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Designing Games That Stand Out | David Reichelt


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Delivered at Casual Connect Asia 2017. In the beginning it wasn't too difficult to make a profitable business making games on the appstore. In recent years appstores have become flooded with games. The market now demands that game designers fine tune their design skills to a high level. In this session we'll discuss what it takes to make it in this industry as a game designer and what every designer should focus on in order to make games that stand out in the market.

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Designing Games That Stand Out | David Reichelt

  1. 1. •Color Switch •Who am I • Mind Set Design
  2. 2. •Made for $3,000 •170,000,000 Downloads •15 Months in top charts •Top Game 2016 •One Month #1 iOS
  3. 3. •High School Drop Out 0.8 GPA •Musician •Army Medic •Film Maker •Magician •Toastmaster •Theater Major •Pool Man •Limo Driver •Valet •Game Designer
  4. 4. Mind Set Design
  5. 5. • Improve your thinking • Passive Intake vs Active Intake • Conceptual Blending • Thinkertoys • Slice and Dice • SCAMPER • Infinity Principle • Fluid Thinking • 99.9% Principle • Be Inspired • LAF
  7. 7. 1. Play and analyze games. 2. Fail a lot. Fail quick. 3. Utilize creative thinking techniques 4. Model and Improve 5. Listen 6. Love the work 7. Pick the right problem 8. Pick the right solution 9. Be Inspired. Live your life. 10.Know you have a super computer 11.Build Games.