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BOXLIGHT has been developing, manufacturing,selling, and servicing projectors for schools, government agencies, house of worship, and every customer in between for 25 years.

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BOXLIGHT full line presentation

  1. 1. Boxlight BOXLIGHT has been developing, manufacturing, selling, and servicing projectors for schools, government agencies, house of worship, and every customer in between For 25 years.
  2. 2. Boxlight history •Founded in 1985 •Sold 3rd LCD panel ever produced •Global sales focusing on Government, Education & Corporate markets •Began with End User sales, adding dealers •Distributed through PWS, ActiveLight, and Cinelight •Over a million units sold worldwide •Unsurpassed Technical Support and Service 24x7 live technical support •Partnerships with competing manufacturers
  3. 3. Boxlight today •US sales offices located in Belfair, WA •Manufacturing in three countries •Built on best of our history •Innovative product development driven by customer needs •Diverse business development team with many years collective experience in projector industry •Mature industry relationships •Unsurpassed technical support
  4. 4. Manufacturing and developinginnovative 3LCD and DLP projectors Washington State-*Contract assembly * Mexico * Taiwan * China
  5. 5. Boxlight featuresTim AndersonService Supervisor
  6. 6. Seattle SeriesOptional harsh environment filter Double-layer/hybrid material - HEPA® filter combined with sponge filter enhances the effectiveness of the filter Get four-times the collection area with the HEPA® filter than a standard filterAutomatic 1 Year Lamp Warranty •Filter protects against chalk dust, dust particles, smoke, and other debris •Increases the longevity of the projector and lamp
  7. 7. MP65e / MPWX70e Pro5000SL Pro5000SL (1.5-1.8)4500 lumen XGA / 4200 lumen WXGA PRO5000SL-911 (1.8-2.3) standard PRO5000SL-912 (2.3-2.9) mediumManual lens 1.5-1.8 throw ratio PRO5000SL-913 (3.1-4.1) long •Side changing lamp and filter •Optional harsh environment filter •Lan controls with software •Single lamp design •Same I/O panel across all models •16.5lbs •RS232 controls
  8. 8. Large Venue InstallationPro7501DP/Pro6501DP 7500 Lumen (XGA) DLP 6500 Lumen (WXGA) DLP Dual lamp design 36lbs. Factory lens options ranging from .774-8.3 Ships with standard 1.8 – 2.35 lens Network controls through RJ45 RS232
  9. 9. InteractiveProjectoWrite2 , ProjectoWrite2/W, ProjectoWrite WX25N, WX25n-S andDX25N-U •Patented technology •Unique one box interactive solution •Low cost •Real-time computer interactivity •Easy to install •Much larger interactive surface – no screen size limitations •Portable •Ships with software , pen , wand and carry case •I.R. camera integrated into projector
  10. 10. Accessories Take your audio visual solution to a new level. The SoundLite gives any presentation high- quality dimensions for the audience. Can be installed or for table top use Universal mount and mounting accessories, replacement lamps and remotes Manual, electric, whiteboard and portable screen models OutWrite1.4 stand alone interactive device. Gives any projector interactive capabilities. Ships with software and utensil pack.
  11. 11. Boxlight standard warranties BOXLIGHT’s are built to last. Side changing lamps & filters make them easy to maintain and a 99% success rate means they are dependable. We stand behind our products with a 3 year projector and 90 day lamp warranty standard. Up to 6 years of coverage is available.
  12. 12. Lamps4Life Program One time enrollment fee $99. Peace of mind with Never worry about your long term cost replacement lamp of ownership upfront prices again Boxlight will provide a replacement lamp Available on all for as long as the models except Pro Series and Travelight 3 projector is working