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Huuuge Playbook: Making It More Social | Wibe Wagemans


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Huuuge Games have approached the social casino genre from a “Real Time Social Experience” point of view. In this session we’ll showcase how we came to be the Huuuge Games we are today and why our offering is focused on making social casino more social.

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Huuuge Playbook: Making It More Social | Wibe Wagemans

  1. 1. Making It More Social CASUAL CONNECT - SEATTLE 8/1/17 Wibe Wagemans Chairman
  2. 2. WHAT WE DO Superior real-time social gaming experiences. MISSION Build largest real-time social casino gaming platform NEVER PLAY ALONE Build connections between people using games. Vision: Never play alone
  3. 3. Studios Poland: Szczecin Warsaw Bydgoszcz Krakow Wroclaw Germany: Berlin USA: Palo Alto
  4. 4. Massive growth opportunities 1 Newzoo, 2016 $4B FREE-TO-PLAY CASINO (2017) NAM $1,695M EUR $775M LATAM $169M REST $157M ASIA $926M Social Casino Revenues (desktop + mobile) by region 2016E ¹ 91,8B 99,6B 106,5B 112,5B 118,6B 2015 – 2019 Global Games Market¹ $50B GLOBAL MOBILE GAMING (2019) Social casino As part of the wider casual gaming
  5. 5. VentureBeat Feb-2017: “Huuuge is the fastest-growing company in the sector” ● Team Huuuge is 220 people strong. ● Plan is to grow Huuuge to $1B.
  6. 6. Social Casino Q1 2017 YoY growth rates by Eilers & Krejcik Gaming research.
  7. 7. Huuuge’s success built on 4 key pillars NETWORK TRACK-RECORD REAL-TIME SOCIAL GAMING PLATFORM BRAND 1 2 3 4
  8. 8. TVC
  9. 9. 36Average age Nearly 3/4 of the social casino audience is female ¹ 72% of the mobile social casino audience is female 28% of the mobile social casino audience is male 1 Superdata, 2016 ² Huuuge, 2017 SOCIAL CASINO INDUSTRY STATS
  10. 10. Huuuge is re-defining category experiences ² 45% female 55% male 1 Superdata, 2016 ² Huuuge, 2017
  11. 11. Social: more sticky & valuable Animated GIF showcasing how players can play together and share a jackpot. 63M friend connections. 2.5M gifts daily. 3M likes daily. 400K Clubs joined. 1M chats & 1M emoticons daily.
  12. 12. Huuuge first to introduce clubs in social casino Animated GIF showcasing Huuuge Casino clubs.
  13. 13. Connect people and build connections between people using games We are one of the most experienced teams on mobile Smart platform and technology powers us Huuuge™ brand experience “Red Bull of digital” Building the world’s largest real-time social casual gaming platform Thank