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Input and output devices


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Input and output devices

  1. 1. Input and Output Devices Jessica Pinijarom 10A
  2. 2. What is it?• Input devices are like raw data entered into the computer• Then it processes the data and produces outputs that we can understand• Processing is mainly handled by the CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  3. 3. Input Devices• There are two types of input devices, there are so many input devices that they are separated.• There is a Manual Input device and an Automatic Input device
  4. 4. Manual Input devices• Manual Input devices are devices which we have to work out ourselves. They are not automatic and there can be mistakes.Examples:• Keyboards:Alphanumeric Keyboard, Numeric keyboardand Pin pad
  5. 5. • Audio/ Visual DevicesScanner, digital camera, video camera,webcam, microphone• Pointing Devices: used in GUIsMouse, Touchpad/trackpad, trackball/trackerball, touch screen, graphics tablet, joystick,joypad, light pen
  6. 6. Automatic Input DevicesAll data can be put into a computer using akeyboard, but would often be slow andthere could be mistakes. Automatic inputdevices can never be wrong, because it isaccurate.Examples:• Card readers:Magnetic strip reader, smart card/ ‘chip’reader,
  7. 7. • Reading Text/codes:MICR reader, OMR scanner,OCR scanner, barcodereader/scanner• SensorsAnalogue to DigitalConverter (ADC)
  8. 8. Output Devices• The computer communicates with the user by an input device• From an input device, the CPU processes it and its results are on the output device.• Output formats are usually printed paper, sound, video and on-screen documents.
  9. 9. Examples• Audio Visual:CRT monitor, Flat-screen Monitor (TFT orLCD), digital/multimedia projector, speakers.• Printing/Plotting: (hardcopy)Dot Matrix Printer, inkjet printer, laserprinter, plotter,
  10. 10. • Control Actuators: An actuator is a device controlled by the computer that can affect the real-worldMotor, pumps, buzzer, lights, heaters/coolers