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100 things i like about katie pdf


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100 things i like about katie pdf

  1. 1. To loveliest Katie, my bestest friend in the whole entire world. Happy 21 st Birthday! I hope you have an amazing day reunited with your beloved family and hopefully sometime in the near future we‟ll be able to celebrate together! In the meantime I hope you enjoy this token of our friendship. Obviously it doesn‟t even come close to describing my love for you but I think we established long ago that our comradeship is like that of the Swiss Alps… ultimate beyond description! Epic love. Your best friend forever, Jessie
  2. 2. One Hundred Things I Like About Katie… (In No Particular Order)
  3. 3. #1 I like how I like you SO much that I could write TWO hundred things, or even two thousand things…
  4. 4. #2 I like the way we can pretty much finish each others sentences.
  5. 5. #3 I like the way that no matter where we are or what we‟re doing I always feel confident when I have someone as beautiful as you by my side.
  6. 6. #4 I like your hand tan!
  7. 7. #5 I like the way you hate people… just like me!
  8. 8. #6 I like the way I can get over my complex and send unedited emails to you.
  9. 9. #7 I like the way our friendship kicks the ass of that of Trick Monkey and Scotty‟s. And everyone else‟s for that matter!
  10. 10. #8 I like the way you seem to be endlessly amused by my Jonah impersonations… puck you miss!
  11. 11. #9 I like the look you get on your face when you‟re thinking about something really hard. No photo could ever capture this exact look though!
  12. 12. #10 I like the way you eat like a posh mother fuckerrr.
  13. 13. #11 I like how I‟ve know you almost as long as I‟ve known my own parents!
  14. 14. #12 I like how you‟re best friends with my sister…
  15. 15. #13 And I like how I‟m best friends with your sister…
  16. 16. #14 JACK – toujours des amis!
  17. 17. #15 I like the way you‟re so genuinely melodramatic about hairs. No picture for this one though… I don‟t want to upset you on your birthday!
  18. 18. #16 I like the way you‟re not afraid to tell people what you believe in.
  19. 19. #17 I like the way you can so easily put yourself in someone else's shoes and show genuine sympathy.
  20. 20. #18 I like the way you‟re so loyal and appreciative of your family.
  21. 21. #19 I like how you‟re most likely the only person I know who will actually care that today I found crème eggs for 29p in Superdrug!!! Amazing!
  22. 22. #20 I like the cute way you say „sandwich‟ and „yellow‟.
  23. 23. #21 I like how if you‟re going to drink, you‟ll only do it properly!
  24. 24. #22 I like how you always buy maltesers and popcorn at the movies… no matter what.
  25. 25. #23 I like how you hang out with Asians and seedy Indian boys;)
  26. 26. #24 I like how we just spent the past four months travelling around Europe together and I honestly didn‟t get sick of you ONCE!
  27. 27. #25 I like how we ve never had a (proper) fight.
  28. 28. #26 I like how you‟re so dignified and graceful.
  29. 29. #27 I like how you like cool old things like records and comics and history.
  30. 30. #28 I like how good you are at stopping and taking the time to appreciate something, whether it‟s of epic or small proportions.
  31. 31. #29 I like how you get so exited over little things!
  32. 32. #30 I like the way you dress like an orphan (sometimes)
  33. 33. #31 I like taking photos of you because you always look most lovely or interesting.
  34. 34. #32 I like the way you love High School Musical (not really).
  35. 35. #33 I like the way you don‟t hold short term grudges (unlike me).
  36. 36. #34 I like the way you swear like a manic drunken sailor under your breath.
  37. 37. #35 I like the way technology hates you.
  38. 38. #36 I like your impressive general knowledge brain.
  39. 39. #37 I like how you hate being called „Kate‟ with a passion.
  40. 40. #38 I like the way you hug me when I‟m really sad, despite the fact that it goes against all our man-child relationship stands for.
  41. 41. #39 I like the way I could tell you anything and know you‟ll understand.
  42. 42. #40 I like the way you read my sick, twisted, violent dreams for over a month and still slept in the same room as me.
  43. 43. #41 I like your smile… cliché but true!
  44. 44. #42 I like the way you share my undying love for Harry Potter!
  45. 45. #43 I like how vampirishy pale you are.
  46. 46. #44 I like how you can dress like a preppy biatch yet still wear chipped black nail polish, a gun around your neck and carry a syringe pen.
  47. 47. #45 I like how you get so passionate about things you like eg. M.J, MyChem…
  48. 48. #46 I like how we run the Church of Havok and play God to hundreds of little FC‟s all over the world!
  49. 49. #47 I like your glasses. I know you hate them but you just wouldn‟t be Katie without them!
