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CheapOAir Social Media Presentation

  1. 1. Social MediaJessica Sappenfield
  2. 2. How Social Media is thought to plug into a business My marketing could use some of that social media…
  3. 3. How Social Media actually plugs into a business Customer Acquisition Internal Collaboration Corporate Communications Marketing Community Management Market Research Business Measurement Customer Support Crisis ManagementOnline Reputation Management Business Development Thought Leadership Customer Retention Event Management Mobility Consumer Insights Sales Fund-raising Search/SEO Education Advertising Public Relations Lead Generation Advocacy
  4. 4. The 4 core disciplines of Social Media MGMT Monitoring Reputations Management Strategy Operations Community Management Analysis Customer SupportDevelopment Integration Management Measurement … are also the 4 phases of Social Media program development.
  5. 5. Lesson #1• Social Media is not just a marketing channel, so don’t treat it like one!• Think beyond the now. Customer Customer Acquisition Retention Customer Development
  6. 6. Lesson #2• Social media plugs into all of your business functions, from customer service to market research.• One Social Media role cannot properly serve all of an organization’s needs.
  7. 7. We are all using it!
  8. 8. Lesson #3• He who creates the most refreshing value wins.• Use social media as a differentiator.• Conversations are happening all around you, and will happen with or without you.
  9. 9. Lesson #4:• You cannot buy better social media.• Social Media is a visible extension of who you are as a company. It is both a microphone and a mirror.• Hire right. You are always one person away from loosing your best customer.
  10. 10. Lesson #5• Have a plan.
  11. 11. So what’s the plan?Define the objective FIRST. THEN come up with the tactics.
  12. 12. Determine Company Goals Amplify marketing  Increase positive efforts recommendations/WO Increase net new M customers  Increase the number of Increase net unique followers website visitors  Attract better talent Increase market share  Increase customer Increase mindshare participation Increase sales revenue  Increase positive sentiment
  13. 13. Set targets. Be specific. Be clear.Macro Objectives Micro Objectives• Facebook • Facebook – Increase Daily Likes to 100/ – 200,000 Facebook Likes day by by year-end • Demographic Reach • Unique Users by Frequency• Twitter • Organic Reach Conversion – 30,000 Follows by year- • Paid Reach Conversion end • Twitter – Increase followers to 30/day by • Mentions by influencers • Click through rate • Keyword Analysis • Sentiment
  14. 14. How to measure?• Pure numbers don’t say much• Success should be based on performance metrics that are relevant to the campaignSamples Types of Metrics:• Comparable information, or A/B testing• Visit-to-lead conversion• Lead-to-customer conversion• Score leads and monitor sales cycle• Watch site behavior from social media traffic• Impression Value• Social Media ROI = Investment Return – Social Media Spend/Social Media Spend• Lifetime value of customer
  15. 15. Social Media MissionWe must engage consumers throughsocial media in ways thatconsistently enhance their bookingand travel experience with helpfulinformation, functionality, and thebest deals available.
  16. 16. Foundational Tactics• Customer Service – Find and address customer service issues made public in social media channels – Mitigate reputational damage• Twitter – Use promotions, deals, and giveaways to generate interest – Be a source of leading travel information• Facebook – Develop custom tabs and channel exclusive content – Encourage users to share experiences to develop community – Have best deals readily available• Youtube – Favorites, playlists, design enhancements• Blog – Provide editorial guidance to establish clear voice of expertise• – Include easy access to social channels in prominent places
  17. 17. Facebook• Tabs • Timeline  Fan-gating for special  Special Updates promotions  Questions  Integrated booking engine  Quizzes  An interactive map that  Photo Captions you can click on your home  “Like” this comment city for top deals and links directly to site  Fill in the blank sentence  Gaming Apps  Guess the place• Pictures  Trivia  User Travel Picture of the Day  Integrate Pinterest to allow users to pin to city boards
  18. 18. Sample Facebook Engagement• Website Treasure Hunts – Post question on FB page, and then provide hints throughout your website.• Tag! – Post photo in a gallery and ask fans to tag their name to that picture• Best Suggestion – Ask fans to suggest ideas and see who gets the most likes• Rally Together – Get users to vote for a winner by likes.• A day in the life of…
  19. 19. CheapOAir Adventure• Facebook Application• Create and win own adventure by choosing: – Locations from predetermined list of sponsors – Within location choose adventure connected to Cheapoair deal affiliates – Invite 4 friends to come along – If 4 friends accept invite by either liking or sharing user is entered to win
  20. 20. Case Study: Contiki Vacations “Get on the Bus” Promotion Click me!• Drew contest from company roots• Went beyond “Enter and Win” Experience• Instead of using Likes, users voted on their favorite team• Feb 23-March 31 2012 • 8000 likes • 116,00 monthly active users • 10 million ad impressions through shares, Likes, tweets, and blog coverage • 25% increase in total online brand mentions • 24% in positive brand sentiment
  21. 21. CheapOAir Blogger Contest• Rally all Travel Bloggers to enter their most informative post OR upload their favorite pics from a certain location on app• Have users Like their favorite bloggers/post/pics• Blogger and a user win’s a sponsored trip or CheapOAir credit
  22. 22. Contest Example: Sneaker SnapsIntegrated: Blog, Instagram, Website, and Twitter.Sponsor Collaboration: 9 WestIdea: For this little fashion battle, we drafted three of our favorite It bloggers toselect a shoe and create Instagram photo shoots around them in a series ofthemed challenges...each hitting a browser near you very soon. Vote on thebest-styled sneaker look and you, lovely readers, will help a winner take homebragging rights and a fabulous prize, plus youll be automatically entered to win$500 worth of Nine West gear. Win-win, no?. Now, let’s meet our competitors(and their shoes), and remember, for more on the launch of these new kicks—including when and where to find them—follow @ninewest on Twitter or seethem in action at @ninewestfashion on Instagram.
  23. 23. Twitter• Employee recommendations• Promotional codes for breaking travel deals• Regional Accounts to effectively target followers• Create relationships by Shout Outs to travel bloggers, industry leaders, hotel affiliates, and other travel industry related tweeters• Determine trending # and interact with relevant comments• Practice strategic following
  24. 24. Twitter: Let’s get you comfortable• Through “My Trips” on #traveltuesday find customers that are traveling and who have checked-in at airport through facebook, twitter, or foursqaure.• Have a care package sent to the customer through airlines before they board.• Include card that has all social media info on it• #comfortable
  25. 25. Website Social Layering• My Account Facebook Log In and Integration• Social Sharing Option on purchases, deals, and packages• Integrate Social Links on all emails• Develop own social networking service for commenting• Integrate Facebook Friends’ activity page relating to CheapOair• Determine deals from users current Facebook location• Connect people through “My Trips” to destination’s top Travel Discussion Forums, related articles, and blog posts
  26. 26. Other ideas…• CheapOAir own social networking service – Could be integrated with clubmiles• Location based-services – The ability to gain points on clubmiles by checking in at hotels, but must be shared on facebook or twitter• Travel Social start-ups to watch: Flymuch, Trippy, Gtrot, Gogobot