Art II shattered image drawing instructions


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A drawing project based in Cubism, focusing on a full range of values and shattering an image.

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Art II shattered image drawing instructions

  1. 1. Shattered Image Drawing• 1) Choose an object that is interesting or important to you. If it is a photo, and you want to enlarge it precisely, make a grid of½” squares over it.• 2) Make a grid, proportional but larger (with 1” or 1.5” squared) on the white drawing paper.• 3) Now make a LINE or CONTOUR DRAWING of your object in the grid or by free-handing it. No shading. Then erase the grid squares if you used a grid.• TIP: Don’t choose something too simple or too complicated.
  2. 2. Picasso portrait of Igor Stravinsky Examples of contour drawings
  3. 3. • 4) Now choose a pattern to overlay over your object. Try to make it relate to the object. (example: a hot air balloon with a cloud pattern over it.• 5) Lightly draw the pattern over the whole page. Make the pieces or pattern touch. You can use a stencil. You can also draw straight or curvy lines over your contour drawing to create shapes.
  4. 4. 6) Time to start shading: – Get a 4B or 6B pencil • If not use a 2B, not a mechanical pencil • In each shape you will choose a dark side and a light side and create a gradation from one to the next- so that each shape has a dark and light side. • The adjacent shape (the shape next to it) should have dark next to the light of the first shape, and all shapes will alternate light- dark. Whenever you reach a line, change value. Light next to dark and dark next to light. The original lines will “disappear” into changes in value.
  5. 5. EXAMPLES of student work