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The Empty Nest Aged In City 1


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Published in: Business, Technology
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The Empty Nest Aged In City 1

  1. 1. The Empty-nest Aged in City Liujing 20060510209
  2. 2. People -------- the empty-nest aged Place -------- in the city ( their home, the hospital, the market …) The objects I am interested in …
  3. 3. The reason to my choice … A aging society  
  4. 4. The reason to my choice … A film   The video following this PPT comes from this film.
  5. 5. The reason to my choice … Our future   …
  6. 6. The key words of their life … Self-care
  7. 7. The key words of their life … Isolation
  8. 8. The key words of their life … Sustenance
  9. 9. The key words of their life … Health
  10. 10. The key words of their life … Partner
  11. 11. The key words of their life … Fear
  12. 12. The existing product … Cellphone Car PC Robot … Glasses traditional new Galking stick Sphygmomanometer Wheelchair …
  13. 13. SAMSUNG a120 The existing product …
  14. 14. The existing product … Robot
  15. 15. The existing product … Digital pets
  16. 16. The existing product … GPS
  17. 17. The existing product … The mobile phone is designed  for the old that aged population is increasing in China. The market of the mobile phone is designed for the old can not be neglected. The memory of parents is declining, so they need a simple way to communicate with family or others. In this design, parents need not to remember the telephone numbers and other complicated operation, they only need to recognize the portraits and icons on keys. The dial key of mobile phone is not number key but icon key: each dial key is a small LCD which can displays the portrait of person or the icon of application. One portrait or icon stands for one person’s telephone number or an common application. For instance, if parents want to call their relation, only they need to do is press the “portrait” key and then press “OK” key that they could communicate with them. Else, If they want to get some information about weather, only they need to do is press“cloudy” key... that’s OK! The function of each dial key can be defined casually, so that it is easy for parents to use mobile phone. from Brisy‘ s blog
  18. 18. dedicated line calling The government of the Chongqing City has set up a dedicated line calling for the empty-nest aged so that they can get the door-to-door Service in food shopping, health care … The existing service …
  19. 19. The existing service … This service offers people, who are frail, aged or disabled the opportunity to meet new friends, build confidence and maintain their independence at home. The program also ensures a well-earned break for carers.
  20. 20. THE END