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The Story of Sustainable

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  1. 1. You wake up (ugh)
  2. 2. You go to getyour morningcoffee(sweet, sweet savior)
  3. 3. And while in line, you comeacross this ...
  4. 4. It starts you thinking… (hmmm)And as you walkout the door...
  5. 5. You pause, and take the1/2 second to throw yourpaper cup and plastic lidinto the recycle bin
  6. 6. You go home,and pick upyour son to goto the mall
  7. 7. When you pay for his new shoes,you notice that the bag for theshoe box has been designed sothat it is part of the packaging (ah, clever!)
  8. 8. While you’re at the mall,you remember you needto pick up a birthday giftfor your niece
  9. 9. You are overwhelmedby the number of toysand start to noticehow much packagingis surrounding a smalltoy just so that it willstand out amidst allthe other toys
  10. 10. Then you notice a toy where thepackaging is part of the toy itself,and a cool toy at that. (pretty impressive!) So you buy it
  11. 11. You get a muchneeded snackwith your son inthe food court
  12. 12. The hot chocolate you choosecomes in a biodegradable bag thatdissolves into the hot water(awesome, no waste!)
  13. 13. You swing by the grocerystore on your way home (ugh, more errands!)
  14. 14. While in the checkout line, youread an article in a magazine aboutin.gredient – a grocery store thatdoesn’t have any packaging
  15. 15. You watch the grocery clerk stuffthe boxes and bags into other bags. (seriously?)Which makes you decideto check out in.gredientgrocery store nextweekend.
  16. 16. When you get home, yourdaughter runs down the stairsto show you her birthday giftfrom her grandma
  17. 17. You and your daughter are amazedas you watch the EarPod packagingdissolve in water before your eyes (way to go Apple!)
  18. 18. A FedEx package arrivesat your door
  19. 19. You open the package to finda bottle of wine packagedin biodegradable mushroompackaging
  20. 20. You toss the package onthe compost heap in yourbackyard, knowing it willbiodegrade within a fewweeks
  21. 21. After enjoying a glassof that wine, yourealize how manyinnovative packagingoptions you have beenexposed to today
  22. 22. All of these optionsare all working todecrease the 31%of packaging wastestatistic you saw thismorning
  23. 23. And then you realizehow simple it could beto incorporatesustainablepackaging choicesin your every day life...
  24. 24. And demand it from thecompanies and brands youchoose...or make the choice to goelsewhere.
  25. 25. By making consciouschoices, you can helpdecide how quickly“some day” will be today. (let’ start now!) s
  26. 26. Thanks for the images: depostiphotos Monosol: Thomas Liggett