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genre powerpoint

  1. 1. Genre<br />
  2. 2. <ul><li>What is a music video?- ‘A distinctive art form which can allow really interesting creative opportunities’ (P.Fraser 2005)
  3. 3. As a group we decided to use one of our friends songs that he wrote and sung named Wednesday Night. This song belongs to the acoustic music genre and is a very slow calm song therefore we did a lot of research within this catagory and watched a lot of existing music videos and also took a look at music videos and websites of bands and singers of a similar genre to get more inspiration.</li></ul>The main band that gave us inspiration were an American acoustic band named City and Colour. We chose to look at this band because they have a very similar singing style to our chosen artist and also we watched a number of their own music videos and liked the way they had been created- for example- the black and white footage used is very common in acoustic music videos.<br />
  4. 4. <ul><li>When our group of four decided on the acoustic genre and completed this video by following the typical genre conventions well, we did this because people like to see the familiar because they know what they like, however the audience need to see difference so that they are not bored with what they are watching or listening to. Thinking about this we created a music video that told a story that went well throughout the video but didn’t really have an ending, giving the audience something to think about. We thought by doing this that it would ask rhetorical questions within the audience thinking about all of the different options that would happen if we were to end the story of the music video.
  5. 5. ‘Music video is not primarily a commodity form but a promotional one’ (A. Goodwin 1992)</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Within the group we chose to use two different characters in the video and made the story a complicated relationship between the two characters, we chose not to show much of the narrative to leave the audience thinking.
  6. 6. The clips of memories we decided to edit into black and white to highlight the fact that these certain sections are memories, this worked very well and in our group we did audience feedback with a group of student within the target audience and 9/10 said ‘yes’ when we asked if the black and white clips were clear memories. This fit well with the acoustic genre in my opinion because it is very simple and follows a typical convention of acoustic music videos as when we did our research we discovered that this is a popular choice for this genre.
  7. 7. Within the video we also decided to edit the different little sections by fading them in and out and lowering the speed of sections of the video for a calm and saddening effect to fit well with the theme of our genre.</li></li></ul><li>As a group we completed audience feedback within a class of around 20 students to get opinions of students of the same age and also students within our target audience range. In our group of 4 we came up with a questionnaire with a range of questions first of all asking the simple demographics which include-<br /><ul><li>age
  8. 8. sex
  9. 9. Occupation</li></ul>Then we went onto asking more complicated questions about our music video we created and also about the ancilary tasks we created in pairs. We got very good feedback about our music video and the light critisism we recieved was taken into account and thought about, but these were just light comments just about personal opinions. We succeeded very well meeting our target audiences expectations. <br />