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Client Survival Guide


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A few quick tips on how to improve your relationships with your clients so they end up sending repeat business your way.

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Client Survival Guide

  2. 2. IS THIS YOU…?
  3. 3. TIP #1: MONEY• The sooner you talk about it the better• Know the budget before you write your proposal• Recognize red flags• Every project is not going to be a good fit for you• Know when toSAYNOand walk away
  4. 4. TIP #2: BUSINESS HOURS• Have business hours and stick to them• Never send late night emails to clients• Have a professional title and email signature• Have a business phone line
  5. 5. TIP #3: CLIENT EXPECTATIONS• Contracts are a two way street• What parts of the project is the client responsible for?• Set milestones and deadlines early• Have one point of contact from the client• Make sure client understands your process
  6. 6. TIP #4: COMMUNICATION• Reply back to emails• Be proactive in letting clients know project status• Stay on top of phone calls• Check in with clients after the project is over
  7. 7. TIP #5: STAY CONNECTED• Do this if you want repeat business• Stay on top of industry news• Make suggestions even if you don’t get the project• Celebrate client success• Touch base (social media, email, newsletters)
  8. 8. THIS COULD BE YOU…But with these tips, it doesn’t have to be!