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50states jessikafrench


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50states jessikafrench

  1. 1. Jessika French Williams Computer Apps. P. 1Seventeenth/January/Two-Thousand Twelve
  2. 2.  Eureka is the state slogan. Capital City: Sacramento Location: 38.546N, 121.426W Courts: Judicial System Border States: Arizona, Nevada, Oregon Nickname: Golden State
  3. 3.  Their slogan is friendship. Capital City: Austin Location: 30.305N, 97.750W Tree: Pecan or Carya Illinoensis Courts: Judicial System Nickname: Lone Star State
  4. 4.  Their slogan is Crescit eundo which means, it grows as it goes. Capital City: Santa Fe Location: 35.678N, 105.954W Tree: Pinyon Pine or Pinus edulis Courts: Judicial System Nickname: Land of Enchantment
  5. 5.  Their slogan is Alki which means, Bye and Bye. Capital City: Olympia Location: 47.041N, 122.893W Tree: Western Hemlock or Tsuga heterophylla Courts: Judicial System Nickname: The Evergreen State
  6. 6.  Their slogan is Virtute et armis which means, By valor and arms. Capital City: Jackson Location: 32.320N, 90.207W Constitution: 20th State Courts: Judicial System Nickname: Magnolia State
  7. 7.  Their slogan is Virtue, Liberty, and Independence. Capital City: Harrisburg Location: 40.276N, 76.884W Courts: Judicial System Constitution: 2nd State Nickname: Keystone State
  8. 8.  Their slogan is, In God We Trust. Capital City: Tallahassee Location: 30.457N, 84.281W Constitution: 27th State Courts: Judicial System Nickname: Sunshine State
  9. 9.  Their slogan is Ditat Deus which means, God enriches. Capital City: Phoenix Location: 33.542N, 112.071W Constitution: 48th State Courts: Judicial System Museums: The Virtual Library
  10. 10.  Their slogan is Labor omnia vincit which means Labor conquers all things. Capital City: Oklahoma City Location: 35.467N, 97.513W Constitution: 46th State Courts: Judicial System Flower: Mistletoe
  11. 11.  Their slogan is Excelsior. Capital City: Albany Location: 42.665N, 73.799W Courts: Judicial System Constitution: 11th State Flower: Rose