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Asante Africa Foundation Marketing Proposal


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Asante Africa Foundation Marketing Proposal

  1. 1. The Surviving 6 2
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction to Asante Africa • Marketing Research Process • Analysis and Recommendations – Social Media – eNewsletter – Website – Partnership Opportunities – Marketing Plan • Summary • Q&AThe Surviving 6 3
  3. 3. Introduction to Asante Africa • What is the Asante Africa Foundation? – Nonprofit, charitable organization based in Oakland, CA, dedicated to providing quality education to East Africa students – Established in 2006 by three women: • Erna Grasz (U.S.) • Emmy Moshi (Tanzania) • Hellen Nkuraiya (Kenya) • What is their vision and mission? “…education empowers children to make informed decisions, to turn dreams into reality, to reduce their families’ struggle, and to facilitate the process of their communities becoming self-sustaining…”The Surviving 6 4
  4. 4. Introduction to Asante Africa – Create safe and healthy learning environments – Strengthen teaching quality and enhance learning in schools – Provide education through merit-based scholarships • 90% of donations support in-country programs in Kenya and Tanzania • Volunteer-basedThe Surviving 6 5
  5. 5. Marketing Research Process Define the Problem & Will improved communications Research Objectives allow Asante Africa to enhance Develop the Research Plan awareness and funding opportunities? Collect the Information Awareness………… » Reach Analyze the Information » Audience » Quality Present the Findings Make the Decision Source: Kotler. P & Keller K. (2012). A framework for Marketing Management. (5th Ed., Pg. 37). New Jersey, NY: Prentice Hall.The Surviving 6 6
  6. 6. Marketing Research Process Define the Problem & Research Objectives Research Objectives • Determine if Asante Africa website Develop the Research Plan receives consistent, or improving, monthly visitation • What is the eNewsletter’s click to read Collect the Information percentage? • Is Asante Africa actively engaging social media followers? Analyze the Information • Does Asante Africa partner with other organizations? Present the Findings Make the DecisionThe Surviving 6 7
  7. 7. Marketing Research Process Define the Problem & • Communication with Asante Africa staff Research Objectives and board members • Jessica’s insight through her Develop the Research Plan volunteering Collect the Information • Review of Google Analytics reports • Review of Crowdbooster reports Analyze the Information • Content and design review • Review marketing materials of similar Present the Findings organizations • Communication with GeoEx Make the DecisionThe Surviving 6 8
  8. 8. Marketing Research Process Define the Problem & • Social Media Research Objectives • eNewsletter Develop the Research Plan • Website • Partnership Opportunities Collect the Information • Marketing Plan Analyze the Information Present the Findings Make the DecisionThe Surviving 6 9
  9. 9. Social Media • Polish up Social Brand – While they have an active website and blog, their social media brand lacks consistency with their overall company mission – Social network presence should support the corporate brand – Everything that is said online needs to be a positive reinforcement of that brands promiseThe Surviving 6 10
  10. 10. Social Media • Develop Content Plan – Asante Africa is limiting themselves by only focusing on education – Relevant content and conversation is vital in engaging and inspiring an audience – Many other variables are involved in providing (or hindering) education to children • Political unrest, lack of natural resources, health issues, high crime rates, poverty, child sex-trafficking, civil wars – news and stories that are emotional and political hot buttonsThe Surviving 6 11
  11. 11. Social Media • Become a Thought Leader – In the beginning, Asante Africas postings consisted of reposting their own blog stories, or pushing other writers links through the newsfeed – Asante Africa needs to establish authority, as they have extensive knowledge about their industryThe Surviving 6 12
  12. 12. Social Media • Follow Influential Nonprofit Organizations and Individuals – Lets them know that Asante Africa exists and is there to serve as support, as well as, possible partnership opportunities – Researching and following influential people in different industries greatly assists in attracting followers • Tap into their follower baseThe Surviving 6 13
  13. 13. Social Media Adoption • Engagement (low engagement) bookmarking, tagging, adding to groups Collaborative Social Attention Filtering (highest engagement) Adding followers Reputation (medium engagement) Rating Networking Fan Communities Interaction Voting Commenting Endorsing Content Creation (high engagement) Blogging, fan communities, Podcasting.The Surviving 6 14
