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Lessons from Real Money Casino | Lloyd Melnick


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Delivered at Casual Connect Europe 2018. The social casino space is one of the most consistent and profitable areas of mobile gaming but to a degree this success has led to complacency. Rather than innovate, companies have been successful tuning or largely copying existing products. While this strategy continues to grow revenue in the space, social casino games are no longer attracting new players. This talk will focus on the strategies and tactics that real money online casino companies are using and how these can be applied to not only social casino games but mobile games in general. The talk will also help real money game operators identify areas that social casino developers excel that can help their underlying business.

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Lessons from Real Money Casino | Lloyd Melnick

  1. 1. S Lessons from Real Money Casino How game developers can apply best practices from the casino industry to maximize LTV in all games
  2. 2. Agenda S Why? S Product inspiration S New thinking on promotions
  3. 3. S Why?
  4. 4. Why listen S Over 25 years in the game industry S CD-ROM packaged products, casual download, social and iGaming S Part of senior management team of three exits S Merscom to Playdom, Playdom to Disney, Spooky Cool to Zynga S Big and small company experience S 17 years as a co-founder of a start up S GM at Disney, Sr. Director at Zynga, Dir at Stars Group S Director of StarsPlay, driving free to Play at Stars Group S World’s largest publicly traded iGaming company S Parent company of PokerStars, BetStars and Full Tilt S Recently acquired Sky Betting and Gaming, Crown Bet and William Hill Australia
  5. 5. Why care about Online Real Money space S Real Money Sports is a $22 billion market S Real Money Casino is a $10.6 billion market S Real Money Poker is a $1.7 billion market S Social Casino is a $4.5 billion market
  6. 6. S Product Inspiration Product ideas applicable from the Real Money space
  7. 7. New social casino verticals S Sport S Live Dealer S Virtual Sports
  8. 8. New mechanics S Spin and Go S Jackpots S In-play betting S In-game quests and challenges
  9. 9. New audience: Men Social Casino players are 73 percent female with an average age of 39 Real money gaming audience if over 65 percent male, with real money casino about 55 percent male
  10. 10. S New thinking on promotions CRM and UA ideas from Real Money
  11. 11. Offer Driven User Acquisition
  12. 12. Outside the Performance Marketing Box S Affiliates S Above the line S Television S UA tied to purchase S Promotion is part of performance marketing campaign
  13. 13. Offer driven sales and challenges S Combining UA and CRM S Spend X, get Y S Different offers based on Expected Value S Jacks or Better S Reward for winning with certain hands S Focus free chips and rewards to payers and VIPs
  14. 14. Aspirational Events
  15. 15. VIP 3.0
  16. 16. Brand Ambassadors
  17. 17. Thank you S S Twitter: @lloydmelnick S Blog: