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X api introduction and acrossx solution (1)


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- Why xAPI?
- WHat's xAPI?
- AcrossX solution enabled by xAPI
- A teacher with AcrossX solution
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X api introduction and acrossx solution (1)

  1. 1. xAPI and AcrossX Solution Classroom Aid Inc.
  2. 2. Data Silos
  3. 3. PAIN ! - Don’t get them(schools) started on data! What school systems want: ● Direct access to their data from software vendors. ● Help managing their data; ● Better data warehousing and data mart solutions that provide actionable, real-time data; ● Common data standards that are shared among software vendors. Citation: research report from EdSurge: “School and Software, What’s Now and What’s Next” School systems “Frankenstein” multiple software products ... “Give me my $#%* data.” “It’s our data. Why do we have to negotiate for it?”
  4. 4. xAPI tracking all kinds of learning experiences
  5. 5. Recording Learning Events Learning happens in interactions: Instructors, Peers, Experts…. Contents: Courses, Books, Web pages, Games, AR ….Activities(making, exercises, researching, online, offline ….) Learner
  6. 6. Course Webpage Game Simulator Coaching Social Learning Project Mobile Apps LRS Learning data is sent to LRS Other activities
  7. 7. LMS LRS LRS Reporting Tool Learning records can be delivered to LMSs,LRSs or Reporting Tools.
  8. 8. : H G : : : :
  9. 9. A Whole Picture
  10. 10. Goal: Data Loops AND Action Loops LRS + Analytics
  11. 11. Learning Planning LRS Activity/Agent Profile API IRS, Quiz service Reporting Gamification Dashboard Analysis tool Mobile Learning Micro Learning xAPI data AcrossX Solution: Integration of Workflow and Data flow *Adaptive design *Branches for Learner preferences Videos or MOOC platform
  12. 12. Before Class In Class After Class
  13. 13. Social layer Gamification layer across systems Self-paced learning and practicing Integrated data & experiences
  14. 14. PowerA level Good job! XP Learning Power
  15. 15. Item level: MCQs Prompts Quests …. Test level: Summative assess. Formative assess. Group polling …. Raw level: Videos Texts …. LO/Activity UDL options Competency aligned Authoring Tools Learning Design Tools Learning Patterns / Pedagogies / Gamification Metrics: Duration / Time Stamp Response Completion / Attempts / Usages(e.g. skip) Metrics: Duration / Time Stamp / Attempts Score / Success / Rating Affective states / Communicate, Collaborate Metrics: Patterns vs. Performance Questions to be answered Visualization Communication Action(able) Iteration
  16. 16. + Customized Interaction design => Data can be drilled down activities included in the lesson plan
  17. 17. Image credit: LACEproject ● Help evaluate learners ● Help develop modeling
  18. 18. Thank you!