18. 18. Defining Success● Benchmark● Deadlines● Flexibility● Learning
  19. 19. Stick to (& maintain)a Strategy
  20. 20. Who are We?● What are our institutional goals?● How does our dept support these?● What problems do we currently face?● What tactics are pushing to the .edu? Why?
  21. 21. Maintenance● Is your strategy dusty?● Does everyone work from it?● Have we shared our current reporting on it?● What needs to be changed?
  22. 22. Strategies are notstatic: we can adjustthem at any time
  23. 23. Measurement
  24. 24. Tactic Audit● What types of tactics are you using most often?● What will success mean for each tactic?● How will you measure each channel?● What kind of ROI are you going to calculate?
  25. 25. Tactics & Channels Together● How do they intersect● How do they differ● Are we looking at the total package● Define both tactic and channel measurements
  26. 26. KPI’s or ‘Big Picture’● Outcomes ○ Conversions ○ Engagement ○ ROI● Specific to Admissions ○ Downloads (specific audience goals) ○ Clicks to external pages (applications, etc.) ○ Visit registration ○ Dept of visit ○ New visits/locations ○ Travel
  27. 27. For Admissions:Applications & Enrolls
  28. 28. For Admissions:Applications & Enrolls○ Engagement○ Downloads○ Visits○ Email Opt in○ Social Media
  29. 29. Set Google Analytics Goals● Downloads● Clicks● Plays● Engagement● Registrations● Payments
  30. 30. Use Advanced Segments● International● Mobile● Social Media● Organic Search
  31. 31. Use Annotations● Campaign start● Campaign end● Changes?
  32. 32. What works?● Analyze tactics● Uncover hidden strengths/weaknesses● Set specific increases (%)● Change affected?● Note time of year, year over year
  33. 33. Monitor & Update
  34. 34. Testing & Optimization● Email● Online Ads● Web pages● Landing Pages● Social Media & Other Referrers
  35. 35. Offline Redirects:Do people use them?
  36. 36. Don’t Forget: Events!
  37. 37. Don’t Forget:Surveys!
  38. 38. Let’s Focus on Two…Email & Landing Pages
  39. 39. Optimizing: Email● Subject Lines● Body Copy● Buttons for CTA● Placement● Images● Mobile
  40. 40. Optimizing: Landing Pages● Form length● Buttons for CTA● Body Copy● Images● Simplicity
  41. 41. A/B Split or Multivariate● A/B ○ Simple – A or B (and sometimes C) ○ Software (ESP) or Self● Multivariate ○ More complex – A1, A2, A3, and B1, B2, B3, and C1….. ○ More likely software
  42. 42. Testing & Optimization
  43. 43. Testing & Optimization
  44. 44. Testing is never‘one and done’
  45. 45. Do You Report Findings?● Who receives reports● How are they used● What format should they take● How often should they be updated● What type of information should they include
  46. 46.
  47. 47. Let’s Continue…
  48. 48. Further Discussion? Anything else?If not….Thanks!