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Best advice post

  1. 1. "There are doers, and there arepeople who talk about doing. Be adoer.”-- DJ Waldow (@djwaldow)
  2. 2. "Ignore your instincts at yourown peril.”-- Srinivas Rao (@skooloflife)
  3. 3. "The best revenge in business issuccess.”-- Brad Edelstein (@bradlyedels)
  4. 4. "Listen first and then keeplistening.”-- Brian Murray (@btmurr)
  5. 5. "The Web moves fast. Don’t beafraid to try new things or take risksbefore the opportunity passes youby.”-- Craig Kanalley (@ckanal)
  6. 6. "Don’t feed the trolls.”-- Scott Stratten (@unmarketing)
  7. 7. "Stay connected to everyone.”-- Mary Crosse (@oohlarock)
  8. 8. "Surround yourself with peoplesmarter than you.”-- Chris McNamara (@cwilmc)
  9. 9. "Be true to your own best self.”-- John Trader (@john_trader1)
  10. 10. "Remember who you are andwhat you stand for (from mymom).”-- Gini Dietrich (@ginidietrich)
  11. 11. "If you want others to love you,you must first love yourself.”-- Margie Clayman(@margieclayman)
  12. 12. "The way you leave a job is moreimportant than the way you start ajob. ”-- Trevor King (@mrtrevorking)
  13. 13. "Work like you’re not afraid to befired.”-- Sarah Evans (@prsarahevans)
  14. 14. "The best piece of career advice Ihave ever received came from PRand social media pro Sarah Evans,“Work like you’re not afraid to befired.”-- Erica Moss(@ericajmoss)
  15. 15. "Dont let anyone get the best ofyou. There will always be peopletrying to bring you down, but youhave to keep moving forward.Things wont always work out theway you want them to, but theywill always work out.”-- Lauren Gray (@laurenkgray)
  16. 16. "Who cares about what otherpeople think. It’s your life. Liveit.”-- Patrick Pho (@dmbosstone)
  17. 17. "If you’re going to live with anyregrets, make sure it’s because ofsomething you actually did, ratherthan something you didn’t do.”-- Jenn Choi (@jennjchoi)
  18. 18. "When a big transition is the rightone for you, you won’t have anydoubts about taking the leap.”-- Stephanie Florence (@stephanieflo)
  19. 19. "Don’t be afraid to take a risk. Sure,it’s good to be safe. But, life is aboutrisk. Sometimes, the greatestaccomplishments come from risk.”-- Jason Mollica (@jasmollica)
  20. 20. "The Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared”has served me well in all aspects ofmy life. ”-- Mike Schaffer (@mikeschaffer)
  21. 21. "The right action equals the rightresult (from my dad).”-- Heather Whaling (@prtini)
  22. 22. "Be yourself, but balance interofficepolitics”-- Jeff Esposito(@jeffespo)
  23. 23. "Hire slow, and fire fast.”-- Dave Kerpen (@DaveKerpen)
  24. 24. "Push yourself further- then just alittle bit more. It’s those who go justabove “above and beyond” that trulystand out from the rest.”-- Matt Cheuvront (@mattchevy)
  25. 25. "Work smarter, not harder.”-- Arik Hanson(@arikhanson)
  26. 26. "Under-promise, Over-Deliver.”-- Chris Hughes(@whosChrisHughes)
  27. 27. "Be awesome. Dodgetrainwrecks.”-- Jason Goldstein(@jasonthevillain)
  28. 28. "Choose your battles.”-- Nathan Byrne(@nathanbyrne)
  29. 29. "Don’t take life so seriously.You’ll never get out alive”-- Matt LaCasse (@mattlacasse)
  30. 30. "It is the journey that gets you toyour destination. Enjoy the stopsalong the way.”-- Mariam Shahab (@mshahab)