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Horror genre presentation


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Horror genre presentation

  1. 1. HORROR
  2. 2. THE HORROR GENREA horror film is designed to evoke a sense of fear and anxiety forthe audience, and a viewer watches a horror film in order to satisfya need for a sense of adrenaline and horror. Out of all genres ofcinematography, horror seems to arouse the most amount of differentnegative emotions, including:PANIC TERRORALARM REVULSION REPULSIONSADNESSWORRY SUSPENSE
  3. 3. ORROR CONVENTION‘Horror films often deal with the viewers nightmares, hiddenfears, revulsions and terror of the unknown. Plots within thehorror genre often involve the intrusion of an evil force, event,or personage, commonly of supernatural origin, into the everydayworld. Prevalent elements include:GHOSTS, ALIENS, VAMPIRES,WEREWOLVES, CURSES,SATANISM, DEMONS,GORE, TORTURE,VICIOUS ANIMALS,MONSTERS, ZOMBIES,CANNIBALS, ANDSERIAL KILLERS (WIKIPEDIA 2012).’
  4. 4. ONVENTIONAL SETTINGSpooky forest/woodland Abandoned/creepy isolated castles Hospitals Graveyards
  5. 5. ONVENTIONAL SETTING Isolated Communities e.g. Asylum in Shutter Island Attics/Basements Churches Haunted/isolated houses
  6. 6. CONVENTIONAL PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES CAMERA SHOTS + EDIT -Point of view shots in view of murderer/villain etc. -Fast cuts to add sense of adrenaline -Close up of murder weapons and emotional facial expressions of victims -Over shoulder shots of victim as if someone is behind them e.g. murderer ICONOGRAPHY -Weapons e.g. knives, guns -Religious symbols -Blood -Dark lighting/shadows -Fog/smoke -children -dolls/puppets SOUND EFFECTS -Screaming -Suspense music (non diegetic) -Monster noises, evil laughing (diegetic) -Wind, rain, stormy weather, thunder and lightening