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Jessie warfeldiscussion4


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Jessie warfeldiscussion4

  1. 1. Standardized Testing and it’s Impact on Students Jessie Warfel
  2. 2. SAT & ACT = College Grades Standardized Achievement Tests = Acquired Knowledge & Skills
  3. 3. Instructionally insensitive
  4. 4. Standardized testing in schools is inadequately evaluating our children while attempting to make our schools look good.
  5. 5. 1965: Elementary and Secondary Education Act Evaluate schools Produce evidence or no money
  6. 6. Limited Promote differences distress
  7. 7. State knew the test was not evaluating students accurately. Nothing was done!
  8. 8. 25,000 students placed in the wrong percentile
  9. 9. 50/50 Socio-economic
  10. 10. Measure intelligence Assign Labels
  11. 11. Disturbed Sleep Tiredness Worry Irregular Eating Habits Infections Inability to Concentrate
  12. 12. Crying Outbursts Wetting their pants Flu-like Symptoms
  13. 13. Limited Promote Differences Distress
  14. 14. Current Grades Current Course Work Hard Work