  14. 14. Social Media • Engagement cont. – Social Media is not only about gaining a following, but maintaining that following through genuine interaction and connection with others. • Engaging with followers and second degree connections is imperative to keeping Asante Africa on everyone’s mind • Influencing others to talk about the organizationThe Surviving 6 15
  15. 15. Social Media • Social Media Directories and Twitter Lists – Lists are a useful tool in connecting with other individuals and companies in similar industries. – We identified these lists to be most effective at finding the best potential followers • Surviving 6 16
  16. 16. Social Media • Data and Insights – Analytics is key in understanding the effects of the changes we put in place. Data that shows us fluctuations in follower growth and level of engagement. – The techniques and strategies implemented, have significantly increased not only the number of followers, but engagement and interaction.The Surviving 6 17
  17. 17. Social Media – In less than two months, our strategies grew Asante Africa Twitter followers from 112 to 5,342. The combination of retweets and mentions providing a potential reach of over 4 million people and organizations.The Surviving 6 18
  18. 18. Social Media • Future Strategies for Growth – Google+ • Google+ increases exposure based on follower setup. – Rather than adding one person or organization at a time, Google+ allows you to add yourself to circles. These circles can consist of 100 people or a million people – Potential is huge. – Ranked high in search engines and makes organizations and individuals very easy to find. – RSS (Really Simple Syndication) • Obtain higher search engine rankings (SEO) • RSS feeds give you 100% delivery rate, not possible with emailThe Surviving 6 19
  19. 19. Social Media – Wikipedia • Description of Foundation could increase web traffic and is a useful tool for managing reputation and credibility. – slideshare • Asante Africa should have a corporate PPT template and a corporate overview presentation of who they are and what they do. – LinkedIn • Would enable Asante Africa to take advantage of news postings and groups, and provide a platform for recruiting of talent and volunteers. – Blogger • Moving blogs from website to blogger – broader reach and removes on- going maintenance • Enables blog reading from mobile devicesThe Surviving 6 20
  20. 20. Website – Existing SitemapThe Surviving 6 21
  21. 21. Website – Proposed SitemapThe Surviving 6 22
  22. 22. Website – Existing Design • No focus • Cluttered • Excessive scrolling • Not tablet friendly • Too many pages – And too much information! • Doesn’t leverage Social Media • Doesn’t leverage print (PDF) or video • Looks unprofessionalThe Surviving 6 23
  23. 23. Website – Redesign • Focused – Fewer menu options – Primary banner displays important news, including video – Second tiered elements focus on program, about, and donation allocation – News ticker • Tablet friendly • Leverages investment in Social Media • Consistent elementsThe Surviving 6 24
  24. 24. Website – RedesignThe Surviving 6 25
  25. 25. Website – RedesignThe Surviving 6 26
  26. 26. eNewsletter – Existing Design • Ad-hoc schedule • Implementation Issues – Forms • Numerous Designs – No focus – Too much information – Excessive scrolling – Not tablet friendly • Website issues & metricsThe Surviving 6 27
  27. 27. eNewsletter – Redesign • Focused • Custom template design • Associated forms • Scheduled for monthly release • Promotes Social Media networks • Tablet friendly • Metrics for trackingThe Surviving 6 28
  28. 28. Partnership Opportunities Impact Tr a v e l Experience Vo l u n t e e r Contribute HelpThe Surviving 6 29
  29. 29. Partnership OpportunitiesThe Surviving 6 30
  30. 30. Partnership Opportunities Responsible Travel Guide: Walking the Talk Africa Giving Back GuideThe Surviving 6 31
  31. 31. Marketing Plan • Create Style Guide detailing brand elements • Redesign website, eNewsletter, and collateral – Based on Style Guide for consistent L&F • Expand on Social Media networks • Launch Direct Mail campaign – Introduce Asante to a Friend – includes a personal letter from Asante Africa president and (3) trifold brochures • Develop Campaign Funding Tools for 3rd party fund raising • Expand on Partnership Opportunities • Launch a Corporate Sponsorship campaign to attract corporate donationsThe Surviving 6 32
  32. 32. Summary• Defined the scope and framework of our research• Analyzed current marketing channels• Made design, content and organizational suggestions that focus on creating awareness• Metrics to measure success• Communicate recommendations to Asante AfricaThe Surviving 6 33
  33. 33. Questions?