  50. 50. #48 I like how you‟re always right… Always!
  51. 51. #49 I like how you taught me the „mood dance‟. Best.Dance.Ever.
  52. 52. #50 I like how you‟re weirdly fond of grubs.
  53. 53. #51 I like how together we pretty much became master chefs/domestic goddesses!
  54. 54. #52 I like how well you can pull off headbands.
  55. 55. #53 I like how I‟d almost always rather hang out with you than anyone else in the whole entire world.
  56. 56. #54 I like how you used to be ranga… do it again sometime!!
  57. 57. #55 I like how you‟re just as immature as I am and truly appreciate how funny Sponge Bob drunk on ice-cream is!
  58. 58. #56 I like how you‟re so hilariously funny/witty/droll and you don‟t even realise it.
  59. 59. #57 I like how we like the same things… books, movies, music, men (ie. Gerard squared).
  60. 60. #58 I like how you‟re such a pessimist. Mostly depressing but often tres useful.
  61. 61. #59 I like how the once face book update you ever did was „Brandon Flowers you‟re so good looking‟.
  62. 62. #60 I like the way you look like a greater version of Taylor Swift/Kirsten Dunst/Elisha Cuthbert.
  63. 63. #61 I like how you‟re a fellow Jacob lover.
  64. 64. #62 I like the way we can converse for hours about philosophical topics or just sit in silence.
  65. 65. #63 I like how I haven‟t run out of things I like about you yet… there‟s just SO many! *said in German Merl voice*
  66. 66. #64 I like how you are un neat freak.
  67. 67. #65 I like how you chew with your mouth closed (unlike some people… MERL!)
  68. 68. #66 I like the way you always let me nibble your fish.
  69. 69. #67 I like the way you can be so brutally honest and matter of fact about things.
  70. 70. #68 I like how when you‟re there, pretty much anything is fun.
  71. 71. #69 I like the way you soldiered on through all the hostels and your weenus towel for three months.
  72. 72. #70 I like how you always have to listen to the end of the song, and can‟t for the life of you multi task.
  73. 73. #71 I like the way we could have a conversation compiled entirely of favourite movie quotes.
  74. 74. #72 I like the way you seem to acquire lame nicknames… just like me. Stupid „Merl Barefoot Rama‟
  75. 75. #73 I like the way you‟re my favourite person to do anything with… whether it‟s chilling in ML or raving the night away at Rise!
  76. 76. #74 I like the way we hold hands at Ikea.
  77. 77. #75 I like the way I still have your drivers license… and there ain‟t nothing‟ you can do about it!
  78. 78. #76 I like how we‟ve shared many a near death experiences together…
  79. 79. #77 I like the way that if we were boys…
  80. 80. #78 I like the way you sing the alto part of Africa.
  81. 81. #79 I like the way we take the greatest action photos in existence!
  82. 82. #80 I like the way you share my love for boys in marching bands.
  83. 83. #81 I like the way you let me live at your house when I couldn‟t go home.
  84. 84. #82 I like the way I can live through you and your carnivorous ways.
  85. 85. #83 I like the way you can see the magic in everyday things.
  86. 86. #84 I like the way you‟re always up for appreciating delicious food with me!
  87. 87. #85 I like the way we can speak fluent Pig Latin.
  88. 88. #86 I like the way your imperfections turn me on;)
  89. 89. #87 That was so chepic it needed a whole page all to itself! But… I like the way “we‟re detectives Lizzy and Sally of the Rottnest police”.
  90. 90. #88 I love her smile. I love her hair. I love her knees. I love how she licks her lips before she talks. I love her heart-shaped birthmark on her neck. I love it when she sleeps.
  91. 91. #89 I like the way you‟re such an awkward Bella.
  92. 92. #90 I like the way we shared an epic, poetic, incredible beyond adjectives mountainous moment together.
  93. 93. #91 I like how you fell in love with baby goats with me.
  94. 94. #92 I like how if you and were more organised we would share a ridiculously long list of personal jokes!
  95. 95. #93 I like how kind and generous you can be. Puck the gypsy beggars though.
  96. 96. #94 I like how you‟re always willing to halves for a 5.90 Margherita!
  97. 97. #95 I like the way your hair always looks pretty, even in the morning when you refuse to be seen in public.
  98. 98. #96 I like how you‟re also aware that someday the birds are going to get us…
  99. 99. #97 I like how you „slappa da bass‟. The Bad Hats would be nothing without you and Alice!
  100. 100. #98 I like how you‟re such a good Lindt Ball… unlike some people!
  101. 101. #99 I like how you‟re cool enough to pull off an I heart Prozac badge.
  102. 102. #100 I like how we‟re the Terrible Twins again! (only old and frail… eeew!)