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Ads as a Part of Game Design: Best Practices | Slava Taraskin


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Delivered at Casual Connect Europe 2017. Most developers don’t treat ads monetization seriously, postponing the placement and integration to the late stages of game development. However, the most successful games use rewarded video ads as an important part of players’ on-boarding and journey. In this session, we’ll look at how to make rewarded video ads a native part of core game loop and make the maximum not only in terms of revenue, but also to increase crucial metrics like retention, engagement etc.

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Ads as a Part of Game Design: Best Practices | Slava Taraskin

  1. 1. Ads as a Part of Game Design: Best Practices Slava Taraskin Unity Ads
  2. 2. Agenda • When to Think about Ads • How to Measure a Successful Integration • Video Ads in Your Game: Tips & Tricks
  3. 3. Game Balance • Test it DURING soft-launch, not AFTER • Potential “Currency conflict” • Try as many places as you can • Frequency (mainly for Interstitials)
  4. 4. How to Measure a Successful Integration
  5. 5. How Do You Measure? eCPMAd RevenueARPDAU# of Impressions
  6. 6. % of DAU Watching Ads 30%
  7. 7. % of DAU Watching Ads 60%
  8. 8. Ads per Watcher
  9. 9. Our stats Average: % of DAU Watching Ads 26% Ads per Watcher 2.4 TOP-50 Games: % of DAU Watching Ads 37% Ads per Watcher 3.4
  10. 10. Tips and Tricks
  11. 11. Currency is not a Reward Players don’t want Currency Players don’t know what your currency is worth PROGRESS
  12. 12. Hill Climb Racing 2 % of User watching Ads – 39% Ads per Watcher – 2,74
  13. 13. Engage and Train Offer Players to Try / Use In-game Stuff for Video Ads
  14. 14. Titan Brawl / Omnidrome
  15. 15. Non-Currency Integrations
  16. 16. PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator
  17. 17. % of User watching Ads – 75% Ads per Watcher – 3,5 Ad Revenue – 53%
  18. 18. Conclusion The Balance Does Exist! Onboarding, progressing, retaining and monetizing; Rewarded Video, a silver bullet.
  19. 19. Questions? Meet us @Unity Booth Email: Skype: vyacheslav.taraskin Unity Ads Blog: