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In The Moment: Creating an Interactive Commencement


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Each year, thousands of families sit passively awaiting the moment that their one graduate finally crosses the stage. But until that fleeting minute, they sit, hot, hungry, tired and anxious. Why not give them something to do?

Graduates too, wait, anxious, excited, taking pictures, texting, sharing video. Why not provide a place for them to share this experience together, online, collectively and archived for them to view and share later?

What about those who cannot make it to the ceremony? How do they share in the day?

Last May, Suffolk University found a way to capture all of the activity that commencement brings. Find out how we used our institutional website, livestream, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, FourSquare, Flickr, text to screen and pre-shot video to make commencement a living, breathing event for all to experience.

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In The Moment: Creating an Interactive Commencement

  1. 1. In The Moment:Creating an Interactive Commencement Jessica Krywosa (@jesskry) & George Comeau (@geocomeau) #ne21
  2. 2. 62 #ne21
  3. 3. TacticsHome Page TakeoverLivestreamPhotographySocial FlowLive Pre ShowsText-to-screen #ne21
  4. 4. #ne21
  5. 5. Why the hellwould we do this? #ne21
  6. 6. 1,200new alumni #ne21
  7. 7. 6,000seated inaudience #ne21
  8. 8. 250seated inoverflow #ne21
  9. 9. Step One:Get. It. Done. #ne21
  10. 10. To Do: 1. Find Student Anchors 2. Shoot Opening Reel 3. Find Text-to-Screen Vendor 4. Develop Homepage Hub 5. Create/Test Livestream 6. Architect Photo Flow 7. Alert Students to BringPhone 8. Prepare venue/truck #ne21
  11. 11. Step Two: Day Of“Success”{Insanity}. #ne21
  12. 12. To Do:  Roll Opening Reel Live Rammy Student Anchors/Switching On Site Web Publishing Photo Handoffs/Uploads Social Aggregation/Response Text Moderation/Approval #ne21
  13. 13. Step Three:Measure & Assess. #ne21
  14. 14. 4,575Live Views #ne21
  15. 15. 25,700 Storify views (in 1 wk) #ne21
  16. 16. 635 tweets = 858,210impressions (in 24hrs) #ne21
  17. 17. 3,400 txts =1,800 phones (in 90mins) #ne21
  18. 18. This Year?! #ne21
  19. 19. Thank You! @jesskry &@geocomeau #ne21