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Make Learning Big Data Work For You


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Experience API recipes/visualization services are free for education institutions, partners are welcome

See detailed features list:

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Make Learning Big Data Work For You

  1. 1. Make Learning Big Data Work For You XAPI Analytics Jessie Chuang
  2. 2. Learning Planning LRS Activity/Agent Profile API IRS, Quiz service (e.g.HDtech, H5P) Integration of Workflow and Data flow *Adaptive design *Branches/options Videos or MOOC platform Mobile Apps IoT Wearable AR VR ... Real behavior data sent to Game/ Gamification/ reporting platforms
  3. 3. Why Experience API, xAPI ● Ready data integration no matter where learning happens ● Record any new experience without limitation, driven by community ● Gain deeper insights into learning process, accumulate collective intelligence for different stakeholders ● Data reuse is very efficient (data is the new oil)
  4. 4. Why xAPI is a game changer? Freedom of data flow Distributed Learning Ecosystem Unified data structure and document APIs (state, activity, learner) Specialized technologies working together without pain Freedom of learning design with best breed of choices & innovations
  5. 5. Examples of Developments Enabled by xAPI Social layer (Both Actors and Objects are networked) Gamification layer or Behavior Engineering Technology Self-paced & adaptive learning, automated learning flow across x Integrated data & experiences across platforms / resources An ecosystem of innovative applications & analytics, and creative uses can grow out of Data Lakes. (because of data interoperability facilitated by xAPI)
  6. 6. Build projects upon analytics backbone with data structure, Semantic, visualization interoperability Standardized xAPI Profiles/ Recipes / Vocabularies for basic modules Standardized visualizations design Embeddable visualizations to be monitored along with other data for goal management xAPI implementation & statement / viz design for case-oriented behaviors
  7. 7. Hierarchy Design for Effective Visualization & Analysis We provide standardized xAPI profiles / recipes for standardized visualizations. Item level: MCQs Prompts Quests …. Test level: Summative assess. Formative assess. Group polling …. Raw level: Videos Texts …. LO/Activity UDL options Competency aligned Authoring Tools Learning Design Tools Learning Patterns / Pedagogies / Gamification Metrics: Duration / Time Stamp Response Completion / Attempts / Usages(e.g. skip) Metrics: Duration / Time Stamp / Attempts Score / Success / Rating Affective states / Communicate, Collaborate Metrics: Patterns vs. Performance Questions to be answered Visualization Communication Action(able) Iteration Rule-based recommender <=>
  8. 8. Customized Dashboards A dashboard is a visual display of the most important information needed to achieve one or more objectives that has been consolidated on a single computer screen so it can be monitored at a glance. (provides an overview) -- Stephen Few Educator / Learning Designer Learner / Parent Content Creator / Publisher HR / Business Line Manager
  9. 9. Process Matters! From content-oriented to experience-oriented design Data + Design = Behavior Engineering From fix mindset to growth mindset Return process data to learners in real time
  10. 10. Citation:
  11. 11. The whole picture = Training and Learning Architecture(TLA) ● ePortfolio ● Learner modeling ● Machine readable ● Competency standards ● Knowledge map ● Standard alignment ● xAPI COP ● Common vocabulary ● Learning Design ● Sharing of metadata & paradata ● Re-usability ● Semantic analysis
  12. 12. We provide standardized xAPI profiles/ recipes for standardized visualizations. Visualization as a Cognitive Agent, Return Data to Humans in the Loops! feature list
  13. 13. Analytics backbone + Customized dashboards <= Can be drilled down View each person’s time spent Overall time spent in each activity type for selected group Overview of Time Spent on All Activities
  14. 14. Overview on Timeline 1. Group vs. individual 2. Filtering by activityType, activity id, verb, profile
  15. 15. Video drill down click to drill down drill down
  16. 16. eBook (IEEE Actionable Data Book project) Interactive chart showing every actions ever happened on each page, can be drilled down to see who, when, what note/highlight content, quiz answering records, video watching records Time spent Heatmap
  17. 17. Quiz Answering Records Encoding visualization with granular records and standards, can be drilled down Help catch patterns, problems and competencies efficiently Aggregate all practice data from different sources Assessment item analysis ● P-Value ● Discrimination ● Sequence/context analysis ...
  18. 18. Quiz Answer Process (drilled down) Use hint/feedback? how long? Time spent How many tries? Which device?
  19. 19. Multivariate Analysis Which verb counts matter? (“noted” in this case )
  20. 20. Correlation Analysis In this example, learners in 4 quadrants have different needs To correlate and find factors that matter to your metrics
  21. 21. See who’s learned this -- a peak of social layer on top of different activities
  22. 22. Verb cloud (color matched to the taxonomy level) Verb taxonomy visualization (points reward higher order verbs) Hint : Charting Verbs stat. vs. time can see behavior trend
  23. 23. Connecting with Learning Analytics Community From Dr, Kitto, QUT => Active Learning Squared
  24. 24. Our Current User Base This project is being implemented in Taipei city, Taiwan. All teachers and students, about 350,000 in number, in Taipei city will be using this solution (later other areas will join); the public department is working towards building an ecosystem (from collaboration of public departments, schools, vendors, scholars, and developers) based on xAPI standard and open learning data as Open Data.
  25. 25. Let’s talk! We like to work with learning technology and content providers. Basic visualization services are free for education institutions.
  26. 26. Case Studies: ● Leveraging #xAPI to Transform Your Learning Content and Solution ● Across System Learning Environment and Dashboard Design for Education (#xAPI) ● A Teacher with AcrossX Solution Enabled by #xAPI ● Our visualization in IEEE ADB demo We follow ADL xAPI Vocab. Spec.& best practices: (the first LRS) ● Guidelines for IRI Design and Persistence ● Controlled Vocabulary Considerations for the Experience API (xAPI) ● Relationship Between xAPI Vocabularies, Profiles, and Recipes ● ADL xAPI Vocabulary Spec. & Vocabulary Primer (Feb., 2016) ● Our registry (with help from ADL): ● Our profiles/recipes: (Gitbook)