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WordPress Can Do That


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Published in: Technology, Business
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WordPress Can Do That

  1. 1. WordPress  Can  Do  That   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  2. 2. About  Me:  Jess  Jurick  •  Senior  Web  Strategist  @  10up  LLC,  a   WordPress  development  &  strategy  agency  •  Over  4  years  of  experience  developing   interacCve  strategies  for  top  brands,  non-­‐ profits,  and  start-­‐ups  •  Dozens  of  clients,  from  universiCes  like  URI  to  VIP  clients  like  Universal   Sports  and  TechCrunch  •  @jessjurick   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  3. 3. What  is  this  session  about?    •  Exploring  the  power  of  WordPress  by   examining:   –  Unique  frontend  experiences   –  Customized  backend  publishing  experiences   –  Themes  &  plug-­‐ins  •  Inspiring  you  to  expect  more!   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  4. 4. Common  Myths  About  WordPress  •  Design  limitaCons  •  Technical  limitaCons  •  Inability  to  scale  •  Security  issues     WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  5. 5. The  Debunkers  •  WordPress  sites  don’t  have  to  look  the  same  •  Custom  post  types  and  robust  APIs  allow   skilled  devs  to  extend  WordPress  to  do   amazing  things  •  hosts  35  million  +  sites    •  No  major  security  issues  in  a  few  years  •  Powers  nearly  15%  of  the  world’s  top  sites,   and  22%  of  acCve  new  sites  in  the  US     WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  6. 6. Twenty  Eleven  •  Simple,  blog   focused  theme  •  Powerful   customizaCon   opCons   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  7. 7. Twenty  Eleven   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  8. 8. Twenty  Twelve  •  Website  focused   with  blog   undertones  •  Strong  typography,   clean  layout  •  Even  more   customizaCon   opCons!   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  9. 9.  •  Twi[er  curaCon   site  with  unique   social  integraCon  •  oEmbed  to  allow   for  easy   embedding  of   tweets  •  Unique  design  with   disCnct  featured   content  areas   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  10. 10.  •  Mainstream  music   group  •  Unique  design/UX   employing  scroll  vs.   typical  menu   structure  •  Not  just  a  blog,  but   a  complete  digital   hub   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  11. 11.  •  JayZ’s  new  lifestyle   magazine  •  Highly  visual   navigaCon  model,   emphasis  on   mulCmedia   content  •  Not  just  a  blog,  but   a  digital  magazine   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  12. 12.  •  Major  TV  network  •  UClizing  custom   post  types  to   manage  page  skins,   schedules,  and   video  content  •  140,000  +  live   streams  during  the   Boston  Marathon   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  13. 13.   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  14. 14.   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  15. 15.   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  16. 16.   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  17. 17.   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  18. 18. Rhode  Island  Energy  •  Online  hub  for   energy  usage  data   from  across  RI  •  Liberal  use  of  page   templates  for   ulCmate  flexibility  •  Easy  embed   support  for  Flash-­‐ based  maps  and   on-­‐the-­‐fly  graphing   wizard   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  19. 19. Rhode  Island  Energy   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  20. 20. eMusic  •  Music  subscripCon   service  •  6  million  visits  per   month  •  400,000  subscribers  •  Lots  of  custom   publishing  interfaces  •  h[p:// 2011/09/08/sco[-­‐ taylor-­‐wordpress-­‐in-­‐ the-­‐enterprise-­‐at-­‐ emusic/   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  21. 21. ArgoMT  •  Online  translaCon   service  •  Use  of  custom  post   types  to  make   content   management  a   breeze  •  IntegraCon  with   Argo’s  online   applicaCon   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  22. 22. ArgoMT   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  23. 23.  •  Allows  users  to   view  broadband   availability  across   every   neighborhood  in   the  United  States  •  Supports  25  million   data  records     WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  24. 24. Theme  Libraries  •  Lots  of  off  the  shelf   theme  opCons  for   specific  niches  •  Ones  to  check  out:   WooThemes,   StudioPress,  and   ThemeForest     WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  25. 25. Plug-­‐ins  •  Yep,  there’s  probably   a  plug-­‐in  for  that  •  Pro  Tips:   –  Be  selecCve   –  Keep  your  plug-­‐ins  up   to  date   –  Avoid  plug-­‐ins  that   replicate  core   funcConality   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  26. 26. Gravity  Forms   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  27. 27. WooCommerce   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  28. 28. bbPress   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  29. 29. BuddyPress  •  Add  a  social  network   to  your  WordPress   implementaCon  •  Features  include:     –  AcCvity  streams   –  User  groups   –  Extended  profiles   –  Private  messaging   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  30. 30. Want  more  inspiraPon?  •  VIP  News:   h[p://  •  WordPress  Showcase:   h[p://  •  BuddyPress  Showcase:   h[p://  •  Code  Poet:   h[p://   WordPress  Can  Do  That  
  31. 31. WordPress  Can  Do  That   by  Jess  Jurick   @jessjurick    Slides  will  be  available  at!   WordPress  Can  Do  That