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Genre research

  1. 1. Genre Research By Jessica Miller
  2. 2. Definition  The films genre refers to the similarities in the narrative from which films are constructed.  The basic genres are fiction and documentary  Film genres often branch out from the main genre to the sub genres. They can sometimes be combined to create hybrid genres. For example putting a romantic genre with a comedy genre = romcom.  The genre of a film can be categorized by the settings and locations of a film, however films with the same settings can also be very different and this does not always relate to the genre
  3. 3. Main Film Genres  Action  Adventure  Comedy  Crime and gangster  Drama  Epics/historical  Horror  Musicals/dance  Science fiction  War  western Genre categories are broad enough to fit any film ever made into. All films have atleast one major genre to them For example all horror films fit the same critaria of being dark scary and jumpy however they don’t always all share the same location characters or overall themes.
  4. 4. Sub Genres  Bipocs  Chickflicks  Detective/mystery  Disaster  Fantasy  Film noir  Guy films  Melodramas/weepers  Roadfilms  Romance  Sports  Superheros  Supernatural  Thriller/suspence
  5. 5. Horror Genre Horror films want to create a primal fear for the audience. The aim is to create tension and a dramatic atmosphere which leads to the viewers being scared. The use of serial killers, zombies and curses are very common in most horrors which makes them important in the horror genre. One of the most successful horror films psycho which was released in the 60’s was considered to be “mother of horror suspense films. Halloween was also another horror which became an all time classic, the film follows the return of a psychotic murder. The successful franchise final destination shows teenagers trying to get away from death, released in 2000.
  6. 6. Technical Codes Used  Many technical codes are used in order for the producer to create what he/she set out to do. Many use very high key lighting or very low key lighting. This focuses in on the feeling of fear. When normal lighting is used it is to represent safety to both audience and characters. In traditional horrors the protagonist is often out of the frame, however they then suddenly appear. This acts as a hiding place for them. Objective shots are used from the view of the victim on the scene, they show the confusion of the victim and brings the audience into that confusion, therefore the audience feels that fear portrayed by the victim. The use of long shots also help to protray the victim as being alone and useless. The high angle shots are used to protray victims as helpless and inferior. Fast editing increases the speed of the film and indicates to the audience that something will happen, the speed of shots can impact on how the audience feel. Music is also very important, the right style can make the movie have more impact on the audience and also gets them to feel the tension along with the character.  Although, with technologies becoming increasingly more advanced movie creators are able to incorporate new effects, such as 3D elements and special sound effects.
  7. 7. Narrative  The plot and how the story develops is very important in creating a successful horror.  The narrative for the horror film “scream” shows the conflicts and dilemmas the main character and her social group endure. This film shows the evil vs innocence. The sequencing of events helps the audience understand what is happening and what will happen next.
  8. 8. characters  Choosing the right character is very important. Each horror has their own types of villain/s  The main character is usually someone very innocent and helpless, however throughout the film the audience sees how they develop to become stronger characters.
  9. 9. Chosen Genre- Horrors  I have chosen to do a horror film trailer because through my research I have found that they seem to be the easiest I produce within the time I have. Also because I do not have the expenses that professional film makers would have.  Horrors are also very popular with my age so I feel like I am able to produce something which would be appropriate for my target audience and consumer as I am of similar age.  I would like to produce a film like paranormal activity. I think that it is very exciting and it isn’t like other horrors where the viewer knows what will happen, it is almost like you your self are in the film, you are unaware of what will happen next.