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Flex Staff Sales Presentation Linkedin

  1. 1. YOUR STAFFING SPECIALISTS Appleton Stevens Point Eau Claire 800 Westhill Boulevard 1100 CenterPoint Drive 4423 Golf Terrace Appleton, WI 54914 Stevens Point, WI 54481 Eau Claire, WI 54701 715-343-9000 920-731-8082 715-855-8155 Chilton Manitowoc Fond du Lac 1100 South 30th Street 109 Southside Shopping Center 81 North Pioneer Road Chilton, WI 53014 Manitowoc, WI 54220 Fond du Lac, WI 54935 920-849-9800 920-683-3000 920-933-3500 www.flexstaff.com
  2. 2. Flex-Staff is a full  service staffing company established in 1973. We are locally owned in  Appleton by Mike Hackbarth and Steve Kamrowski. Eau Claire Stevens Point Locations in  Appleton Appleton Manitowoc  Chilton Chilton  Fond du Lac Stevens Point  Eau Claire  Manitowoc  Fond du Lac 
  3. 3. To be the leading staffing services company in the markets we serve by providing superior client and employee satisfaction.
  4. 4. Traditional Temporary Help: When you need  fill-in office personnel we can provide qualified workers on short notice. Temporary to Direct Hire: When you want to  hire on office staff, call us and we will provide someone pre-screened to your specifications who will start as a temporary on our payroll. After a defined period of time you can transfer our employee to your payroll at no charge.
  5. 5. Payroll Service: If you have selected an  employee for a special project, but prefer not to have that person on your payroll, let us place them on our payroll and assume the employer/employee relationship at a reduced service charge. Placement Services: Flex-Staff is also a registered  employment agency and can provide office personnel for employment by you for a one- time fee.
  6. 6. SERVICES WE OFFER: Free Testing: Our advanced, computerized office skills testing programs are available free of charge to clients who want to test their applicants prior to hiring.
  7. 7. Human Resource Consulting: By virtue of our  collective experience and reference library, we are able to answer clients’ questions on a wide range of human resource issues, free of charge. Professional Employer Organization (PEO): Flex-Staff  offers single provider services for outsourcing payroll, acquisition and administration of benefits and employment law compliance. This is also known as employee leasing.
  8. 8. We’re easy to use! Just call and tell us the type and  number of people you need, when and where, and we do the rest. You can also place orders 24 hours a day over the internet at www.flexstaff.com You get qualified people because of our superior  screening and testing process. Try before you hire. By using one of our  employees for several weeks before putting them on your payroll, you dramatically improve your chances of making a good hiring decision.
  9. 9. You get faster response from us because we  maintain a pool of immediately available people. No waiting for ad response, interviewing, and notice periods. You maintain a smooth workflow and output  schedules are met. No expense or hassle of recruiting and  screening people yourself. Your personnel costs are flexible according to  need.
  10. 10. No unemployment compensation impact on  you for having a fluctuating workforce. Paperwork is kept to a minimum. All you do is  authorize our employee completed timecard and pay our weekly invoice. We take care of paychecks, FICA, State and Federal withholding taxes, W2’s, workers compensation insurance and unemployment compensation taxes.
  11. 11. State of the Art Computerization Operations: Skills searching Client data Employee assignment information Payroll Invoicing Custom Reports Thousands of employees in our database Direct Mail to Staff Automated Contact System
  12. 12. Employee evaluation  Complete clerical skill assessment  In-Depth professional and technical tests for  evaluation of knowledge. Clerical Training  A wide variety of commonly used software  applications and office skills training
  13. 13. Flex-Staff employees are fully tested.  Flex-Staff checks references on all employees  before their first assignment. Flex-Staff learns our clients’ needs first hand.  Flex-Staff assigns employees with regard to  “fit” as well as skills.
  14. 14. Flex-Staff assigns the same employees  whenever requested and possible. Flex-Staff exhibits a sense of urgency in  everything we do. Flex-Staff does not mistake silence for  satisfaction. Flex-Staff employees are guaranteed. 
