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Maintaining A Profitable User Acquisition Strategy | Patrick Witham


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Delivered at Casual Connect Tel Aviv 2016. Patrick Witham will cover the pertinent pieces to a successful user acquisition strategy. Regardless of whether you're spending 10K or 10M a month these strategies will dive into everything from LTV investment to creative optimization and help grow your user acquisition strategy to its limits.

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Maintaining A Profitable User Acquisition Strategy | Patrick Witham

  1. 1. Casual Connect Tel Aviv Maintaining A Profitable User Acquisition Strategy – Patrick Witham
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction • Investing in UA • From ROI to LTV • Importance of creative • Regional products and content • Icons and ASO • Traditional advertising 2
  3. 3. Patrick Witham Director of User Acquisition 3 HoV Chart Position iPad iPhone Android US Top Grossing (Casino) 1 5 2 AU Top Grossing (Games) 1 1 1 (As of 18th October)
  4. 4. Investing in UA 4
  5. 5. UA should be thought about like an investment, we spend today & earn overtime 5 Pay for an install today (CPI) Earn a return over time (ROI) Earn return over the life of a player (LTV) Market position helps guide our performance ROI performance over time LTV reforecasts monthly % of LTV goes to investment in UA
  6. 6. How much are you willing to invest in growth and UA? 6 Platform Fees (30%) Operating Expenses ~(15%) Investment into User Acquisition – CPI (25%) Profit (30%) LTV Company 1 Its up to you to determine how much of your LTV you are willing to invest into UA, and other ways to grow LTV
  7. 7. The 3 keys to success… Stable application that is easily understandable to the audience • Doesn’t crash/not buggy • Game mechanics are simple • Aesthetic to new users Needs to be able to convert users at the right time • Get users engaged with your game first – then upsell • Should be able to play for 30mins – 1 hour before trying to convert users The game gets people to return multiple times per day for multiple days If you do not have these 3 things, your game will never be profitable 7  Functional stable product  ARPDAU was stable  Real casino content  Long term retention
  8. 8. From ROI to LTV 8
  9. 9. How to bridge the gap from ROI to LTV PM forecasts LTV (monthly) • Have to wait numerous days • Cohort size must be 10,000+ Intermediary metrics – ROI, retention, FTD% etc. • Benchmarks were set arbitrarily • Relationship between these metrics and LTV is unclear Hypothesis Using multivariable linear regression we can find a combination of metrics that has a higher correlation with LTV than looking at 7D revenue 9  The Problem: Going from D7 revenue to LTV 79% Adjusted R-Squared
  10. 10. The test & the outcome Analyze the effect of intermediary metrics on 6 month revenue Metrics investigated: Retention, total sessions per user, total session length per user, total bet per user, session count per user, total spins per user, revenue per user FTD rate and ROI • All metrics measured 7 days after installation • Split by date/geo/platform/source • Only paid sources of traffic • Only sources that generated more than 500 installs in a given day The outcome: 7D revenue, 7D FTD Rate & session length and session count are more accurate (~85% adjusted R Squared) than just 7D ROI when predicting 6M LTV 10
  11. 11. Importance of Creative 11
  12. 12. Facebook Creative Facebook is one of the most competitive channels in acquisition, staying innovative is key in your creative and is the biggest driver of your performance. Try different things, be nimble. We have tried rainbows, lightning and more added effects into different ideas and meshing with Aristocrat IP. • Straight to the point – no long introductions • Winning combinations • Looping does best 12 Installs CTR CVR CPI 99.4% 12.1% 10.7% 10%
  13. 13. Rewarded video The creative that works on FB does not always translate to what works on rewarded video. The user experience is opt in, and you want to showcase many aspects of your game. • Big call to actions • High payouts • Winning combinations • Bright colors • Smooth transitions 13 Installs CTR CVR 700% 45% 300%
  14. 14. Regional Products and Content 14
  15. 15. Different countries require different content… 15 Future Markets?
  16. 16. Different content for different apps 16
  17. 17. ASO and Icon Testing 17
  18. 18. Icon tests Large scale applications receive 400k+ views per day Organic installs potentially make up 50% of daily installs Icon provides the most uplift for ASO, followed by header, screen shots and keywords Use Google Play to test, makes it measurable and simple for UA managers 18
  19. 19. Learn AND INNOVATE.. 19
  20. 20. Traditional Ads 20
  21. 21. Billboards – Las Vegas, NV Staying innovative doesn’t apply to only digital. With mobile games breaking into traditional channels, it’s a necessity to test everything (if you have the budget). Currently on Las Vegas Blvd., on the side of Caesar’s Palace. Results to come soon! 21
  22. 22. Radio – New Zealand Last year Product Madness ran a radio as in New Zealand • Relatively cheap channel to test • Effectively buy times during heavy listening • Assisted in developing good ad creative Why New Zealand? • Strong brand affinity to Aristocrat games • Isolated location and easy to measure • Strong slots user base • HoV is a top grossing application 22 Play HoV!
  23. 23. The results New Zealand Radio Results: 3 Key Areas: • Organic installs: Improve number of new users searching for our app • Paid installed: Improve effectiveness of our online advertising • Retention: Improve play metrics of people who already installed 23 - Success - Inconclusive - No charge Live (1 partner) Not live Live (2 partners)
  24. 24. May 2016 © All rights reserved to Product Madness Q&A