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Green sea turtle


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Green sea turtle

  1. 1. Green Sea TurtleChelonia Mydas
  2. 2. EndangeredSpeciesDespite being an endangered species the Green Sea Turtle is still being killed for its meat and eggs. Thedestruction of their nesting grounds by human encroachment, fishnet-caused drowning, and boatpropeller accidents further reduce their numbers.
  3. 3. Habitat
  4. 4. Characteristics• The Green Sea Turtle is a reptile• The Green Sea Turtle is a herbivore• Average life span is 80 years• Can weigh up to 700 pounds• Is found in tropical and subtropical costal waters
  5. 5. GreenSeaTurtleThe Green Sea Turtle is named for the greenish color of its skin not the color of its shell
  6. 6. Interesting Facts• Sea turtles can not put their heads inside their shells• Mating only occurs every 2 to 5 years• Will follow lengthy migratory paths from nesting to feedinggrounds• Watched as the dinosaurs evolved and became extinct• Took to the sea 150 million years ago, they originallyevolved on land
  7. 7. What is Being Done to Help• In the United States it is illegal to import orexport turtle products; it is also illegal to kill,capture, or harass sea turtles or their eggs.• Throughout the Caribbean it is illegal to touch a greenSea Turtle or its eggs.• Turtle excluder devises are required on all shrimptrawlers in US waters, these allow turtles to escapefrom the nets
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