  16. 16. Telephone Pre-Screening  Type of work   Hourly wage expectations  Availability  Work History Interview Appointment in our Office  Application and Skill Forms  Orientation 
  17. 17. Reference Checks  Verification (I-9 forms)  Employment Eligibility  Drug/Alcohol Testing Consent form  Personal Interview  Skills Evaluation  Entered into Computer System 
  18. 18. Teller PowerPoint Travel QuarkXPress Access Quattro Pro CLERICAL SKILLS Adobe WordPerfect Ami Pro Web Design CLASSIFICATION AS400 MS Works AutoCAD MS Word 10key Telemarketing General Accounting Collating Shipping/Receiving Accounts Payable Copy Research Accounts Receivable Data Entry Inside/Outside Sales Bookkeeping Dictation Retail Sales Cost Accounting Executive Level Real Estate Credit Filing Purchasing Financial Statements Mailroom Transcription General Ledger Management Level Advertising Invoicing PBX Banking Inventory Phone Computer Information Systems Order Entry Reception Collections Peachtree Regular Typing Customer Service Payroll-Computer Switchboard/Multi-Lines Dispatcher Payroll-Manual Insurance Engineering QuickBooks Foreign Language Graphic Design Quicken Legal Human Resource Bank Reconciliations Loan Processing CorelDraw Tax Preparation Medical Claims/Billing Desktop publishing Trial Balance Medical Office Terminology Excel MS Publisher Medical Transcription Lotus 123 Photoshop Marketing Macintosh PageMaker Proofreading Networking Lotus Notes Ms Outlook
  19. 19. Vacation Pay Office Skills   Holiday Pay Training Tuition  Reimbursement Medical Insurance  Premium Referral Incentives  Reimbursement Health Insurance Direct Deposit of   Available Paychecks Free In-House Skills Employee of the   Training Month Program
  20. 20. When you place an order with Flex-Staff our staffing specialists have  many options to find the right match for your needs. Depending on how soon you need someone they will do one or all of the following: Search current database  Call inactive employees  Call working employees for referrals  Call clients for referrals  Share order with our other offices if appropriate  Advertising using   Classified ads in local newspapers  Internet Job Boards  Local Colleges and Technical Schools Our staffing specialists will keep you updated on a regular basis, at least  daily, of the status of your order. They will also be honest with you if they don’t feel they can find a match for your order, allowing you time to use other avenues if necessary
  21. 21. Once your order is filled and our employee starts, our  staffing specialists will: Call you to check our employee’s arrival shortly after their  scheduled start time Do a quality control call within the first four hours to make  sure they have made the right “match” with your need. Make a follow-up quality control within the first 2 days.  Make weekly follow-up quality control calls during the  duration of the assignment. At the end of each assignment make a final quality control call  and/or send a quality control feedback card. Our staffing specialists are also always available to take  your calls with any questions or concerns.
  22. 22. Frequently, due to superior performance, a client may want to transfer one of our employees to their payroll. When utilizing Flex-Staff for Temporary to Direct Hire it is our policy to accommodate the client and employee according to the following guidelines: A. After a Flex-Staff employee has worked on an assignment with your company for 480 hours (12 weeks at 40 hours per week) there is no charge to convert our employee to your payroll. B. If our employee has worked on an assignment less than 480 hours, a fee of 100 times the hourly billing rate will be charged. Credit will be given for the hours worked toward the 480 hours. Using Flex-Staff for Temporary to Direct Hire can dramatically improve your chances of making the right hiring decision by allowing you to try a potential employee before you actually hire them. Flex-Staff will do all the recruiting, pre-screening, interviewing, testing and reference checking. This relieves you of hiring costs and saves you countless hours of valuable time. The client recognizes the employer/employee relationship between Flex-Staff and its employees. The client agrees not to employ any Flex-Staff employee, either directly or indirectly through another staffing service, for a period of 90 days following the completion of each assignment except in accordance with the terms and conditions of Flex-Staff’s Client Service Agreement.
  23. 23. Flex-Staff’s Payroll Service plus (PSP) program is far more than a paycheck writing and accounting service. This comprehensive program enables our clients to recruit and pre-screen people to work at their company without becoming the employer of record. Flex-Staff assumes the employer/employee relationship and is responsible for worker’s compensation, unemployment compensation, FICA, and all payroll functions. Flex-Staff also takes care of all pre-employment paperwork, checks references as needed and makes the final hiring decision. Because the client has performed the duties of recruiting and screening the applicant, the cost of this service is substantially lower than that of full-service staffing. In addition, employees utilized under this program may be transferred to the client’s payroll at any time at no charge.
  24. 24. Trying a new employee before • putting them on their payroll For years, Flex-Staff Utilizing employees for short- clients have been taking • term needs or special projects advantage of this Providing work for college popular program for a • students during school breaks variety of reasons: Bringing back former or retired • employees for temporary needs.
  25. 25. Warehouse Specialists Jason Pohlkotte 170 W Larsen Drive Fond du Lac, WI 54937 915-9158 www.pohjas@wsinc.com