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Pie charts from surveys


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Pie charts from surveys

  1. 2. I didn’t include an age question into my questionnaire but all the people I asked to fill one in were between the age of 16-22. The majority of people that undertook my questionnaire were female, with approximately 30% male.
  2. 3. The majority of the people who took the questionnaire preferred either Rock/Indie or Pop/Chart and R&B music. Some people also chose more than one genre which is why there are more than 20 results. I think for my magazine the genre of music it will be based around will be Indie Rock/Folk as, as well as them being popular genres, they interest me and I think I can create an interesting, modern and edgy designed magazine. I think I can incorporate the genre of Folk music as well as Rock because I think it’ll still appeal to the target audience who enjoy Indie/Rock music.
  3. 4. There isn’t a significant difference in the preference of colour scheme from the people who undertook the questionnaire but the majority of people liked Black and White or Blue and White. I liked these colour schemes as well as I think they could look quite chic and could work well with a minimalistic design for the magazine. Grey and White was the least popular of the colour schemes but it was actually one of my favourites, so I may still consider using some grey and white somewhere in the magazine.
  4. 5. The majority of people would look for interviews and gig listings in a music magazine. I am definitely going to include both of these as I myself have found in the past that magazines such as NME, who include gig listings, are very helpful in finding out what is on in the week/month and finding events in your home city/town. Interview are also very popular and I think this is because it is exclusive material for a magazine that will make customers buy it. It gives customers a more personal interaction with artists and bands which will attract audiences to purchase the magazine. Celebrity gossip is also very popular but I think that celebrity gossip can look trashy and cheap, as it is associated with lower end magazines such as Heat or Now Magazine, which isn’t the look or feel that my magazine will particularly have.
  5. 6. People seem to be mostly attracted to a cheaper priced magazine, especially because the age group I gave out my questionnaires to and who will be my target audience, are teenagers and young people who generally won’t have as much money as adults in steady jobs or well paid jobs. I think, although people were attracted to this cheap price, I want to charge a slightly higher price as I want the magazine to feel like a luxury and a high end product. I think I will charge around £3.00 for my magazine, and this will still attract a large audience as 7 people still chose in their questionnaire, the option of paying £2.50 - £3.50 for a music magazine. + +
  6. 7. The majority of people who undertook the questionnaire preferred to buy a monthly music magazine and I think this is good because it will then be more affordable to young people and will be a luxury as it only comes out monthly. This publication frequency will then also give the audience something to wait for and to look forward to, meaning more people will tend to buy it again if it is good and they will be excited for the next issue to come out. Also, monthly magazines tend to be higher end magazines and the audience know that the quality of content will be high due to a longer time of production.
  7. 8. A lot of people don’t read music magazines which indicated there is a space in the market for a new magazine to meet the needs of these people and attract them to a music magazine that may be different to others already on the shelves. NME seems to be the most popular or well known music magazine which is based around the similar sort of genre that I will be basing my own music magazine on. This is helpful to know because then I know that there will be an audience interested in my magazine and I can also analyse what NME may be missing or lacking in and use that information to make my magazine the best in the industry. Although only 2 people read Clash magazine, this shows me at least that a simplistic, edgy style cover is popular and could attract customers.